Abortion me me me.

Abortion me me me.

I was out and about for a few days, including a Toten Hosen concert in Düsseldorf, and when I woke up I found myself with the news of the week. The US Supreme Court has decided that it is up to the states to decide whether women can have abortions on their territory.

In the USA, anything superior to states is considered "constitutional", because an old habit of American jurists was to think that above individual states there is only the constitution. But the rule did not exist in the American constitution, so the interpretation "abortion is no longer a constitutional right" is a very easy stretch.

Moreover, in no Western country abortion is a constitutional right. You can read all the constitutions you want, and find the article that says "abortion is a constitutional right" if you like. You will not find it.

So, in fact, the US was anomalous before, and is now "normal". In the sense that states decide, and as usual there will be states where they prohibit it and states where they practice it. All this at the additional cost of a trip.

This, behind all the narratives, is what happened.

We know well how dangerous it is to entrust these issues to a body such as a constitutional court. The current political / church party will do nothing but colonize this group of judges, and make them say what they want.

Not for nothing, the same "pro-life" jury, the next day, said that it may be a constitutional right to walk around with weapons, and that it cannot be prohibited, mutilating the law just made by Biden.

It would be fun to ask the court itself if guns can be used to shoot a fetus, and see what happens, but sadly bigots fear ridicule. Apparently, you can only shoot babies OUTSIDE the mother.

I do not have an opinion for or against this, for the simple reason that these are ridiculous events managed in a ridiculous way. The mere existence of a court of stoned old men who exercise clothes for life like the wizard otelma who goes to a funeral should make you laugh: the decisions of a nation change the future, not the past, so the old should be completely excluded.

But the sense of ridicule is a rare commodity. If you don't laugh at Marilyn Manson's grandmother's favorite gospel choir, I don't know what to do with it.

Abortion me me me.

The problem is not the decisions they make. The problem is that such a body, composed as it is composed, named as it is named, with the functions it has, should not exist except in Vanzina's films.

That said, let's move on to the next topic:

Abortion me me me.
the reaction of the American "left"

Let me be clear: in the US there is no left. There are liberals. And liberals are not "leftists" in the sense that the term is understood. We can very quickly represent the difference between a leftist and an American liberal like this:

If I tell a leftist that 100 people own 80% of the resources, a leftist says that the resources must be redistributed among everyone. An American liberal tells you that of those 100, 50 must be women, 13 blacks, and two GLBTs.

The difference, that is, is that not while the European left strives to represent social classes that are horizontal, and therefore a poor male is worth when a poor woman, a poor white man is worth as much as a poor black man, a poor straight man is worth as much as a poor gay, the American pseudo-left makes a vertical distinction, called "identity politics", according to which there are no "poor", but "poor blacks", "poor women", and so on.

In practice, the oppressed Americans implement the recipe for divide and rule on their own, without even the elite of oppressors asking for it. They split and make themselves easy to master on their own, and with great satisfaction.

This is the reason why, after 1960, they have not been able to change anything anymore. While in the 1960s the American rebels were divided horizontally, where there were progressive protesters and puritan conservatives, regardless of gender, race and sexual tastes, identity politics were born from a certain point onwards.

And then you discover, by reading the "anti" American media, that black women with this ruling certainly have a different problem than white ones. And that lesbians have yet another. And so you have to manifest separately, to make it clear that they are not the same. They are discriminated against in a different way, and the rest is done by an ideology of "intersectionalism", a mass of unscientific bullshit, "proven" with now discredited statistical methods, and as if that weren't enough you can't even fertilize geraniums. With bull shit at least you can.

Why am I writing this? Because there is a specific reason why the American "left" (let's call it "non-right", since it is not a left) cannot change the destiny of the US. Progressives are politically powerless.

The mainstream white male abandoned them.

It is something that you can observe in the composition of democratic politicians: the only white males are also old, a sign that they have no generational change. The emerging politicians of that party are almost always women, black women, white women, but when we go looking for white males among their emerging politicians, at most we find gay males.

Nothing to the contrary, but if you want any numerical odds of winning in the US you have to have the white male on your side. Its votes, its economic power, its social power, its media power.

We are talking about about 50% of the votes, and about 70% of the American economy, present and future. But if we look for traces of this population among those who today protest against the decision on abortion …

You'll notice right away (but you can google yourself too) that there are some categories, like, "underrepresented".

  • the young white male
  • the young non-white male
  • the male in general
  • the non-white woman

On the fact that there are only women and there are no males, the most superficial of readers will tell me that the issue concerns women more than men, falling back into the most sinister intersectionalism. If you believe that abortion is not about men, or that it is less about women, you have already lost, and you are too stupid to read this post. Whatever gender you are. (I said sex, not gender).

