Canceling: fascism that comes from the left.

Canceling: fascism that comes from the left.

The problem of those who shout "fascism arrives" is that they do not realize one thing: the consensus of the fascists is always MINORITY (32% of the voters of the League are almost 21% of the citizens, a little more ), so a fascist or neo-fascist party has no chance ', alone, to take power.

It is something that we can also see in France: essentially, even if the national front has a large number of voters, when confronted with "everything else", which inevitably joins him, he loses the elections with a proportion of 2 : 1.

But then, apart from distortions of the electoral system, how does fascism take power? Historically, fascism took power when there was no alternative : but "no alternative" does not mean an effective alternative: Macron is rather overrated as president. It means a democratic alternative .

The problem comes when every alternative is lost because THE LEFT becomes a fascist. And that's what's going on in the US. I would like to ask you, in this regard, to listen to this video, from beginning to end (lasts an hour).

The video clearly explains what happened. He explains the stages, and it struck me because it shows a phenomenon that I have undergone in turn, only that I call it "character assassination". The thing that strikes me about this person is that, using less logical tools than mine , he came to the same conclusion that I arrived at in time.

During the 2016 Meme War, which I fought as a digital gung-ho against Clinton ( and yes, I would do it again, that woman became a kind of Hitler in a skirt: Trump, although an idiot, does much more damage to the USA than us. If Clinton had been elected we would have had a good nuclear war against Putin, but fought in Europe . I have prejudices against the atomic bombs that explode in the city where I live: I am a bizzaaaarro type. ), however I said that during this Meme War I got to know some "specialists" (almost all of Russian and Israeli origin) of the art of Character Assassination.

And the first requirement of a character assassination is that there is a community to which you grant the right to judge . In practice, a community that you care about, in which you identify yourself, or on which you depend. For example, I received much more substantial character assassination attempts while living in that provincial shit pit where I was born, but they didn't bribe me, because I had (psychologically) removed that community's moral power to judge me.

And let's face it: Contrapoints itself would suffer the same treatment from the American fascists would not have left so many wounds. Because obviously when you don't accept being judged by a given community, when you refuse to get on the defendants' bench , when this refusal is internalized you fuck yourself with judgment and convictions.

Consequently, the strategy of character assassination takes place in 3 phases:

  • Lovebombing: the community loves you. Join the community: they will always be with you. Identify yourself in the community. They will be your new family. See how many things they do for you. Don't you see how we support you?
  • You are asked to adhere to the values ​​and language of the community. It is the price to pay for being part of our wonderful family. You must make a continuous profession of faith and you must identify with us. You don't have to say "I do such XYZ activism", but "I AM XYZ".
  • Only once you get to this stage is character assassination possible. Because at that moment you have, even psychologically, accepted the judgment of the community. And the "cancellation" operation affects your "I", to the point that you yourself feel "canceled", or if you call it character assassination, then you feel murdered.

One of the first things the experts explained to me is that character assassination ALWAYS comes from people you somehow care about. Whether it is because they are followers, or because they are friends, or are family members, your community is ALWAYS killing you .

The only way to prevent a character assassination is to not have a community of reference. (Also) for this, this blog DOES NOT have a comment system, it will never have it again, and I am about to leave Twitter for Pleroma. Too many people are starting to call me.

Natalie Wynn (AKA Contrapoints) has just learned about, although it is so determined to ignore that the community 'who tried to kill her and' the one whose still appeals. (for this reason I wrote that it is less logical than me: I am not afraid of the consequences of my reasoning, even when they require painful choices: do the most rational thing, whatever it takes ).

To make a comparison Blaire White (a trans who professes to be a republican) for example, she has NEVER had problems with the Alt-Right, if anything she had them with the same "community" that sought the character assassination of Natalie Wynn. The same for Mrs London.

Why is this important? Because character assassination, in addition to being a fascist OVRA specialty, was also a communist specialty and by reflex of the PCI of the 70s. And he entered the methods of every post-sixty-eight left.

And here is the point: in today's USA there is much more freedom of opinion in the Alt-Right than in the left. The left is engaged in a race for purity that leads to purification, and purification always takes place through character assassination.

The USA, that is, are in the situation in which there is NO alternative to fascism, and when I say that there is no alternative, it is not because the left is the same, but because the American left is STILL LESS DEMOCRATIC than the "Alt Right ".

It all stems from the fact that decades of "moderatism" have, let's face it, broken my balls. Of course, it was cool to be "bipartisan", but in the end then there was always what on TV saw his moral limits stretched and humiliated.

The result is that the leftists from all over the western world have ultimately decided to be more "radical" to react to abandonment by the most devoted militants. But being radical for them does not mean adhering to an original value system: it means pulling out the political methods of the past.

The US is already far enough ahead in this, and what happened to Natalie Wynn is definitely a NOT isolated case. The whole American LGBT world is now a gigantic party where "moderators" take care of managing freedom of speech (sic!) In "safe zones", intended as places where you speak only if you make the purest happy they purge you.

