Character assassination.

Character assassination.

During the 2016 Meme War I got to know several specialists of Russian origin, who dealt with character assassination. "They dealt with it" in the sense that during the American elections they were very good at destroying small "local" leaders who could hold the position of the opposing party in a small place, as I know a "subreddit", or a topic of disqus.

The first thing you need to understand about a character assassination conducted in public is that it is an affair conducted by some piece of some state. But be careful: this does not mean that everyone who leads it works for a state. It means that they infiltrated an existing group, some frustrated group, and manipulated the group by directing their hatred towards someone. Of course, hatred must also be kept "on".

These departments of the various states are specialized in this: when someone who brings people together around him is born, and they see him destabilizing towards a fragile status quo, they become active and decide to proceed with a character assassination.

They then infiltrate some existing group (or have already infiltrated it, like all groups) and start manipulating it.

This is fundamental, because these pieces of the state have a characteristic: they don't like to be named. It is the normal characteristic of those who infiltrate other groups, since there are agents who take risks. (on the internet generally there is no risk, but the mentality evidently has remained).

For example, if I name the capital of the state of Davaos del Sur, in the Philippines during a personal attack, I immediately get a precise effect, because the infiltrator is afraid of being discovered and immediately opts for a lower profile.

When do they activate? They are particularly active when there is a fragile status quo, which they want to maintain. In that case, every impromptu group of people, every gathering, is suspect and dangerous. This is a very broad interpretation of a 1948 law, which punishes "anyone who by any means prevents or disturbs an electoral propaganda meeting, both public and private". ( Https:// / 1948/02/06/30 / so / 0 / sg / pdf ).

For example: when this blog reached 300,000 readers a day, and the elections drew near, they started immediately. Being pieces of the state, they are not the ones who decide who is dangerous and why: poor Calogero Lo Cascio receives a "signal" to "attention" to someone, from the VIP who feels threatened. It can be an industrialist with hookups, a union of cocaine horse drivers, anyone with a hook or an important name to spend.

Having defined this, it is necessary to understand who the soldier is. Any group in the state that deals with character assassination never gets their hands dirty. They don't do it for several reasons, which Russian friends have explained to me very well, and they always use useful idiots, taking advantage of their narcissism.

They use the narcissist for several reasons:

  • He already has an instinct for character assassination , because his life is just that. You do not recognize the narcissist for the love he has towards himself, but for the continuous and toxic aversion for someone, whose name is on his lips constantly. You always recognize the narcissist because he names the ones he hates. Since he intends to live by destroying the reputation of others, the narcissist cannot fail to write his name all the time.
  • The narcissist is always a bankrupt looking for a career. Normally he is a person who has achieved little from life, and is on the brink of social invisibility. These gentlemen make him flash before his eyes the possibility of a qualitative leap: work for them. Becoming a James Bond, an agent of a pseudo-intelligence service, for the narcissist is the revenge he has always been waiting for. He's no longer a failure, he's a secret agent . WOW. (obviously they will NEVER hire him).
  • The narcissist is the most destructive personality possible. I had them in my team, and I can personally testify to that. Fortunately, there are courses that serve to recognize them on the fly and "manage" them. Although often "managing" them simply means removing them from the project, but I have experienced that some of the tricks taught in these courses work very well.
  • The narcissist desperately tries to escape from invisibility . Being part of a pack mobbing or stalking someone is a way to have a group that recognizes their existence. When the stalker doesn't come off you do it because it can't stand the idea of ​​becoming invisible. He is telling you "you can't stop seeing me, I am visible, I exist".

This is what you have when you face a character assassination: a small element of the state, operated by a small VIP that you have pissed off, which manipulates a group of losers for the purpose of stalking.

How to get out of it?

The first thing to note is that, in fact, whatever you do interacting with them does nothing but start for "I see that you exist", and this alone feeds the narcissist. So if you try to fight them you won't get anything: once the battle gets harder and louder, everyone who wants to get out of the invisibility will join them, and you will have more and more against it.