The fact that black women are missing is significant. And he has a reason: the social services of the American Negro ghettos specialize, in fact, in helping Mexican Negro women with subsidies and food stamps. White women in white trash areas also do the same by keeping children to make it into the rankings: the women you see protesting are RICH white women.

And the best way for a woman to get into social rankings is to be a single mother. And this despite the fact that poverty and crime in the poorest neighborhoods (of any color) is due precisely to the lack of contraception policies.

The result of this intersection is that

in the US abortion is a problem only for rich white women.

And do you know how this story ends? This is a photo taken when Clinton lost the election:

Abortion me me me.
Flaws? Why don't a small minority of rich women get a majority of the votes? What's wrong? What's wrong? How is it possible? Since when do numbers matter, in the elections?

The story ends… minorities lose in democracy.

But, I mean, not even in Italy men gave a fuck about many women's issues, yet we went to demonstrations on women's rights:

Abortion me me me.
Adele Faccio demonstrates for the abortion. The males were there.
Abortion me me me.
One in Turin. Take a good look. The males are there. Unfortunately, the photo is unleashed.
Abortion me me me.
Adele I do at a rally. If you don't know who he was, there's nothing I can do about it.

What has changed? I'm not saying that all the males you see gave a damn, or understood the problem completely, but in the end, they were there.

So now I have to ask myself: why aren't the squares, or, if I were American, why wouldn't I be in the square?

Well, that's simple. Because I am evil. I am a white male. Evil incarnate, in the literal sense of the term. Everything goes wrong on the planet, it's my fault somehow. Or mine too. And it doesn't matter that I've never done anything wrong: In the women's court, innocence proves nothing.

The sentence is written, once and for all. Anything, absolutely anything that goes wrong, according with the woke culture, is my fault, and of all those who (obviously by our choice, that privilege is a serious matter) are born male and white.

If I list the evils attributed to Lucifer in Christian culture and those that American woke culture attributes to the "white male", I can safely define that from my point of view Lucifer is not even enough to act as a bedside lamp. No one, after all, has ever accused Lucifer of being responsible for colonialism or poverty in Africa or global warming. Has anyone ever accused Lucifer of toxic masculinity, whatever that means?

Abortion me me me.
He might even have toxic masculinity. I mean, if he had a masculinity.

So, in summary, whether I go to one of these demonstrations or not, the supreme court decision is my fault. It was the white male. They are already writing it, although I wonder why, since we already knew it. And it's my fault whatever happens to women, including chipped nails and mayonnaise going crazy. And let's be clear, there is not even a way to atone, I know, as they used to say "do self-criticism". Absolutely no:

if you allow a woman to judge you, you will never be good enough. So, there is no point in trying to be good.

The best thing to do, if you are a white male , is not to allow any woman the power to judge you.

So, if I were in the US, what would I do?

I would get on a motorcycle that works by burning the Amazon rainforest. The leather-lined seats of Indian children. Towing an SUV. I would arrive at a barbecue party where the smallest steak cost 23,000 liters of water, taken straight from the tears of African children. I would listen to Lemmy's hoarse voice singing "Brotherhood of men" from powerful speakers, I would buy beer fruit of slavery, and I would applaud the lines of a comedian who jokes on his cunt emitting burps that could repel an asteroid that wanted to fall to earth. Then I would applaud the Miss Wet T-shirt contest (amen).

And why would I act like this?

Because I paid the bill for all this stuff. I paid for it in twenty years of contempt and insults. And since I pay the bill, I take the goods home.

I am evil, remember? I have nothing to prove. The sentence has already been passed, and it will not change. I have nothing to fix. I have nothing to improve. I can't change, remember? I am the white male, the Absolute Evil of the planet. The worst thing could happen to the earth. Michael Moore used to say that if Clinton won, it would be the end for me, and I don't want to know what kind of final solution he had in mind: I don't think there would be any dancers.

I am the white male, the origin and cause of all troubles. Inviting me to a women's rights rally is like inviting the Antichrist to baptize your daughter.

Abortion me me me.

Instead, invite the Arab male, who is blameless and obviously so sensitive to your claims. And also invite the Asian male, so feminist. And you will also invite the African one, who will certainly help you 'n zacco.

But not me. I am evil.

I am the white male. I am evil. Absolute Evil. Evil incarnate. I have such a number of historical faults, that Satan cleans my house and irons my clothes (you have to see how he heats the iron) dressed as a French maid. I'm not fixable, even if I apologize for things I haven't done, every second from here to the end of the universe. The sentence is set in stone. This is the dress you cut out for me, and you wanna know what?

I'm starting to like it.

And this dress gives me a freedom, a serenity, and a chance to FUCK THE COCK that you can't even imagine. Zero stress. Fottesega. Your cocks.

Don't believe in anything anymore? In reverse.

I think I'm going to have a beer. You can swear, I believe it.

Anyway, the sentence is written, and it will certainly not change. The women's court never changes its mind.

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