All the evil of the universe.

All the evil of the universe.

As the Bubonic Plague is rampant among the Antichrist’s giggles and the dead are piled on the streets (but not in Soviet Russia, where the streets are piled on the dead), I wanted to reflect a little on the approaching burnout. I have observed several cases of burnout closely, and I have seen an interesting thing.

Burnout is a phenomenon in which the need to worry unnecessarily about something (in the case of a manager) exceeds the ability to deal effectively with it . Leaving the manager’s case, burnout occurs when people are asked to worry about many more things than they can effectively deal with.

Take for example the case of Turkish refugees who are pressing on Greek borders. Ok: do I have to be worried? Sure. The press says that the situation is tragic and unsustainable. Okay, well let’s suppose it’s true. Now how should I deal with the problem? Well … well … well, everything that I am asked is not ‘to handle it, but pre handle it.

I have to be worried about Turkey. And I have to be worried about Russia. And for China. And for Coronavirus. And for Ebola. And for the economy. And for finance. And for the Vix index. And for the GDP index.

The real question is: how much can we worry about problems we can’t really deal with before we end up in a burnout?

the vast majority of experts will tell us that the limit is individual. For those who are a master of fucking-fu, for example, the limit does not exist. But we must ask ourselves what the limit is and what the next step is.

Currently, the situation as it is painted in the Italian press is as follows:

“A deadly pestilence as one did not see from the Black Plague rages across the country. The economy is about to collapse and the stock exchanges are collapsing. A horde of billions of refugees press Greece, while aliens have landed in the first cities and are beginning to devour your sisters. In the meantime, the Antichrist feasted among the spoils of the government, while the Italians had no choice but to contest the live rats with the Chinese of the Great Wall restaurant “.

Okay, well let’s suppose it’s true. The question is, how will you do when the coronavirus has passed? Because it will have the same trend as a flu, or even faster if you hold it well. So it will pass. And then?

There are two possibilities:

  • The post-emergency breakdown. Millions of people finally understand that if the world didn’t end in those two to three weeks when they didn’t go to work or work from home, the world probably won’t end even if you don’t do five hours of overtime. Perspective that fucking business owners will never accept.
  • Burnout. Burnout is a situation in which the person becomes apathetic, depressed, and especially completely unproductive . People will begin to REALLY lock themselves in the house, and not to go out suffering from panic attacks.

Sooner or later, the crescendo of alarmism will end up producing one of two effects. And for the reasons I explained , this company can’t do without fear.

Because in this universe nothing is infinite, so the problem will soon arise: what happens if you pour all the evil of the universe onto the citizens through the press ?

There are two cases: either one reaches the limit of evil, or one reaches the limit of the citizen.

The first case is the one in which you have now invented all the inventable. That is, you have the radioactive & communist carcinogenic coronavirus that makes a nigger’s wife pregnant and then a Nazi bat is born and if he bites you, he becomes vegan and Muslim.

But sooner or later this unlikely epidemic will end, and soon after people will look at the rubble and say, “hey, the good weather is back.” And you in the editorial offices who try to find something worse, but since Sandra Milo will have been bothered to make porn, nothing worse is possible. So?

So if famo du spaghi, because if we went through this thing, nothing is really serious, and therefore who gets rid of the bill to pay.

The other possibility is that the evil of the universe is too much for the citizen. In this case, you will get an indifferent abulic, an individual in burnout who does nothing anymore, does not care about anything, and does not produce anything anymore.

In both cases, the extremely fragile modern economy, which does not stand up to what is a normal flu infection, will have to move.

There is also the case where both come. In the sense that while the pressure increases, a part of the population is dedicated to philosophical esticazzi, while the other is dedicated to pathological “remember you have to die”. And the production segment is getting smaller and smaller.

These are phenomena already seen: one is “the way of the Decameron”, that is, the philosophical esticazzi, and the other is the way of the Macabre Dance, that is, the “remember that you must die, but that you work at do?”.

Who prevails? I am open to betting, but when it becomes clear that you have stopped the country for a shit about nothing, how much is it possible that people will worry if an invoice is postponed until tomorrow? Right now, MILLIONS of bills are being put off, and the guilt of those who feel bad if they don’t work overtime is clashing with reality: nobody gives a shit about your bill. Nobody is waiting for her, nobody really needs it, and you could even have it in the morning instead of “lingering” at work.

In short, I bet on the philosophical little house.

Obviously, there will also be those who enter burnout. But these are the ones who somehow have to handle the situation. Because if you’ve learned that you can go home and do your bills tomorrow, your entrepreneur has spent the night amid nightmares of creditors chasing him, a bank manager who wants to burn him alive, and has just read BILLIONS of Syrians who are here to ask for another 35 euros from his taxes.

That will probably break out, and go burnout.

I have no statistics neither of employee stress diseases nor of those between managers and entrepreneurs, at least in the “red” areas I expect that among the workers who have been left at home, or put to work remotely, the stress is dropped. Instead, I expect their leaders, deprived of the feeling of being able to deal with things that worry them, the stress has increased.

I consider this coronavirus affair an excellent step forward, because it will lead the population to panic for an emergency invented after all (measles is a more serious problem, for example: measles / bulletin / RM_News_2019_58.pdf ) means that next time you will have to invent something even more terrible, and it will not be easy.

It will not be easy because even if you succeed, the effects on the masses will begin to reverse. Instead of getting a gang of super-motivated workers, you risk getting to the limits and finding yourself with two groups, the pathological carers and the useless outbreaks.

Continue to turn all the evils of the universe on citizens: you have done a great job so far.

All the evil of the universe.

You are already very close to the limit, because if there are 3 million chronic patients, you have already reduced the country to a blind woman (and also the West, even if the Italian average is much higher than the average).

And I will have a lot of fun when you reach the limit. You are a kind of laboratory bench, as large as an entire country, where everyone suffers from some pathology, from psychopathies (on which I struggle to find data) to narcissistic personality disorders, where the only real question is “but it is possible keep an economy going if everyone suffers from some nervous system disorder? ”.

Now I’m curious to see what will happen when you have reduced an entire nation to an asylum. Especially, I’m curious to know how the economy will perform.


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