February 28, 2024

The mountain of shit theory

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2023 and Rai sinking.

Everyone is noticing how Rai, since it became "right-wing" or rather since the right but with some remnants of the past, is sinking in share. I see TWO problems with this, along with a stubborn resistance to awareness.

We explain the failure of "right-wing" programs. Doing so is easy, just explain the vision that the Italian right has of recent cultural history.

According to the men of the right, Italy would have stopped in an infinite 1959, if the left, taking cultural hegemony, had not created this artificial world that is 2023. According to the man of the right, our time does not exist, it is an artificial hybrid created by left-wing hegemony. Without which, Italy would have much more liked to remain stuck in 1959.

The men of the Italian right do not believe they live in 2023. They believe they live in a kind of plastic fiction, artfully created by the hegemony of the left. According to them, it is enough to destroy this fiction, and the traditional 1959, the natural state of the country, returns.

In short, 2023 does not exist, just like the earth is flat. It was all a left-wing conspiracy.

What do they do, then? They go on TV, and take away all left-wing cultural hegemony. They put absolutely 1959 people to do things that they would have liked in 1959, and they discover that those programs are only liked by those whose minds are in 1959. According to Pino Insegno's viewers, we're talking about 1.8% of the population.

It must have been a rude awakening. You live for thirty years believing you live in the Matrix, then Neo Meloni arrives and destroys your fiction, and you discover that… there was no fiction. 2023 really exists, and the communists didn't invent it. It is not the Matrix created by cultural hegemony.

Young people use the internet and not TV, films are watched on Netflix, Hulu and all the others, Tiktok has colonized the mass media, only old people care about TV. Even the news are useless, if I want the news I read it online.

Today's TV is an Indian reservation for the elderly. A kind of telematic hospice. If you really believe that seeing Una Poltrona Per Due every fucking Christmas is what the young population wants, you should be locked up in a mental hospital.

Before those on the left get excited, they must understand that they get more audiences, it's true, but not because they have an impact on society: it's just that the Indian reservation for the elderly contains more young elderly people, or youth, than elderly-caryatid.

Because the Italian left suffers from a complex similar to that of the right. For the Italian left, the natural Italy is 1983, the year of the famous "overtaking" of Berlinguer's PCI in the European elections. Then came the Evil Berlusconi.

From that moment, according to the man of the left, time no longer existed, there existed an interminable Drive In, managed by Berlusconi's damned TVs, which made us live in a world of big breasts, thighs, footballers, showgirls, and everything that makes Italy a completely artificial fiction. 2023 doesn't exist for left-wing people either: there is a kind of Berlusconian Matrix, where Agent Smith is Carmen Russo with the pushup.

Sorry, Neo, everyone gets the Agent Smith they deserve.

For the Italian left, however,

The men of the Italian left do not believe they live in 2023. They believe they live in a kind of plastic fiction, artfully created by Berlusconi's television channels. According to them, it is enough to destroy this fiction, and the traditional 1983, the natural state of the country, returns.

And unless you really think that Fazio and Litizzetto are remotely appreciable by anyone under forty (in which case you are in a mental hospital), you must understand that the "successes" of "left-wing" programs happen in society , but in that Indian reserve of old people (and let's be clear, many are also the same age as me) who still watch TV.

For the record, I don't watch Italian TV, not even German TV (except to improve my German), I know Litizzetto from having seen one of her monologue-letters, and having fallen asleep. According to her, he was “witty”.

Having said this, it is a good idea to make a table with the reference years of the Italian parties.

Match Reference year
FDI 1959
League 1986
PD 1983
FI 1991
Grillo/M5S 1984
Extreme Left/Greens/Pap 1977
Renzi 1985
Calendar 1985
Radicals/+EU 1974
Minors/Non-voters/Abstentions* 2023

*I would like to point out that this is now the majority of the population.

And this table, if we also observe the Italian demographic structure, is enough to explain the shares of RAI, but also of Fininvest, when it comes to percentages. If we observe the Italian demographic curve, we immediately notice that Pino Insegno, born 1959, will have a 1.8% share for the simple reason that when we talk about 1959, we are at those figures:

So let's go back: the electoral, therefore politicized, component of the Italian population does not believe in 2023 . A bit like those who don't believe that we've been to the Moon, or those that the Earth is flat, only they don't believe in the calendar.

Each of them has:

  • An immobile calendar, with a "perfect" period for Italy. The reference period.
  • A conspiracy theory, in which "THEY" (left-wing hegemony, the mediaset networks, the Jews**, the Internet, Facebook, depending) have created an artificial thing (and destined to collapse because it is false) which is 2023 .

** I included the Jews because without the Jews you are not credible in talking about a conspiracy

But if TV is just the preferred media of the Boomer Indian Reservation, and it's time we recognized it, the question we should ask ourselves is:

What is RAI for? Why does the government own TVs? What could this “public service” be? And even before that, why the hell does TV still exist, when that bandwidth could be used for the Internet?

Let's try to answer:

  1. RAI now only serves to fix politicians' whores and their cousins. There is no reason why the citizen should pay for a state TV. Nowadays, with digital channels, any private individual can make a TV by simply renting a channel.
  2. There is no rational reason why the government should own a TV. At the time it was used to spread Italian, modernity, and the state was the only body capable of building one and keeping it operational. Today none of these reasons make sense.
  3. In Italy the feeling you get when you do a crossword and discover a new word, which I know is "cispadano", is called "public service". If TV gives you the same emotion, then you all know what cispadano and TV mean. he did a public service. A vision of "education" that oscillates between the gulag and reading the Treccani Encyclopedia after eating, in the living room, with the lamp behind your shoulders. And the blanket on my legs. In my opinion it would be better to send a copy of Settimana Enigmistica to every Italian, and it would also be cheaper, but let's face it: Susi pushes too hard.
  4. Why on earth does TV exist, when the same bandwidth could be reused for the internet?

That's a good question, because it could be a really good idea. The problem is that a mass media is needed on the senior Indian reservation. And why is it needed? For two reasons.

The third age is made up of people who are looking for an ideology or a political ideal. And it is still the most important segment of voters. Is it bad? This is bad for one simple reason:

what in Italy is called "political ideology" or "ideals" is nothing more than a mental disorder that science knows as "obsession".

They are obsessed. They are afraid of communists. Of fascists. Some niggers. Everyone has their own specific obsession depending on their political militancy.


We therefore have a portion of the population that perceives a mental disorder, that is, an obsession with something, as the only possible motivation for politics.

If you look at the political landscape, you find every kind of obsession: for women, for men, for homosexuals, for transsexuals, for lesbians, for fascists, for communists, for Israel, for Palestine, for the Rohinga , for the family, for God, and a whole collection that would make the authors of the DSM V envious.

And since this is now the only population motivated to vote, it is better to stun them with a narrative that keeps them harnessed to a past time.

Italian TV serves to prevent a segment of the population obsessed by a multitude of nightmares from voting for absurd things, such as Hitler's Final Solution, or other worse things.

Fortunately, since Italy has an elderly and essentially defenseless population, they should not be able to produce much physical violence. But you know well that once a Hitler who hates, I don't know, carbonara with onion has been pushed into power, it will be a moment to see the birth of anti-collar concentration camps.

But the concept remains very clear: TV is the mass media of the elderly. They don't like right-wing TV because the elderly in Italy are full of former '68ers.

To make you understand what I'm talking about: Litizzetto sitting on Fazio's desk sparked a comment from my father.

“It reminds me of Rita Pavone”.

Need I say anything else?

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