I think it is the case, when we speak of the Italian protests for the death of Floyd in the USA, to brush up on the very Italian term born to indicate things done in the provincial attempt to imitate what happens in the states.

The first point to note is that there would be plenty of balls of intellectuals explaining "black slavery is the original sin of states". Which is true, but if they weren't too busy reading Seneca and Cicero (who also owned slaves) they would have noticed that in Italy there are thousands of NEGRI slaves who pick tomatoes, without which Made in Italy could not reach its levels of excellence , including pizza and amatriciana.

So describing the slavery of African slaves as an "original sin of the states" when you have the sidewalks full of African girls and the tomato fields full of African slaves does not seem so "intellectual" to me: let's say they paid you to write it and you did it , but you don't believe it either .

The same applies to Floyd's death.

It is surely a monstrous and cruel thing that three or four policemen suffocate a person by weighing their body on an innocent poor man.

As happened to Federico Aldrovandi, for example.

In Italy.

But I don't remember presenters kneeling on heel twelve in those days. Instead, I remember sheepdog presenters who recognized the "right to be heard" to those who defended the right of the police to praise the Duce and kill people. "Few bad apples". In American, "Just a few bad apples". (Cit. Donald Trump).

Look at this guy:


He is Italian (I removed the name out of pity, not privacy) he is behaving with the Americans as if he, who comes from a first world nation, could look down on them. Too bad the country where the police praise a dictator (Benito Mussolini) is Italy.

Too bad that the country where slavery of Africans as Africans is practiced is Italy. Too bad that the country where the police say they belong to Salvini, in its moments of apology of more or less open fascism is Italy. Too bad that the country where a magistrate goes on TV to say that he is wrong to wait for the trial to end and punish the person responsible for ostracizing him is the

But he feels superior. He won't go, he says, to vacation in the US because … because it's a nation that operates like certain third world dictators. Which is true, but it is not that if you stay in Italy you are in such a different place.

Then it will be said that in the USA it is "systemic". In Italian?


Do you know how the history of the flag ended? So':


He was not a Nazi. Maybe you should explain it to German neo-Nazis, who think differently instead.

he was not a Nazi

But it's the US where this is "systemic" and "institutionalized", right?

The truth is that the "protests" and the "outrage" that the Italians feel for what happens in the USA is just what it is:

an Americanata.

He paired with the Italian rappers "grown in the ghetto" (but never picked a tomato), he paired with all the absurd fashions that came from the USA, with the girls doing twerking, and with all those fashions that the provincials followed without understanding what they mean, and especially, without understanding that if they believed what they said they shouldn't be glad because Minneapolis dissolves their police.

They should demand that the carabinieri be dissolved.

Or admit, she's just an Americanate. Yet another of a country where you prefer to fight to solve the problems of the Americans, AND FORGET THOSE OF THE ITALIANS.

Which are the same. But in Italian "the life of the niggers is important" sounds very bad. Because the American ones are "black", the Italian ones are only "blacks".

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