Alternative Medicine and No-Vax

Alternative Medicine and No-Vax

Being back in the forced home office (rule valid since yesterday in Germany) freed me up some time and yesterday I decided to pick up some data analysis and scraping tools (spark and scrapy) also because maybe I will have to reuse them. And so I started looking a little bit in different media.

I looked for the typical no-vax and no green-pass (which are always no-vax) and saw that the keywords are the same: “big-pharma”, “slavery”, “profits”, etc. Then I decided to do the research in reverse, that is "which groups are close to this composition of language". Then I did a clustering.

I was expecting political or at least geo-political groups, and instead I found the following:

  • alternative medicines
  • homeopathy
  • Steiner
  • Vegan
  • Christian exorcists
  • varied new age

DISCLAIMER: in this sector everything changes according to the dataset. I can't be sure if I have a perfect dataset after 24h of scraping. If you want perfect causality (5 sigma, like physicists) then you have to use more data. If you are satisfied with a weaker causality (*), like that of Granger ( ) then this data can inspire further research (by other means)

When I saw the results I said: well, we had to get there on our own.

I mean, so far we have "politicized" the history of no-vax a lot (and it is correct because it is a political problem), personally I have seen an infiltration of crime and neo-fascist groups (and this is also known ), but we have never really asked ourselves what is behind the novax CULTURE.

We said “ah, it's Facebook's fake news” but the explanation was simplistic, because there was already, and still exists, a HUGE industry of medical fake news, which is “alternative medicine”.

And discovering that this is an organic world to no-vax should not be surprising: "alternative" medicine has been selling "fake medical news" for decades now. And it has a decent business.

DISCLAIMER: I make extensive use of homeopathic medicines. Following the advice of my dietician, I drink at least one and a half liters of mineral water (from the tap) a day. Enough to contain every homeopathic drug that has ever existed , and every drug that will exist in the future.

However, the fact that the words of the no-vax are the same as those found in the undergrowth of alternative medicine (ultimately exorcism is an alternative medicine against mental problems), however, tells us a lot.

Because alternative medicines HAVE a business. And how.

Now, looking at the ISS data, you will begin to notice that some patterns seem familiar. Because the no-vax and the alternative medicine client are beginning to "resemble each other demographically".

of course, this does NOT prove anything.

But something that should arouse suspicion here and there it shows:

Homöopathie-Befürworter und Impfgegner – Eine gefährliche Allianz in der Coronakrise
Nicht nur Verschwörungstheoretiker und Impfgegner verbreiten Falschaussagen über Covid-19. Auch Deutschlands führende Homöopathie-Organization, die Hahnemann-Gesellschaft, hat auf ihrer Homepage Corona- “Informationen”, die mehr als fragwürdig sind.
Alternative Medicine and No-Vax

Apparently, one of the German homeopathic associations is trying to persuade the population to use alternative therapy.

Kügelchen gegen Corona: das Märchen von der homöopathischen Impfung
Globules aus Corona-Impfstoff sind im Umlauf – aber schützen die kleinen weißen Pillen vor Covid-19? Eine wirksame homöopathische Impfung gibt es nicht. Zwar ähneln sich die Ansätze der alternativen Mittel und der klassischen Impfung in einer Hinsicht – sind ansonsten aber grundverschieden.
Alternative Medicine and No-Vax

There is a thriving trade in a homeopathic medicine called "Globules" in Germany which is sold as a "homeopathic vaccination".

Corona und Wissenschaft: Stoppt endlich die Förderung der Homöopathie!
Anhänger der Homöopathie lehnen die Coronaimpfung deutlich häufiger ab als andere. Versicherte müssen diese wissenschaftsferne Lehre bisher mitfinanzieren. Wir sollten dem Globuli-Hokuspokus jetzt den Geldhahn abdrehen.
Alternative Medicine and No-Vax

The German health ministry has thrown homeopathic medicines out of the possibility of compensation. The German health system will no longer reimburse any alternative medicine. (if they had really been "private", they would NEVER have done so)

Apotheke darf “BioNTech-Impfstoff-Globuli” nicht mehr verkaufen
Echt jetzt? Eine Apotheke in Koblenz hatte im Internet vermeintliche Corona-Impfstoffe als “Globuli oder Dilution” angeboten.
Alternative Medicine and No-Vax

German pharmacies in Rhineland-Palatinate have been prohibited from selling the Biontech vaccine in Homoeopathic Globules (ie vaccines that do NOT contain any trace of Bionthech vaccine, but only "memory".

ZEIT ONLINE | Lesen Sie mit Werbung oder im PUR-Abo. Sie haben die Wahl.

In Koblenz a pharmacist who was selling the same "vaccine globules" was arrested for fraud.

Homöopathische Mittel werden in Frankreich künftig nicht mehr…
Paris – Homöopathische Mittel werden in Frankreich künftig nicht mehr von der Krankenkasse erstattet. Die derzeitige Erstattung von 30 Prozent der Kosten wird… # BDK19 #Globukalypse #Homoeopathie #Hevert
Alternative Medicine and No-Vax

For a similar phenomenon, the French government has also removed homeopathic medicines from public reimbursement.

Obviously, this also has international implications: for example, the Chinese government refuses to think that "traditional Chinese medicine" is not a pile of steaming shit, and continues to press with the WHO to make it so bad.

But apart from that, it seems to me that the clues are there, and that there are enough of them, to feed some suspicion about "alternative medicines", their gurus and especially, the business behind them.

(*) In reality it has been seen, as in the case of Campbridge Analytica, that Granger's causality (with a lot of data) becomes extremely effective: . But an experimental physicist would not accept it as a model of causality.

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