Emilia will fall.

Emilia will fall.

I read around that Zingaretti expects to win in Emilia Romagna, which they obviously take for granted. Personally, as a former Emilian / Romagna I am not convinced: first of all because Umbria was also considered a safe college (but it fell), and then because a fundamental demographic change took place.

The demography of today's Emilia Romagna is this:

Emilia will fall.

As you can see, the vote has shifted around my generation, the one that in the 1980s counted on living in adolescence or university youth. And we must clearly say one thing: we have lived, also because of the PCI, the years of shit.

It is in that period that the allergy to the vision of the PCI, the homologation, the "sweet repression" that the PCI applied against anyone who was not aligned, the conformism pushed to the extreme, the systematic determination to enclose the young in cages where they could have their 5 minutes of rebellion, to then return to their good life of "companions".

My generation for the PCI was a problem. We were 10 years old in 1980. Before us, young people were politicized, they were politicians, they belonged to political groups. In the early 1980s, a change began. Young people leave the parties. From young people who identify themselves as "communists", "fascists", "radicals", "autonomous", ie political labels, we pass to young people who identify themselves as "paninari", "metallari", "punk", "rockabilly" , which are NOT political labels (except perhaps "punk"). The music moves from a politically committed music to a music that in the vast majority of cases was "commercial", came from the Anglo-Saxon world, and had NO political content.

In short, we sent the parties to fuck off . In bulk. And long before abbeppegrillo. For them the impact was devastating: FGCI lost members at exponential speeds, their "SPIM" circles were increasingly deserted every day that passed, and the new meeting places were now "arcades", "sandwich bars", "walls" ", "Cafe". In two or three years, from 1980 to 1983, he moved from an almost complete politicization of young people to an (almost) complete disengagement.

Essentially three types of phony remained in politics, which were the outbreaks of the social center (the Resistance, in Via della Resistenza, because thinking of a name cost him trouble), the losers of that sect that is CL, which were ( then) in ACLI circles, and very few FdG fascists. But they were minorities in a sea of ​​young people whose identity was a kind of music, a way of dressing and a non-political meeting place. But not a party.

The reaction of the Communist Party of Emilia was a form of resentment, dormant but clear, for which young people were (when it was going well) become superficial, useless, "commercial" and materialistic. We were "without ideals". And therefore we were a "social instance to manage". "Managing" meant "educating", "re-educating" or "incisting". Or to die of drugs, given that the Emilia of the 80s (behind the legends of being the best administered region of the country) had a devastating problem of heroin.

I could tell several anecdotes, but you wouldn't believe it. We had to be there to understand it. I give an example: the small municipality X buys records for the library every year. The winner is always a "companion", or the only record store in the country, as long as it does not sell a certain type of music. And then you enter a store and find the Inti Illimani (which will remain unsold and end up punctually in the catalog purchased by the municipal library), but you can't find Van Halen or Iron Maiden. Those "must be ordered" but only with biblical times. They told us that they were "not very famous, that we only knew" groups. The answer made no sense, given that Iron Maiden and Van Halen had, however, much more listening to the Inti Illimani. That they were in the window. THE FAMOUS Inti Illimani, right?

The political motive was: " heavy metal is a reactionary and racist music, if you notice it only white people play it and only white people listen to it ".

Only in 1989 they begin to understand that Inti Illimani and Pink Floyd don't give a shit to anyone anymore, and they make the first Monsters of Rock. But beware: inside a Unity party, so as to select a certain audience That you never know, young people from other parties also participate. Since someone remembered the story of whites playing only for whites, according to monsters they call a semi-unknown group, the Faith No More, for the sole reason of having a black in the band. As it happens, the drummer. What do they have in their blood, right?

All these half-prosecutors of any initiative were not approved by the great solos of CVLTURA (usually people who wintered at the Alma Mater of Bologna) were applied practically to everything, to every cultural initiative, to every sporting initiative, to every attempt of a local band to have a square to play: only if you were compliant you could. Otherwise they didn't talk about it, and even if you succeeded the capillary party machine, thanks to its offshoots, it would have made it all more difficult. It got to the point that during the first period of the Dalemiani in the party (typically, early 90s) the local bands could not play and in their place there were the "concerts of Taranta" and "pizzica". It was necessary to feed Massimo's grandchildren.

