From Pizzagate to Epstein

From Pizzagate to Epstein

Those who read from the Italy of Epstein's scandal (which also involved the "prince" Andrea of ​​England) are struggling to put all the pieces together and therefore struggle to understand in what tremendous difficulties of image the US Democrats are debating , and why they desperately need Sanders.

So, let's start from the beginning. Il Pizzagate.

Il Pizzagate was a conspiracy theory that took place in a pizzeria in New Jersey, the "Comet Ping Pong". It was argued that satanic pedophile-type rituals were held in this pizzeria (which among other things actually had ping-pong tables), where some saw children strangled on tables. These satanic rituals were attributed to the participation of Hilary Clinton and a great many of the Democratic elite.

From Pizzagate to Epstein
The scheme of the conspiracy plot. The conclusions in red. Simple, isn't it? I love the association between bizarre art and cannibalism.

Now, to you the thing of the human sacrifices of pedophiles to Satan made on the table tennis tables of a pizzeria may seem delusional, but the theory spread in an explosive manner, to the point of causing measurable damage (in terms of diffusion on social networks and of modification of the "sentiment" towards Hillary) to the electoral campaign.

From Pizzagate to Epstein

He also caused extravagant attention to that pizzeria, until a deranged man took a gun and ran away from it. By accumulating idiots around a story, sooner or later the violent idiot is found.

From Pizzagate to Epstein

From Pizzagate to Epstein
The man who shot at the Comet Ping Pong, to "punish" the atrocities that took place. In fact, that menu is deplorable, let's face it:

Several years later, on a somewhat different level of reality, comes the Epstein scandal. Epstein was a billionaire philanthropist who preached an endless availability of girls to be pregnant , for all human beings who had shown exceptional qualities. Thus great scientists, great artists and obviously billionaires.

The girls, moreover, had to be at the maximum of their reproductive abilities, that is minors. I can't tell you why a guy who propagates a Nazi-style eugenics program was so famous in the circles of the left-wing American elites. The point is that they were.

And this billionaire did nothing but organize feasts attended by all the friends, and as his ideology promised there was "an abundance of underage girls". I do not know if the girls have ever had children, but certainly several of them have reported having been lured and raped, and said that there was a real "pipeline" of underage girls who were "supplied" to the guests of these parties . The thing was not even so hidden, so that guests arrived on Epstein's private jet, called "Lolita Express".

The first complaints about it date back to 2008, when he was accused and convicted of organizing a pipeline of child prostitution, about 36 girls at the time, 07 / judge-unseals-more-details-in-jeffrey-epstein-underage-sex-lawsuit-210065 , and the fact that he did not end up in prison for life is lost in the depths of American justice.

The problem is not so much that Epstein was a billionaire who organized child prostitution tours. The problem is their frequent visits, because it went very strong in the "left" circles that count in the USA. And not just in the US.

In short, it was a tour of rich and powerful pedophiles.

You know the epilogue: Epstein is arrested and placed in a prison with continuous surveillance (in theory) but only enough time is left to commit suicide. On the other hand, the press waited for the magistrates to question him and the names began to pop up.

Some names came up because they were mentioned directly by the girls, but the complete list of party-goers was never leaked, nor was the list of people that the "Lolita Express" led to the orgies themselves. It is only known that there were also very important academics, prominent men of American dem politics, and all those whom Epstein believed to be "worthy" to enjoy an endless availability of girls to enlist in order to improve the species. Including, precisely, the "prince" Andrea, who was recently ousted from English public life precisely because of this scandal.

The funny thing about the press is that everyone mentions the people involved without mentioning the scandal, and the scandal without mentioning the people involved.

Good. Then: Prince Andrea was ousted from English public life because he was involved in the investigation into Epstein's pedophile festivals, parties dressed with rapes of underage girls who were lured with different tricks.

This is already interesting because it shows a strategy of obfuscation of the media: the news is broken into two parts. In the first it is said that there is a scandal due to pedophile feasts based on rape of underage girls and it is said that it involves important people. In the second piece of news it is said that the guy is ousted "because of too many scandals". Clearly, the reader fails to draw the line and explain WHAT scandals, and the two lines never meet, the two news seem unrelated.

But the problem is not in the UK. We are well aware of that bunch of debauched who call themselves "nobles" in England, and we all expect the worst from them.

The problem is in the USA. Because this story can be superimposed entirely on Pizzagate, and is slowly taking its place, with the only difference being that it is based on facts.

The narration of Pizzagate and the narration of the Epstein scandal have the same structure:

in both cases, the Elites of the democratic party, of the entertainment world, of the academic world and of Wall Street gather to celebrate violent pedophile festivities, to the detriment of raped girls in the name of an ideology of domination of the Elite on the same common morality .

