Dear “progressives”, are we talking about football?


In the saga of those who say they are progressive because the alternative is a walk in the center, there is a tendency that can no longer be ignored. I refer to that phenomenon where progressives are all talking about progressive things throughout the week, but not on Sundays.

Because something special happens on Sunday. Something special happens, which puts an end to anyone's progressiveness. And I'm not referring to a few people I know. I am also referring to prominent politicians.

Member of the PD. Milan fan.

You can go on any social media and on Sunday suddenly the "trends" change, and suddenly you see so many people who call themselves "progressives" who discover fans. Good,

Let's talk about football.

Because I would like to know in what football, that is the whole circus that is around the game, can be at least close to a progressive agenda. Let's see.

  • Homophobia. Does any curve of fans exist that is gay-friendly? No. Are there fan groups or ultras groups known for welcoming homosexual people? No. How many players said they were homosexuals? Uhm … zero. Statistical anomaly, or "Italian football is not ready", as the newspapers write? And is this compatible with your values?

The good old values ​​of the left.

  • Fascism. On this it seems to me to shoot on the red cross. Actually, it's easy to win here. Do we have to pull in the field of Canio, we must note that the same graphic of each writing refers to fascism from the choice of fonts? Is there an openly democratic supporter, or do we have to swing from the extreme right to the extreme left (even if it is rare?)

How nice to go to the stadium, dear progressives.

  • Racism. You will have much to talk to convince me that ultimately not all football is racist. You can also show me those ten minutes of solidarity with this black player, or whatever you like. But it's ten minutes. The rest is done as below. And don't tell me that there are ultras curves full of people of color.

Typical progressive banner. Do you count me black fans?

  • Equal opportunities'. You have little to whine that women at work earn 30% less than men. Because if we go to look in the world of football, we find that women with equal numbers earn 99.98% less than men. I mean practically nothing. Why do I see openly feminist people saying that they love football?
  • Economic inequalities. You can do all the blablabla you want about the fact that you are for equity and that economic inequalities are the problem of our time, and that it is scandalous that a manager earns 130 times an employee, and all you say to do virtue signaling . Then at the end go and applaud a guy who earns 15,000 times more than your children's pediatrician. You are pathetic.
  • #MeToo. (I omit to pardon the all-out defense of a player accused of rape). But you have built a veritable police of language, a regime of terror in which you are afraid to miss a pronoun, you are afraid to tell a joke, the spicy joke is banned and we must look at half-naked women as if they were carrying Burqa. In football, on the other hand, there is now an institutional figure, called the "soccer player's girlfriend", which takes forms of this kind:

He likes it because it's the first of the class in chemistry.

Now, dear progressives and feminists, I would like to understand one thing well: in what, exactly, is the world of football NOT hitting your "values"? What do you "feel at home" at the stadium? Why do you feel the colors of a team "yours"? What does "belong to you"?

It is possible to understand why you "feel at home" with fans who speak in a way that I expect to hear in a ForzaNuova venue, you can understand why you frequent an environment that looks like the Lega's amphetamine basement Salvini?

Here, you see, dear radishes and radishes , there is a problem. A serious problem. The problem is that you can't pretend to be progressive. No one can. Because in the end, sooner or later, he takes off. You can always scrub someone, you can rub everyone a few times, but you can't always fool everyone. And it screams you because you can't completely mask a communication channel that you don't know.

The problem of the Italian left is that those who call themselves on the left pretend to be left. They are "radishes". And to make matters worse, they don't even pretend very well.

So, gentlemen, if you really want to say that you are progressive, if you really don't want your obvious falsehood every Sunday, if you want us to believe you when you struggle to remove naked women from advertising when every player has a girlfriend -trophy, if you want us to believe you when you are outraged by the difference in salaries between men and women, but do not pay attention to the fact that the players earn much less if you pretend to ignore racism, homophobia and fascism of which the soccer world is soaked, well, do one thing: the game, look at it in secret.

How to do it when you were small with porn magazines. In secret, go and watch the game, and when they score, you get up shouting " yes, fagots, two baby food in your ass!"

Afterwards, you will feel better when you go to the gay pride parade.

I swear.

Now tell me that "football is not just this". Well, then I will ask you to show me "the rest". The gay-friendly fans. The team where there are gay players. The women's team that earns as much as a men's team of the same series. The club where Serie A players do not earn repulsive figures.

Let me see, "the rest". I am waiting.


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