With the result that (outside the larger Emilian cities) there was only heroin for young people, while in the cities there were more things, but all were strictly private . And those who couldn't pay had … always the heroine. The public youth activities were always for the "comrades", to the advantage of the "companions" and completely supervised: always see under "inti unlimited".

The problem is that to my generation all this happened in the period of life where a critical, if not polemical, spirit develops.

Throughout Italy in the 80s we watch American films where old religious bigots forbid young people from dancing. Even we were forbidden to dance (unless we did hundreds of km at night, in the fog, to go to the nightclubs on the riviera. Or die in the attempt: "the Saturday night massacres", remember?) But our enemy does not they were old bigots peppered with Bible and God. Our enemy was the PCI, which required an act of faith, an enlistment, an approval, to allow you to access some cultural initiative. They had the monopoly.

And if you believe that it is an exaggeration that in Emilia Romagna (the deep one, that of the villages) you could not dance without being approved, that you could not do concerts and parties with the music you wanted, ASK YOU AS NEVER AS YOU ARE THE ILLEGAL RAVE PARTY STARTED . Right from us. In Emilia Romagna. What need would there have been to organize illegal discos in the fields, on the hills and in the old industrial sheds, if everything had been so "free and beautiful" as you would have us believe? And if we were just "the four never happy", why did rave parties call thousands of people at a time?

Apart from the politicized children of "comrades", we have grown up HAD the suffocating, homologating and bigoted presence of the PCI of Emilia. Later, at the university, we all had to endure the arrogance of CL, FGCI and FUAN who did the good and the bad weather with clubs, bookstores, study rooms, and occupations, at the cost of having us skip exam sessions.

Arriving at work, those who have tried in private, or freelancing, clashed with the suffocating presence of the PCI in the economic life of the region.

My generation has learned, over the course of two decades, to hate that pile of mobsters in disguise, those profiteers without dignity, those arrogant corporals with the ambition of being the hoplites of good.

Everyone, for a few months or a few years, was somehow contacted by the Party. Almost all of us, for a few months, maybe we went to "see what it was". Maybe he would bring us the girlfriend or the boyfriend, we would sometimes volunteer at some party in the local unit (I did it myself), and we understood from inside that shit they were. Not so much the poor workers and pensioners who still believed in us (and would still believe us if they were alive) but the small managers. If all the money that was collected in the Emilia region with the holidays had come to the newspaper unit, they would still be open. But someone "inflated the costs". Always.

Result: today a generation is going to vote if it wants to get rid of it. A generation that gets hives only at the thought of reviewing their faces in power. Someone will try to say that the alternative is the chauvinism of the right, but forgets that the first to escape from the SPIM, ARCI and FGCI offices were the girls, because of that terrible chauvinism. The same venues smelled of that rancid smell of an old male smoker.

The truth is that the Emilia Romagna will fall, and if not in the next elections to the following ones, as soon as the pensioners of the previous generation will end. Those that Cofferati "brought to the vote" in Bologna, so to speak. Those who ALWAYS vote on the left, where the party says, why yes. Without asking questions. Always justifying the party.

But that generation is decreasing in number, as you can see from the graph above. Now my generation is coming: the one that the "comrades" have tried to repress and homologate using all the most repugnant mezzucci, who then tried to regiment it at the university, and who finally tried to enlist at work.

For this reason, Emilia Romagna is destined to fall: time passes, old people die, and new adults and old ones HATE YOU. Your hateful arrogance, your unbearable saccenza, your unrealistic paternalism, have marked our youth. I will be very sincere, of the PCI I appreciated the fact of having had proletarians, the poor and the ignorant in the offices, but just in the 80s you did the transformation fighetta , and those people ended up in the League. Ben is there.

I do not know if the disaster will already be complete in these elections, or if you will have to wait for the next regional elections, but one thing is certain: Emilia Cadra.

Cadra 'because the old comrades who voted for you without asking questions ARE DYING OF OLD AGE, and there is no CGIL or Cofferati that can bring them back to the polls.

Emilia will fall.

Now there are young people from the 80s and 90s. And we're the majority of the electorate.

And we hate you and despise you.

And when you have fallen, the new arrivals will go to discover the altars, and you will know the truth about the "best administered region of Italy". The one where "everyone was fine".

So it is good that your name now gives us hives.

PS: a country that produces shitty music like the Inti Illimani doesn't deserve a Pinochet. It deserves TWO. With the ingrown nail to improve the mood in the morning. Both of them.


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