The setting of Pizzagate, a pizzeria, is quite "white trash", while the real scandal sees luxurious villas and private planes, and instead of 'ping pong tables things happen in beds from 9 squares. Let's say they care about comfort.

But the structure of the narrative is so similar that we actually enter the world of the "Confirmation Bias". It means that fake news is not born to tell people things they didn't know: they are born to confirm prejudices that already exist. The propaganda is not built on a "green field", but is limited to giving a professional communication aspect to the prejudices that everyone has. As it happened with the prejudice that the citizenship income did not like to work with, this story never takes root where there is not already a present prejudice.

At this point, you can consider Pizzagate as a "prejudice", that is the apodictic belief that the elites, that the American leftist intelligentsia is involved in horrible acts of rape and pedophilia, in the name of some horrendous ideal.

Those who harbored these prejudices did not know how to justify them, and invented a "poor" story like that of the Ping Pong pizzeria, to "give body" to the injury. But in the end, the truth has arrived and the Ping Pong is no longer needed: who needs to invent improbable meanings of the word "pizza margherita" when there is the "Lolita Express"?

From Pizzagate to Epstein
During the pizzagate it was claimed to "decode" the pizzeria's menu, which then moved on and became "Besta Pizza". See below the "correlation".

From Pizzagate to Epstein

And who needs to invent unlikely conspiracy connections to hide Pizzagate, when Epstein ends up committing suicide in cells while there are two agents in charge of keeping an eye on him? (actually, man, how many are the chances that Epstein knew an agent was in the bathroom and the other wasn't looking? How did he choose the moment? I mean, one may not even be a conspiracy theorist, but a little of clarity would not hurt. )

In Italy we would say that "the reality has exceeded the imagination", but the problem is that in the USA all those who believed in Pizzagate and were taken for a ride for this have immediately changed horses, and think they are right:

"I understood ALL. I did not know the details because I am a poor Colorado housewife without the means to investigate, but I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING. "

From Pizzagate to Epstein
Brittany Pettibone, today, thinks she has always been right. Ok, she always thinks so.

In their mind, Pizzagate's conspiracy theorists say: I am not a powerful person. I'm Brittany Pettibone (now Brittany Sellner). I don't have the FBI's means to investigate. I can only "reason" and "put together what I read". And in the end, my conclusions were structurally correct: if I have "just" wrong names, dates, circumstances, victims and places, it's only because I can only THINK, but I can't really investigate. So I don't think I was wrong just because I stole names, dates, circumstances, victims and places: simply, the whole nation insisted on not naming me head of the FBI, in which case my brilliant intuition would be followed by the ability to get it right also everything else.

The question is: is it a coincidence? Actually no.

The first complaints against Epstein are in 2008. Consequently, in 2016, those who had their hands in journalism and / or in politics already had an inkling of it. Also because if you were famous journalists you were among Epstein's guests in his pedophile rape parties: since you were famous you were worthy of infinite availability and blablabla.

So, it's quite possible that yes, the world of journalism was full of rumors about these parties, all at the level of pre-press gossip, or hoaxes like albino crocodiles in the sewers. To tell the truth, there were many complaints.

The second point is that in the USA famous actors, personalities of the show and politicians are of course entangled in sects of various kinds, which in the end facilitate the encounter with sex slaves, mixing rape, "self-improvement" and religion. NXIVM and 'another example, but I could mention Scientiology (for the uninitiated, the upper preach levels that mothers should teach sex to children personally: how much time will pass' before it's triggered an incestuous pedophilia scandal?), And dozens of other groups .

There is no need to be a detective to "deduce" that a certain number of elite politicians, actors and academics, as well as rich ones, are involved in some psychosetta who abuses slaves. It happens so often that it is like "predicting" that children are being born at this precise moment.

It is as if I wrote in Germany "the leaders of the X party are paid by the very rich X industries, in order not to better regulate the taxation of the big industrial groups", or in Italy I said that "the leaders of the X party are in league with the mafia, involved in drugs, prostitution and money laundering ”. These things are the order of the day, so you don't need Brittany Pettibone's GENIAL mind to get there.

The problem comes when there is a counteraction. Contrasting action was taken against Pizzagate, with the result that the supporters of the theory were pointed out as gullible idiots: but if you go to Brittany's page today you will find his revenge:

From Pizzagate to Epstein
Here is Brittany Sellner who retweets and takes her revenge.

From Pizzagate to Epstein

From Pizzagate to Epstein

From Pizzagate to Epstein

In the final analysis, that is, the Epstein case is nothing more than Pizzagate, only that it is preparing to do much more damage in the next electoral campaign. Because it will become a workhorse, and many will ask to see the passenger records of the "Lolita Express", and the exact list of party guests on Epstein's private island.

In this sense, to resist the democrats need to take off any association with the elites, because they know that the case could break out during the election campaign.

That's why Sanders is more than a need: it's a necessity.


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