And time is a gentleman ….

Years ago I wrote that the US government had become a puppet government, controlled by GAFAM, and in particular that Trump was Mark Zuckerberg's favorite puppet. I also wrote that Zuckerberg in particular had helped Trump (the Russians had nothing to do with it) by injecting Trump-friendly posts into the profiles of hundreds of millions of American users.

All those "who know a lot" came and explained to me (God, how much he likes to explain to others!) That instead Trump, like the Alt-Right, were all against these American companies that make a lot of money with few employees, and that the Alt-Right was against Silicon Valley's progressive elites.

And you know, nothing says progressive as much as massing your employees in these "houses":


Then slowly reality began to filter. First, Apple had a tax amnesty that allowed it to bring $ 280 billion to the US without paying a penny in tax. But for Apple fans, the amnesty is good if Apple does it.

Now let's find out the truth, direct and brutal: Zuckerberg goes to dinner with the president (they hate each other, huh?), And if Zuckerberg says he doesn't want TikTok between the balls, Trump obeys and forces TikTok to sell

I know, this is a bad time for those who want to argue that Trump isn't a Zuckerberg puppet. They want to explain to me why stopping TikTok was right because TikTok is evil and spies on you and China is evil because Hong Kong.


But these people must also explain the ban against WeChat, which in the USA works with full functionality (registry office, bank account, VAT number, chamber of commerce, tax account, domiciliation of bills, car license, identity card, tax code, payment of taxes, etc etc) only for Chinese immigrants.

Does this make sense? It makes sense because WeChat, with all those USEFUL features, is now ten years ahead of American social networks. And this Zuckerberg with his pathetic BBS "photograph your lunch", useless, does not want to make it known .

Trump is a Facebook puppet. The US is a puppet state of GAFAM. Just as the IRAQ government is a US puppet state, the US is a GAFAM puppet state, and their president takes orders from Mark Zuckerberg himself.

But there is one thing that no one is asking. For example, what need and what use does the US have in a trade war against China? Why after having all or most of the technology stack manufacturing in China, investing in China for decades, now they need a trade war that is kneeling global trade?

The answer is quite simple: the US doesn't need it. The GAFAMs need it.

In the field of IT services, the Chinese are ten years ahead of the Americans. And every time something crossed borders to get to the West, it split asses. And not only in terms of price: Huawei today produces high quality stuff.

But even leaving Huawei aside, almost everyone has seen Fortnite arrive and split a market, that of video games, which already seemed an oligopoly. And no, the wizards of the “as a service” game were those of Tencent, who already had League of Legends. Fortnite is Chinese technology.

But there is something quite strange that I would like to point out: a year before Facebook was born , Tencent captured the youth of the Chinese middle class with QQ . Something that started out as an evolution of AIM, and then became a cross between twitter and whatsapp and now looks like Facebook Messenger, if Facebook Messenger worked . (only that it also offers music, movies and news: QQ has an ecosystem made up of qzone and a whole series of services starting with Q).

In short: the US had no need for a trade war with China. But the problem is, GAFAMs need it. Baido is far better than Google, and Chinese email services are integrated into social networks.

An experiment that Zuckerberg had tried but abandoned. As well as Google had announced a video game service in the cloud, which then did not work. But Fortnite worked. So how to integrate electronic commerce and a digital currency into social networks is something that WeChat has been doing for years, while Facebook has failed to propose for years. Even in the open source they are starting to make themselves felt: in case someone is still playing with the pathetic attempts to create this , well: it's a Chinese project. Look at the bottom of the page. CI-CD, especially CD (which is a rarity in the West), in P2P mode.

The Chinese seem to succeed where the "great Americans" fail. They are obviously more skilled in the world of technology.

And that is why the US, with Trump in power, has discovered that it "needs" a trade war: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft need it .

The worst thing that the Chinese could do, the terror of the Gafam, is that the Chinese stop keeping their computer confined within the borders, and start offering it to the world. GAFAMs need the power of the US state to prevent Chinese competition , against which they have no hope of winning .

Again, like when I said that Trump was a puppet dancing to GAFAM's music, people will say I'm too extreme. Then the four-eyed dinner between Zuckerberg and Trump turns up, and they'll say it's a coincidence. But I already see some embarrassment among those who were so sure that Trump hated silicon valley companies, so "progressive".

But do not be fooled. Time is a gentleman.

And the truth will not knock on the door, for the simple reason that reality IS the door.

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