Economy as a battery for chickens.

The illusion that "everything will be as before" is such that many still do not understand the need to adapt to changes. If we take for example the mayor of Milan who orders the employees of the municipality to return to the office, we immediately notice that the concept escaped him.

All changes due to the coronavirus (first and second wave) are here to stay. Throughout human history, the changes that have occurred following major epidemics have left their mark. From the minimum size of the windows in the houses (law instituted against smallpox and tuberculosis) up to all the hygiene rules of the restaurants, up to the disappearance of some wines that contained a lot of tannin, there are many signs of past epidemics / diseases that are still among us.

But let's go to the rationale of the Sala measure. Sala noted that teleworking has emptied Milan. But it is not that he emptied it in himself: he removed those who went to the center for work.

Now, if Milan were designed as a city where people live , it would have had almost no effect. But Milan is not a city made to live in, it is rather designed to work there. As soon as the people who frequented Milan for professional reasons stopped doing it, obviously the city's economy crashed.

The problem is clearly a design problem of the city: if those who came from outside have had priority, the result can only be this.

But now let's examine the problem in detail: the people who did home offices, even after the lockdown was over, continued to do so. A sign that they prefer to work from home rather than the office. Having worked in Milan for a few years, I understand them. Milan has a kind of non-metric geometry for which the distance between A and B is always GREATER than three quarters of an hour. But if you come from outside an hour / half hour they are there.

As a result these people have taken back THEIR time (because it is not considered work), and they have recovered THEIR money, which they previously spent between eating in the lunch break (usually in some bar that makes you a sandwich, or eating in some Egyptian who makes bad pizzas, or in some restaurant of the bis-anointed) and those who inevitably then spent the evening to eat before returning home (because they would have arrived too late to cook, ditto the wives, or because they had to go get their children somewhere). Out of pure pity I leave out those who enrolled in some 24H gym, because “it's the only way to meet other new people”, usually singles. All scenes I've seen personally.

So, we said that those who do teleworking / smart working have not STOLEN anything from anyone. They took back time that was theirs, and money that was theirs. But beware: the moment people take back what is theirs and keep it in their pockets, the whole economy that sucks the blood out of these people starts starving.

But beware:

  • it was not a RIGHT of the restaurant to have the employees of the municipality for lunch.
  • It is not a RIGHT of downtown gyms to have people sweat from 9pm until 11pm, just because they don't have time to go to a gym closer to home.
  • it is not a RIGHT of those who make happy hour / bee to have the money of the veterans of the day "that I linger in the office" (in Milan, paying overtime is no longer used)

On the contrary, it is a RIGHT of people ALL the time they have outside of work. On the contrary, it is a RIGHT of the people to decide what to do with their salary.

If this didn't happen, if a vampire caste got stuck around workers' necks, it was because

  • traffic in Milan is poorly managed, and public services are not sufficient to remedy this.
  • it has turned a blind eye to the illegal practice of working too many overtime and not paying them.
  • real estate speculation was required which has led to skyrocketing prices, which prevents employees from moving closer to work.
  • the city lacks schools and kindergartens, so parents are forced to take their children to schools far away from home, which forces them to be present in areas they would not otherwise have attended.

on these deficiencies a caste of vampires has grown up who live from the fact of having thousands of people walking around a city, in places they didn't want to be, spending money they didn't want to spend. The Milanese lifestyle is distorted by the poor management of the city, to the advantage of these vampires.

When smart working / teleworking arrived, the system collapsed. Vampires have no more victims to flesh out. People have resumed eating at home, as is normal, and having free time before and after work, as is normal .

When that inhuman distortion of lifestyle ceased, the Milanese experienced the normal rhythms of life and realized that the Milanese lifestyle is not what they prefer.

Now comes the municipality, clearly pushed by the lobbies (mafias or parishes) of real estate and catering, and tries to put things right. There are two possible ways of doing this:

  • tax workers on the money they save and give it to shopkeepers in trouble.
  • forcing workers to return to the office, even at the risk of their own health.

the two hypotheses are, on the economic level, absolutely equivalent. And let's be clear, I'm not proposing taxation: I'm just pointing out that the mayor of Milan is, in fact, placing a new tax on the salary (and time) of his employees in order to keep the parasitic caste living on mismanagement. of the city'.

But basically, the tax solution is BETTER than the forced return solution, because

  1. still leave employees the 3 hours a day they save from commuting
  2. it does not endanger the health of the employees themselves.

But the choice went to the forced return of employees. In order to feed a caste of people who lived on the inefficiency of work in Milan. How is this situation described?

It is called like this:


they are called

battery chickens

The situation in which all your time, work or leisure, MUST be allocated to the economy in some way. Until now all this had NO alternatives. Teleworking / smart working did not yet exist, except for a few.

So it seemed like a free choice . It seemed that this lifestyle appealed to people. Everyone seemed to recognize each other. But now that the alternative has arrived, the mayor of Milan has made the revealing move: the employees of the municipality of Milan are forced to live in this way, with the explicit aim of feeding a caste of parasites.

So now I ask myself a question. Imagine that people somehow start doing this:


There are online services that sell Bento Boxes (brotdosen, bowls, or schiscette, depending on the place) ready. You can buy them and they deliver them to you on Saturdays. The following Saturday, you return the empty ones and they give you more.

At this point Mayor Sala what would he do? Probably, knowing the Italian bureaucracy, he would try to prohibit the consumption of any food inside the offices "for hygienic reasons" (assuming that there is not already). So let's imagine again this happens:


and people ate the food brought from home outside. In this case, what would the mayor do? Would the only choice be to appeal to "decorum" reasons and literally force people to eat the same expensive sandwich in some bar?

Because here is the point. Be battery chickens or not . Deciding if we can still decide what to eat, where to eat, where to spend the salary money we allocate to food. Those who have been on a diet know very well where it fails: at work you cannot eat what you want, but only what you find. And why'? Because the freedom to choose what to eat has been lost.

And the answer of today's "institutions" is this: you are a drum chicken. How you spend your salary is not up to you.

  1. commuting. Either you spend money on transportation and passes, or on fuel. That you have to burn by staying in traffic unnecessarily.
  2. catering. You spend money on food and you buy us what we say, somewhere near the office.
  3. when you're not at work, you have to go on vacation. But not where you like: you have to go and spend in a "tourist spot".
  4. dress code. You don't choose how to dress, but if you go to work you have to spend more money as someone else decides.
  5. free time: you spend your free time in traffic or near the office. Not where you want.

You say it was worth the "career", "success", or something else? Well.


Try to "linger in life" like you "lingered in the office", if you can. Why don't you buy time, even with all the money in the world.

This means being a battery chick. It means being "successful" people and not having met your children. Until recently you could have deluded yourself that there was no alternative.

But now it exists. Now you have no more excuses. You can be a battery chick, or at least decide what to eat for lunch. You can spend hours in traffic or with your children.

Smart working is no longer just a technology. It is a struggle for freedom. Either you are battery chickens or you are not.

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