Coronavirus as a weapon.

I know very well that for now it is impossible to build a virus like coronavirus without leaving evident traces in its genetic code. However, one question must be asked: what if it were?

The first thing to note is that in fact it has hit all the "superpowers" with impressive violence, and so far the impact has been devastating. We can understand why the American "warlords" have always ferociously bombed anyone accused of building chemical and / or bacteriological weapons.

The USA is practically helpless. If the Chinese, by acting in their own way, managed to survive while maintaining the integrity of the state practically intact, and the Europeans manage to sacrifice the economy, the US is clearly giving a feeling: they are weak, exposed, defenseless.

In general, all countries that have been "blessed" by financial capitalism are showing themselves to be defenseless, exposed and weak . I read that the virus has even arrived on an aircraft carrier and on some units of the American fleet. Fortunately, it is a virus that kills people of military service a little, but what would have happened if …?

The truth is that if in the field of conventional war the USA has always shown itself as the rulers of the world, in terms of bacteriological warfare it is showing itself to be the weakest country in the world .

In a few days they managed to become champions of the world of viruses, overcoming all the outbreaks, and far more populous nations, such as India and China. About 3 million people a day are being laid off, thus losing health insurance (for those who had it). The cost of a single tampon has gone up from $ 3000 to $ 28, and is still rising.

For all people without income, the problem of food will soon explode. We already see them, desperate, on social networks asking for donations to avoid black hunger.

And this with a virus that mainly affects the elderly, and has a lethality (even if doped by different counting methods) that oscillates around 1%. Compared to other infections, even if it sounds cynical, it is a breeze. Think of Ebola if you want to get an idea.

The war consists in making the enemy lose the will and the possibility to fight. It means that under a terrible threat, the enemy can also decide to surrender, even with considerable military power at his disposal: after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan surrendered. Without this threat, they wouldn't have done it, and the US didn't have enough men to invade it in case they defended themselves to the last man.

What would have changed if two viruses had been used instead of the two atomic ones? Probably nothing: the threat was too great.

This epidemic is showing the weak point of the USA: their health, their social mechanisms, their economic organization and their culture make any resistance to anything that requires responsible social behavior impossible. This is a concept unknown to them.

Without health care, they don't even know how many cases of contagion they have, and they only notice how they noticed it in New York: when a crowd of dying people arrives in hospitals. They find themselves sized for the wealthy population, while the virus kills everyone.

Now, what kind of means is needed today to synthesize in the laboratory a virus similar to that of the coronavirus, perhaps worse? They are within the reach of the Republic of San Marino.

And here is the point: whatever the result of this pandemic, over 1% of the dead population will die of superpowers .

The least resilient countries, those that will survive worse, those that will suffer chaos, regardless of how many soldiers and how many atomic bombs they have, will come out as military dwarves .

This is why Trump existed to admit his vulnerability. If he admits that a vial of viruses scattered on a plane of tourists is enough to devastate an entire area like New York and immediately after the whole of New Jersey, he would practically admit that he is, on a military level, a dwarf .

And it can't change American culture. He can't convince them that it's not their right to go into a supermarket and buy everything to buy it, provided they have the money. He cannot convince them that having a universal health care and a true health ministry is more important than the right to carry weapons. You can't convince them that having public welfare to distribute income is crucial. And he can't because financiers have cultural hegemony.

However things go, already from the data of now, the effect of this pandemic is clear: the USA is vulnerable. They are weak. San Marino, with a good laboratory for the synthesis of viruses, can threaten them to the point of bending their will.

Only the most resilient and resistant countries, those that manage to get out of this emergency without falling into chaos, will be able to call themselves powers in the future.

But among these countries there is no USA.

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