April 19, 2024

The mountain of shit theory

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Desecrate the Tumba, to the rhythm of the Rumba

I didn't know what to title this post, so I used a verse from Norwegian Raggaeton. I do it because I don't normally get involved in stupid debates that don't concern me much. For example, I don't get into the linux distro-war. I don't give a shit if you use Gnome, KDE or XFCE, so neither do Linux Desktop Wars. I don't care what you eat, I don't care what T-shirts you wear, what music you listen to, etc., EVERY TIME YOU REALLY BELIEVE THEY ARE POWERFUL THINGS.

What do I mean? If you like to eat only vegetables, go ahead. My chances of coming across a good steak have increased. Why should I be against it?

The problem comes when your narcissism leads you to think that you will save the planet because you chose to eat vegetables. No, that won't happen. No, becoming the cow you refuse to eat will not change the ecosystem. No, you don't matter a damn, and therefore it doesn't matter a damn what you eat.

When you tell me you're going to change the world because you refuse to, I don't know, wear a bra, or shave your armpits, or do anything else females do, you're simply mentally ill . The fate of the world does NOT depend on these things. Of all the great queens who changed history, you never read whether or not they changed the world with shaved armpits or free boobs. It's not relevant. You will read about their decisions. We will never know if Marie Curie had shaved armpits. We only know that from a certain point onwards they were radioactive, I'll give you that. But nobody gives a shit about YOUR armpits, and they don't change anything at all.

Likewise, I don't participate in crypto wars, just as I don't participate in distro wars.

I know there is a religious war on crypto. And so, as soon as you mention “blockchain” crypto fanatics will come on one side, and no-coiners on the other.

Do you want to believe that you will change the world of finance because you keep your money in a wallet and not in the bank, or in the post office, or under the bed? Go ahead. Just as you will change the ecosystem by eating salad. Just as you will change society by avoiding shaving your armpits. I'm sure. Go ahead, and good luck.

But blockchain is a technology, as such it is neutral, and it may happen that it becomes interesting for people who are not interested in your foreskin cruciates.

And as it must be said, when there are entities around, like Blackrock, which owns more assets than the GDP of the EU, than your "wallets" and your "whales", no one gives a shit. You won't change our finances. In that context your wallets are dust, and your whales aren't even lice. Even Musk, compared to a Blackrock, is microscopic.

Well, in the last post I said some things, and then heavens above, the two churches (pro-crypto and no-crypto) are interested in a blog, which they normally don't give a shit about.

And they do it by "artfully misunderstanding" what I write, dedicating themselves to the details and all the bullshit that the chicken-plucking charlatans OF BOTH FACTIONS are used to doing.

So, since you pretend not to understand, or rather to be stupid, I will now treat you like stupid people who don't understand. In the last post I said that:

  1. Such a crusade, in a country like the USA that tolerates opaque trusts, that tolerates things like OTR derivatives, and more, is rather atypical.
  2. A court explaining to the SEC what securities are, which the SEC deals with as the highest authority, is at least unusual or extravagant. WHATEVER he says.
  3. The fact that dozens and dozens of players decide, without a legal basis, to use the Ripple blockchain is truly unusual.
  4. My PERSONAL explanation of 1,2 is that for some reason the SEC is pursuing the goal of keeping blockchains out of the US and the banking system.
  5. My PERSONAL explanation is that, as they have shown in the various agreements on the transparency of banking data, the USA fears such transparency and wants to protect their banking secrecy.

If you want to buy XRP for your wallet because you're hoping for a "mooning", that's your business. And I repeated it twice. I don't give a shit how you invest the two cents you have, nobody gives a shit, and it doesn't change a damn thing.

That said, ALL other details are details, and therefore are the realm of factional clash. ANY sentence is full of quibbles and useless details, just as any woman wears a bra or not, shaves her armpits or not, etc.

And yes, when there is a clash between religions the details are EVERYTHING, because in a religion the priests make their money RIGHT on the details.

So if you give a damn about details, you're among the priests in my opinion.

But as I said, I don't participate in this kind of holy wars.

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