An event that happened in Marina di Ravenna takes me back to the days of university, when I also worked as a bouncer to make ends meet, or in a cool way "the security" of some clubs. At the time, I don't know how it works today, nightclubs were at their peak and it was a fairly common job to, as they say today, monetize time spent in martial arts gyms.

In reality at the time there was quite little punching, at least if you were following a good PR. I was lucky enough to be following a PR with an agenda of 10 / 15,000 names, including Bologna and Fiorentina footballers, Bolognese comedians you will have seen on TV, Bolognese skiers and many other beautiful people, as they said. in Milan. Also, I was available for events in gay-friendly venues, which was not very common: everyone was afraid that by punching the blood (of course, infected) could infect them.

Anyway, anyway: you gave your availability and / or they asked you, and then you went (perhaps together with others of the clique) to the place a few hours before. The evenings were well paid, also because when there are beautiful people everything must go smoothly: cut off and soothe, soothe and end. Even with blows, but silent.

I think I have already said that on certain evenings "Albanians did not enter", but also "Calabrians did not enter", or other things that might seem racist. The truth is it didn't happen every night and it didn't always happen with the same ones.

Arrived on the spot, the same manager told you that "attention, there is a small group that has come up from Calabria and has long hands" I mean, he was there to steal. Handbags, jewels, but also designer clothes, because the "beautiful people" wear them: there was talk of shoes that at the time cost two, three million lire, so to speak. And when one started dancing barefoot on the tables of a club, the danger began.

Let's be clear, they weren't all males: there was a summer when a gang of Romanians went shopping in the bathrooms, which was a beauty.

We are in the period without internet, where to take a picture the person had to be posing. And anyway he saw you. We knew that there was a band of Albanians / Abruzzese / Rumanians / Africans that was there to do this and that, and the owners knew it because "they had already struck in the vicinity".

You have to consider that at that time every summer there were three million admissions, and a cool night with people "in" could bring some clubs to 4000 people. It means a fight inside was not desirable. In some cases, you were part of a staff of 200.

On the other hand all these wealthy and / or rich people were there to have fun, and therefore never had empty pockets, for one thing. Or there were those who were there to just be pitied, the southerners who believed they were in the land of the bitches (and then they banged one from Trapani) and harassed, and all the paraphernalia.

What happened then?

Eh, if we knew that there was a gang of Albanian assholes around who worked in some beach during the day and messed up in the evening, today Albanians no longer enter. End.

Is it racist? It is racist to the extent that the only thing you knew was "gang of Albanians" or "small group of Calabrians". And then you lowered the ax. Of course, if one spoke with the "h" but was wearing five, six million in clothes it was not the case. But if it came in a tank top, well, in short. At home.

The thing you will notice is: shouldn't internal selection be done by the police?

In fact, in hindsight, the bouncer has two functions: a preventive (the selection at the entrance that improves your enjoyment) and a repressive, that is, the first intervention in case of problems.

The trouble is that the police are never available for any form of prevention. They are a purely repressive force. If in the event of an out-of-control brawl you can call them to give you a hand, the men of the police have ALWAYS declined to do prevention in any situation of youthful presence.

This is the reason why a boy, Willy, can be beaten to death without the constant presence of the police in a square where hundreds of young people meet. You will find the police everywhere, except in the vicinity of the "nightlife", that is, in places where riots occur very often, and illegal activities also take place in abundance.

Instead, they are very present in the “after” part, that is after the mess has broken out and the violence has begun, and often has already ended.

Now that there is internet and there are cameras everywhere, probably the photographs of the cocks are already present in some group that the bouncers can consult with their mobile phones. But the point is that they shouldn't be doing this job, just like we shouldn't have been: the trouble is that the police DO NOT WANT to be involved in preventive actions. They want to limit themselves to the function of repression.

It must be said, however, that they do not have much choice: already I am amazed that DASPO exists, but otherwise even if a well-known criminal shows up in front of a club, the police certainly could not say "you do not enter": on the contrary, being a private club, the bouncer can tell.

The thing that leaves me very perplexed is, however, that the club sold him the ticket BEFORE: because we didn't have to let the boys arrive at the cash desks. They recommended it to us, because afterwards we could only throw them out (in theory) if they misbehaved, that is, if we caught them. Private club or not, once you've cashed your ticket, you've still entered into a contract with this person, and if you can't prove the contract has been broken you can't stop them from entering.

The boy in question, from what I read, had a ticket for the concert. And a ticket is a private contract, even if the terms are implied. So I don't know how much will the club really has to leave you out.

In any case, the problem arises simply from a fact: all prevention policies are left to private individuals. Only the repressive ones are the bread of the police.

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