The involution is evident: accustomed to talking only to each other, to saying only the things allowed and not to confront each other, the men of the American left lose all, but really all, the confrontations. The only ways they can act are military instruments, such as impeaching the president (which cannot lead to ANYTHING because the legislation on what to do AFTER the dismissal is missing, that is, you do not know, legally, HOW to implement it ).

But all that the left today, now regressed in the 70s, can do is to say "shut up! shut up! you don't have to talk! you don't have to be here! I'll call the moderator! ".

The moderator, that is, the authority, can be a judge, the Constitution, the teacher, the mother, the employer, or the Great Myth of the Left, that is, "the people".

Of course, it must be said that other parties also do it, such as La Lega and also Beppe Grillo does it, but we are talking about a Salvini who played on the left and a Beppe Grillo who spent years celebrating United parties '.

In the end, the fruits never fall far from the tree.

Now, imagine what would have happened to the US if these "canceling" characters for a very marginal thing (seriously mentioning a trans activist in a trans advocacy video is such a serious crime?) Had taken the power after a Clinton victory. With this mentality, they would have literally transformed the USA into a Gulag where a "language police" would have imposed such a level of politically correct that not even a person like Contrapoints, who has spent years on the rights of transsexual people, could save himself … by the community of "non-binary" people. That is, from his own community.

The problem of the modern western left is that it is going back in time, until the 70s. And everything in their actions promises to transform nations into a totalitarian nightmares, where a thought police controls everything you say, and even if you say the right thing you will surely have mistaken an adjective, a verb or a noun, for which "you will be deleted", and what this means with the Clinton President know only in Mathausen and other places of "cancellation" of the kind.

Clinton can say whatever she wants, but the Americans voted for the Alt Right because the left promised just that: to establish a language police, an Inquisition of the Politically Correct, with the outspoken attitude of "erasing" people, and THE REAL POWER TO DO IT.

Clearly, they denied Clinton the last ingredient: "the real power to do it."

To date, seeing what happens to American society (and yes, social media are now central to American society) leads me to conclude the same thing. That if I lived there I would vote for the Alt Right. Because in the final analysis, the spectrum of different opinions (even today) is wider, and if you are not at the height of purity you don't have to fear being "canceled".

And this is where fascism comes in: when all alternatives are worse.

Fascism ALWAYS comes when all left-wing alternatives are clearly worse. When they are even more liberticidal, when they promise a world where you can be canceled if you miss an adjective, or if you take the wrong part between "transmedicalists" and "transconstructionists" (a truly goat wool difference for a community that suffers hundreds of murders the year and if anything would need unity), then fascism appears as an attractive alternative.

And it's hard to blame those who voted for the Alt-Right. If Hillary Clinton had won, the inhabitants of the United States today should be careful not to miss an adjective: the exact opposite of free speech. What the Chinese are building (the "social credit" system) but built into a society that is supposedly "democratic".

We can argue that the Alt Right shitposting in turn is a grotesque deformation of the freedom of speech itself, and that the opposite excess is regrettable when it results in free insults, but when a fascist insults you in today's America, you are NOT socially, economically and personally "canceled".

The problem is that with the Alt Right you can argue, you'll end up fighting, but the average thing ends there. If, on the other hand, you disagree with the purest pures who purge you, well, listen carefully to the story of Natalie: character assassination.

And if you bring people who have character assassination into political DNA to power, then you will have to deal with "assassination" without if and without but.

In this condition, I continue to think that as long as the American Democrats don't deal with their radical fringes, it is better that the Alt Right continue to win. Of course, some extremists will commit violent acts, but the alternative is that the government itself produces them . It's a matter of scale, and we know well that Americans think on a large scale.

Today as today, on the day I write the Alt Right, it is the most democratic political area in the USA, which is why it wins.

And I can bring the same example to Italy: the insults of Salvini or Beppe Grillo have never made anyone lose their job or friends. When it fell to Fausto Brizzi, who was innocent , no one scrupled to cut contracts and isolate him, and he was saved from the economic disaster only by luck.

Sorry, living in a country where a toilet flush ruins you in an absque strepitu advocatorum process is probably not anyone's dream. Nor in Germany to become a Nazi-Schau for not having used a biodegradable shampoo in 1965. (I am referring to a local debate).

Because a new inquisition is starting to emerge: the ecological one.

For which about thirty dead monkeys ends up in the newspapers (it is clear: it is horrible) but not a heap of human beings wounded by the same fireworks. If you are against fireworks, like me who have pets, perhaps knowing about a girl who has lost her eyes from a "bang" could also be one more topic . But, sorry for her, monkeys come first: get used to darkness, babe, you aren't a monkey !!!!.

But of this new "ecologically correct" I will speak in a dedicated post.


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