China from here and China from there.

The difference between a people and a mass is that when you give an argument to a mass, you get a division into two factions, one of which will be fiercely opposed and the other absolutely favorable. A typical mass example is football fans, one of many.

It also happened with the China case, where everyone is dividing into anti-China and pro-China. But the point is, the truth is falling apart.

First of all, China has faults. It's serious.

  1. It is a material fact that the epidemic started in China. The Chinese may resent as much as they want, but it was born in China, and was born in wet markets , which have third world hygiene standards. In China the streets will also be very clean and the police will also be in immaculate uniforms. But if you have places like wet markets, you're rotting in the dirt. And as we learned, in the case of viruses, dirt is very difficult to see.
  2. It is a material fact that the epidemic has been silent for at least two months. And I say at least because there are also previous suspects. Two months are the proven ones. This is criminal behavior, but also normal. Normal for a communist country: remember or not, that in "Chernobyl everything is regular " while thousands of workers were sent to burn alive in the radiation to scatter sand on the cast core? Besides, if you get the doctor who finds the virus to order, the whole truth is not what you're saying. Point.
  3. Chinese numbers make you laugh. The first numbers spoke of a flu. And let's be clear, if the whole world has done the same wrong, underestimating the pandemic, it's not because the whole world (except China) is stupid. It is simply because the Chinese initial numbers spoke of a limited, limited, minor event, nothing to worry about. All there was to do was to build a hospital with 1600 places in an area with 56 million inhabitants in a week. Considering that Italy suffered and had ~ 5000 places, Germany had to go from 28,000 to 40,000 to hold, but China had passed on information that all that was needed was a lockdown and a new 1600-seat hospital. The numbers matter, and the Chinese ones were obviously false. For this reason, almost everyone initially underestimated the situation: if you tell me that the virus never left Wuhan to get to Beijing (where, according to the authorities, Chernobyl is all right there was no epidemic), it is difficult to think that two weeks later it will be EVERYWHERE in the world.
  4. And the Chinese numbers are STILL fake, unless we are willing to believe that the lockdown of 3% of the population is enough to stop the virus, even when satellite photographs show that pollution has collapsed EVERYWHERE, so the lockdown it was MUCH more extensive than Wuhan, so the outbreak was MUCH more extensive. So the dead are presumably more, at least one order 10. But the Chinese continue to peddle bullshit, saying "we found a new one infected today". Out of a billion and a half people, finding ONE infected requires a sampling such that the statistics shout revenge from the books.

This is criminal behavior, but we must understand one thing: that it is a communist regime, or a regime that has NORMALLY criminal behavior. A regime that has re-education camps where millions of people disappear, a regime that makes "absque strepitu advocatorum" processes, in short: a communist regime. A criminal regime.

But it is not new that a communist regime is a criminal regime, in Europe we have known them even better than that. Chernobyl is just one example among many.

But this is not "a point for Trump's supporters", for the simple reason that Trump (and many others in Europe) have made such complaints. For example, people are being laid off in the US because they refuse to "fix" the infection data:

As a result, it becomes difficult for scientists to make reliable predictions (think of the "second wave") using US data. Which is, coincidentally, the same poisoning created by Chinese data.

But the accuracy of the contagion data is a bit of a problem everywhere. Numbers are emerging, comparing this year's deaths with those of last year, month by month. Of course, they may have been killed not directly by the coronavirus, but by another pathology untreated due to the collapse of local health. A virus kills in many ways.

Even in Italy there are many data that are being hidden or at least "cooked". Let's take the Lombardy situation. A region that has more deaths than an entire nation of 90,000,000 inhabitants, some questions should trigger it. But the problem is not the confrontation between Lombardy and entire foreign nations. The problem is that even the confrontation between Italian regions is merciless.

That Campania, with its absurd population density, has resisted better than Lombardy is something that should be investigated. Not because Campania did something wrong: but if you had asked an epidemiologist (spoiler: in Italy he is an academic figure who has not existed for at least a decade) what took his sleep away, the density of the population of Rome or that Bell would have been in first place. The comparison made so far is Lombardy against Veneto, as if it were an internal settlement of accounts for the League. But the problem to be discussed is the confrontation Lombardy against Puglia, Lombardy against Tuscany, Lombardy against Campania, Lombardy against Emilia, etc.

But in Italy the numbers are not changed or falsified: they are simply forgotten . The Italian press spent the first month of the pandemic inflating the ego of the Italians, saying that "everyone is looking at us to understand what to do", and only a month later, from social media, it emerged that the Lombard management was not "a example to follow ", but" an error to avoid ".

But it cannot be said that the Northern League will rise, saying that "it was a tsunami", and that "the atomic bomb went off here". I am sorry to disappoint the confidence that the Milanese have in the canals, or the love they have for the lakes, but there can be no tsunami in Lombardy. And nothing exploded. It failed somewhere, and there are 12,000 dead to say it.

So yes, China has had criminal behavior, but we have seen criminal behavior. From that of Confindustria "we cannot stop the country when people crack" (but in Viale dell 'Astronomia they were all in the Home Office) to that of the fashion companies that put 4 people to make masks (thus earning the title of " essential company ”) promising millions and millions of masks (which have never been seen), and continuing to make clothes with the rest of the staff. Auto factories have also started breathing apparatus, according to them: but if we ask how many made the answer, it is ZERO: the first prototypes are passing the homologation tests now.

But it was also criminal behavior to make doctors work without masks. Other countries also had infected doctors and infected hospitals, but were infected when China knew about the epidemic and was keeping it hidden. (another reason why it was criminal behavior to keep silent). A country where masks were not given to doctors (but football teams had them) is a criminal country.

So yes, China has huge faults and has had the criminal behavior that we expect from a communist government country. Nothing more, nothing less: censorship, political police, propaganda, false numbers.

But there have been similar crimes in the West too, they are still happening (in the US the numbers of the pandemic have become opinions, they are not even paying attention to orders of magnitude), and nobody moves a finger.

Finally, a proper examination of the situation of the Italian media must be made. In particular on the "scientists" called to pontificate in each newspaper. (I want to remember that a newspaper is NOT a simple blog: it should be "journalism". A blog writes opinions , journalism must provide facts .)

The newspapers built a dialectic by saying that "one should not listen to the Internet more than science". Very well. Wonderful intent. I agree.

Too bad that the "science" that the newspapers put on the front page was taken from the Internet. Burioni, for example, is not "Science". It is "the science of Twitter". And we must remember it. "Ilaria Capua" is a person who will be very competent, she has suffered a judicial persecution to say the least Kafkaesque, but let's not forget that in Italy there is a ministry of health and that universities have many experts.

But coincidentally, "science" came from characters taken directly from Twitter. So let's make up our mind: do we have to believe in social media, science, or the science we find on social media?

If your goal is to send the message "the real science against fake social news", well, you did it wrong. Because you took science not among the most qualified scientists, but among those with the most likes on Twitter.

So even if China has done MUCH propaganda and manipulated social media, it is also true that in Italy the experts (who have also bypassed colleagues in some government commissions) have been taken from Twitter. Is it not propaganda, or do we want to believe that if a Chinese does it then it is regime propaganda, while if Casalino does it is "media strategy"? And what would be the difference, of grace?

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