I decided to close the blog a few minutes ago.

I had gone to the gym to do my usual Judo training, and when I arrived my friends asked me if there is a bank account to make a donation to Italy, as a person or as a club.

They see pictures of soldiers on the streets, read in the newspapers that beds and equipment are missing and think you need help.

At that moment all the obscenities came to mind, all the hatred and all the gufate against an entire country, only because he decided (unlike you) to use doctors instead of soldiers in managing a pandemic, and I realized I have nothing more to say.

The feeling that I feel today requires a cleaning of the contacts, a severe and decisive detachment, and said as it must be said, a big fuck.

I have a blog in German, and I'll focus on that. Maybe the mission of the German blog will have to become just that. The German press is (I think deliberately) ignoring this hatred and this malevolence.

But I think they are wrong. And I believe that a blog, now quite popular, should explain to them how the country is asked for solidarity (usually money), the country that is the largest net contributor to the EU.

I think it's a good mission, because the truth has to be said, whether German newspapers like it or not. The Internet exists for this: to tell the truth.


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