China and numerical competence.

Imagine someone telling you today "to stop the coronavirus today, just delay the alarm for three months and block 5% of the country".

Obviously, anyone who said this would be taken mad. First of all, because everyone is shouting that you have to BLOCK EVERYTHING NOWOOOOHHHH!

Secondly, because it is being said that it is not enough to isolate 5% of the population. YOU MUST BLOCK EVERYONE HOME NOWOOOOOOHHHH!

The two could, however drastic (and of debatable efficacy) make sense. But they become ridiculous when added to these phrases: "as they did in China, and it worked".

Because China has done neither of the two.

First, they didn't act right away. They had known the virus since October / November. They pursued the doctor who raised the alarm with the political police. They started talking about it in late January, and took their first real steps in February.

So, they definitely didn't act right away

And let's go on: have they blocked the whole nation ?? The answer is obviously no. The number of people who have locked up in the home was about 3-5% of the country's total.

So they definitely didn't block EVERYONE at home .

Now we are told that "the policy of closing everyone home immediately in China has worked."

And everyone believes it.

It is difficult to explain how it feels with the clear sensation of living in a gigantic clinic for mentally handicapped people, which orbits a star.

( In the meantime, everyone is looking at the number of people infected rather than deaths. It would be too dangerous for some to notice why countries with better welfare are having a significantly lower percentage of deaths . )

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