Etro the Elder.

Etro the Elder.

No, he's not a Roman chronicler, but a gentleman I read about for the first time today. Apparently he went to a television broadcast because he asked for citizenship income, which for some is a scandal.

In itself, the controversy is void: in all civilized countries a person who has served the foreseen penalty returns in possession of all his rights, therefore if he has the right to citizenship income, he is entitled to it.

But the problem is that he was kicked out for saying that, in practice, it was better to have tried and made massacres than to have at least tried. The sentence could also be horrible, if it wasn't the best of the Italian pa (ta) fascist, present in the studio, to feel offended. How a person who hopes that the Navy will shoot immigrants who are drowning will be shocked if a guy says it was worth shedding blood, only Pokemon know.

But it is not the incredible goodwill of the Ta (Ta) fascists I intend to speak. The point is that Etro has, in some ways, at least half reason. Then, Etro was part of the command that kidnapped Aldo Moro, who was later killed following a "people's trial".

Now, how the people's courts are made we know: on the one hand they order sacrosanct things, like killing Mussolini. On the other, in the same sentence, they order to rape Petacci en masse, to the point of killing her for the violence. The validity of a court ordering mass rape of a chick who in fact had no political role (even though sucking someone's shit has recently become it, as far as I can see) is quite simple to describe. Shit.

And it was always a "people's court" that condemned Aldo Moro to death. In the name of the "people". So we can imagine the quality of the "sentence".

But that's not the point either. Because as much as it was a mass of stupid criminals, there is a glimmer of truth in what Etro said. To understand this, we need to understand what Etro believed (and apparently still believes it).

Etro the Elder.

The first sentence is the one to be read carefully. The red brigades believed in what was "the state of multinationals" (SIM). In their vision of the future, a world order was becoming increasingly consolidated where companies would be richer and more powerful than the nation states, which they would use for repressive purposes.

Now, I don't know how they got there (ex falso quodlibet sequitur: from the fake you can prove everything, even the true one), but the point is simple. They took us in full.

The brigatists believed that the resistance to the Nazi-fascist occupation of Italy had not ended; according to their vision the Nazi-fascist occupation was replaced by a more subtle "economic-imperialist occupation of the SIM (Imperialist State of Multinationals)", a direct emanation of the rapacious capitalist imperialism and exploiter of the American matrix,

now, from here begins the glimmer of reason that the Red Brigades had. And that has Etro. Because since their prophecy is coming true, and it is for all to see that it is true, the idea of ​​spilling blood to stop such a wicked design might seem reasonable.

Etro & co's problem, however, was not so much that of having a clear idea of ​​the problem. On this, a lot of hat.

The part wronged by the BR is not so much that of having shed blood (if the "good guys" did not shed even more blood every day, we would be scandalized): if you really think that such a thing is being achieved in the world, shedding blood is the least of the problems.

The point is that they understood the problem, but they had a catastrophic idea of ​​the remedies.

The point isn't that they killed someone. The point is, they killed Aldo Moro.

To think that the design of global domination of American multinationals will stop because you kill Aldo Moro is like thinking that if we put Ivo Balboni (a pensioner from Cesena) in prison then we will stop climate change.

Does not work. Surely Ivo Balboni (retired from Cesena) does not do the separate sorting and his Alfa Romeo Arna could also pollute less. But the point is, you don't stop a global plan by killing an irrelevant politician in a marginal country.

Perhaps the kidnapping of General Dozier could also be relevant, and I understand it. But honestly, the kidnapping of Aldo Moro made no sense: with all due respect for Moro, his political contribution on a global scale is more than irrelevant.

The second point of the absurdity of the brigatist action was that the plan for the aftermath was even worse. I mean, let's assume that Aldo Moro was the centerpiece of the project of the Imperialist State of Multinationals. Suppose also that the whole project rested on his shoulders, and that once he killed the project he collapsed.

What was on the agenda for later? A Soviet system with real socialism.

Now, if there is an Imperialist State of Multinationals, made materially, it is its own Soviet system. And I don't know if you noticed, but there is a … socialist in the US. Sanders.

I don't know if you noticed, but multinationals are companies that produce things. The Soviet state is a state that produces EVERY thing.

The merger of state and multinational corporations is nothing more than a Soviet system.

If the BR wanted to see the Soviet state take off in the West, that is, they had only to buy popcorn and wait: we are going. The system we are coming up with is a Soviet system.

Of course, all the folklore is missing. But the fact remains: none of the characteristics of the Soviet system is absent in the "SIM" (Imperialist System of Multinationals) that we see implemented. And the reverse is also true: none of the SIM features are absent in the Soviet system.

multinationals want to work in a monopoly or oligopoly situation. As it happens in the Soviet system. Multinationals want to grab all the resources. As did the Soviet state. Multinational corporations want all mass media to speak well of them. As was the case in the Soviet state. Multinational corporations want workers to be underpaid while managers are overpaid. As was the case in the Soviet state. Multinational corporations want to be protected by the state repressive system. Just like in the Soviet system. Multinationals want to dominate pop culture, or cultural hegemony. Like any Soviet system. Multinationals want there to be a cult of the personality of their leaders. Just like in the Soviet system.

And it is no coincidence, therefore, that in the country closest to the situation of realization of the SIM, there is a socialist competing for the presidency who speaks for Soviet illusions.

The question is not whether the West will become a Soviet state, but what aesthetic form it will take. Honestly, the Cyrillic and Soviet propaganda thing was cool.

Etro the Elder.
YOU too, keep the kitchen clean, COMPANION !!!

And look what nice comics we will have:

Etro the Elder.

Etro the Elder.
Whatever "GIIAL" means, it promises well. From big boobs come great responsibilities.

And this is why I say that the BR and people like Etro had a part of reason: their analysis of the problem was terribly lucid and precise. It is not for nothing that we are going to the regime they called SIM.

The problem was that they wanted to use the disease AS A MEDICINE. The Soviet state, in a nutshell, was nothing but the SIM with another name.

And this is where the half-wrong of the BR begins: not to understand that the western world is going straight not so much to fascism or nazism, or to a super-capitalist system. The multinationals, through the provision of services and means (military and surveillance) are merging with the state itself.

And the situation in which the state possesses all the resources under a monopoly and assigns them to companies that are merged with the state itself has a name: the Soviet system.

So, Etro was fighting to get something he would have simply by buying popcorn and waiting at the window.

And remember: In Soviet Russia, Porn is for Internet.


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