On the contrary, since they are toxic (in the psychiatric sense of the term), what you have to do is fight for yourself. Fighting for yourself simply means (in my case) remedying the psychic costs of their toxicity.

The solution to a character assassination is to immediately leave the battlefield, reload your self-esteem elsewhere, and then return to your former position.

In my case, when I met the people who explained it to me, I had already (even if by pure chance) performed the maneuver. When I closed the blog I was contacted by someone who was looking for "authors" for the US presidential campaign, and asked me to write the script for a "controversial character". Since money flowed into my bank account, it was going very well for my self-esteem, it worked. (I have a money-sensitive self-esteem, yes.)

The second point is to get rid of the feeling of having them on. It is a sense of danger that comes from the amygdala, and that takes some time to leave. It is the sense of danger that prey feels when they fear that a predator is on their trail.

To get it off me I did a very simple thing. I inserted an impressive amount of references to myself in the artificial biography of a character who was one of the most idiosyncratic characters of the 2016 election campaign, and therefore was on everyone's lips.

This character was among the most mentioned on breitbart, he was among the most disturbing and deliberately conflicting characters that I have ever invented . A real bearer of chaos. He made a tour of the American universities that left behind him protests, fires, devastations and (useless) attempts at censorship. It was banned from every possible social network. He spoke EXACTLY as I would have spoken. But he wrote nothing, so he needed authors who wrote for him.

And his "synthetic biography" was full of references to my personal life, to my biography, he continually pronounced contemptuous brutality taken from my personal dictionary, he answered as I would have answered, and sometimes when he wrote he made exactly the same "grammar errors" that my stalkers believe they can recognize everywhere (cit.).

And all these stalkers, who according to their narcissism would have been able to recognize me everywhere and in any way, did not notice anything. Even when it was decided to "withdraw" the character from the scene, and we did it using an episode of my personal biography, my "cunning predators" didn't notice ANYTHING.

They said they knew how to find Uriel Fanelli everywhere, and they didn't recognize him when I was the author of a character who dressed like I dressed when I was young, spoke like me, responded to insults like me, argued like me, criticized Islam with my own words, criticized feminists with the words I had written thousands of times on my blog, sparked controversy exactly as I do, had a (fake) biography full of references to things I wrote and books I published, one who criticized the journalists saying things like "feelings before of facts", and many, many things that I wrote before 2016 on this blog …

… and they didn't recognize him.

At some point my amygdala took me aside and said to me. “Do you know what I'm telling you, fra? While the dangerous carnivorous predators that follow us tear that papaya tree, I am going to make myself a glass of still red. I call you back when they learn the difference between a steak and a distributor, okay? "

And I still laugh at it because those who "knew how to recognize me everywhere" have not yet found my blog in German. Despite my level of German it should, on its own, give "some suspicion" to those who read the controversy that I am triggering.

Why is this happening? For one thing that Russian friends explained to me as "the principle of the archivist": in a nutshell, anyone who does files on someone ends up so concentrated by the archival activity that he no longer reads the things he archives . He merely collects everything, even things written by my imitators, but he never reads them.

This is the reason why terrorists are always "known to the police" but nobody had stopped them: the "archivist" policemen punctually write the information "this guy is a terrorist", but they NEVER read that who write. In the same way, my stalkers had literally collected everything about me, but not having read it they could NOT recognize the character (of a HUGE visibility) of which I was the author.

So yes, in case of character assassination, the right tactic is:

  • Immediately leave the battlefield.
  • Go to rebuild your self-esteem elsewhere, thinking ONLY of yourself.
  • Go back to the first place.

Because if there is one thing that terrifies narcissists, it is the very thing they DO NOT have.


On the topic of "resilience" I then had an excellent teacher, (nobody can teach you resilience as much as a woman) but resilience in itself is a concept on which it is worth writing another full post.

And always remember: FUCK YOUR FEELINGS !!!!

(but did you like the papaya tree at least?)


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