But will it really change everything?

I see a lot of assorted cazzologists in the papers who keep saying that everything will change . Of course, if the pandemic had lasted longer, society and the economy would certainly have been unrecognizable, as happens after a bombing. But under pressure, he will start working again after May 3, even if it doesn't start earlier (Italian companies are evading the bans, without any scruple of conscience: not that I expected someone from those subhumans, of course ) .

Obviously the humanistic training of the scoundrels who write is fundamental in transforming an RNAvirus into an entity that has moral value, or at least a function determined philosophically. Some say it is a "message" of "nature", whatever it means (assuming it means something), others say it is a clear example of how the capitalist system is unnatural and wrong (I repeat: whatever a sentence means so outlandish), but none of these speeches has any meaning. These are works of pure aesthetics, which have no content other than the visible surface. It would be enough to make a breakdown of the terms in use to discover their emptiness, and hence the inconsistency of what they say. A virus is a molecule so complex that it takes advantage of organisms to reproduce, period. "Nature" is an artificial concept, "message" requires a convention that allows it to be decoded, but no virus has a convention of this kind, usually called "language". Furthermore, the virus kills in any economic system anyway, so the chatter about the economy is useless.

After all, to hope that the virus makes the revolution are mainly the "revolutionary" movements: why do they hope so? Because they are not able to make one of their own, they will NEVER do one, they know it very well, and in this period they have lost face. All the ingredients were there: governments losing credibility, fear of dying going to work, excessive repression, economic crisis, frustration with the limitation of freedom. If they have not made the revolution now, they will never do it . And for this they hope that something will come to do it for them. In this case, the virus. But a virus does not have the purpose of making revolutions: it is a molecule that is involuntarily reproduced by cells.

In the same way, after sending workers to the factories to die "because there are safety measures", knowing that the workers would have had to travel in less safe conditions to go to work, the unions also lost face. How they can now complain of 1000 deaths a year at work, knowing that the Lombard death toll is also due to the density of companies that have remained open, only they know. But a union that compromises on health risks makes no sense. Point. But clearly, they hope the virus has explained that human life comes before profit, since they didn't do it

So why should this change happen? Let's see who the actors are.

Some say that politicians will now understand that health care should not be privatized, and that healthcare professionals deserve more respect. I don't think so: I don't see any sign of this illumination , and the Italian politician is nothing but the perfect slut for the pig without conscience who is the entrepreneur. There will never be any commission of inquiry explaining why Lombardy has had a crazy mortality, higher than any other place in the world, including third world countries. But they inform us that there "a tsunami has arrived", as if it were a virus different from the others, and not an administration different from the others. I see no signs of this illumination .

Others say that capitalism will come out transformed. No. For the capitalists, a crisis is just the opportunity to buyback. We do not see signs of repentance, we do not see different behaviors than usual. Wherever they have been able, the capitalists are firing people, knowing full well that they have no way of finding another job while they are locked in the house. Have there been repulsive articles from bankers who say "human life has no infinite value", or "protect human lives, but to what cost"? appeared in the Corriere, il pigsty newspaper of the pigs without conscience the financiers.

I have no illusions that none of the above categories have understood anything about this lesson: they just want to come back as before to make the good life before.

It remains the common person. Of course, if at the end of the quarantine all the precarious workers, the underpaid slaves, all those who work for the "visibility" said that they will not return to the workplace, things would change. If everyone who worked from home said they would continue to work from home, things would change. Working from home has a terrifying impact, for several reasons: first of all it impacts on the transport sector, on gastronomy, and in the long term makes cities less attractive. A very heavy change in the economic and social structure.

Will they do it? In my opinion, no: personal experiences teach me that masochism is more widespread than it seems. These people are slaves because they want it , because it satisfies them , and if anything they are now regretting the master's whip . They miss it. They can't take any more of their families and can't wait to spend the day at work to get them out of the way. They can't take it anymore than the chicken cages that are their apartments in the condominium, and they can't wait to spend the day in more environments large and comfortable like corporate ones.

The common person may have realized he is living in a condition shitty fragile and pitiful, and having decided, that I know to sell the apartment in the city to move out, to a place where they could live if they really had to live in the house they bought to live in . But they won't: they enthusiastically closed a chain around their neck called a mortgage by buying the first chicken coop in the first apartment building they found. They won't.

So who should change things?

According to the cazzologists, the virus should do it. An inanimate molecule, unable to produce energy on its own or to reproduce on its own, would have the task of carrying out the most ambitious political program in history, and of doing it on a global scale.

If you want to believe it, believe it. It makes me laugh.

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