From the point of view of the conspiracy theorist.

From the point of view of the conspiracy theorist.

I have always been of the conviction that to understand a problem well you need to look at it from all sides, and from at least one perspective more than the average. This is because from one point of view you never have the certainty of being right and from two points of view you cannot have any certainty, other than being confused.

In the face of a problem, it is always necessary to bring out an extra perspective, a point of view that no one has ever considered. Only in that way can you say that you contributed to the reasoning.

So, since I wrote " The long road to chemtrails ", now I want to present the world on the (logical) side of the conspiracy theorist. Of what "fight against the mainstream". Of what "we have never been to the moon". Of those that "vaccines are bad". Of those that "chemtrails are the source of all our problems".


So let's start with a hypothesis. Let's try to imagine a person. A person who has always followed the instructions in his life. That he went to school. Which voted traditional parties. And then he got married, like everyone else does. And then he looked for a job, like everyone else does. And then he is unhappy. Or he got nothing and is unemployed. Or he didn't get the family he wanted.

Our hero lives in some suburbs, or in some small provincial town. He leads an unhappy life of boredom, degradation, extreme unhappiness, lack of satisfaction. Maybe he is unemployed, or he does a job he hates, and maybe he sees his children without a future. Or see them encircled by the store.

Good. You are saying to this poor wretch: "listen to the mainstream. It is the truth ".

But what does he say, "the mainstream"?

He tells him this:

Dear loser, this system has no alternative. This system will last forever, and will be more and more "so". Because we are only at the beginning of the project, and we will go on, always further, on the same road. You can't make it collapse because you can't even imagine an alternative. You can't find, even you, a weak point: if you had found a weak point you would have come out of your painful existential prison. But you didn't find it.

This is the message of the mainstream. This is the message that "the system", or "the mainstream" or "official science" is sending.

But all social lifts are blocked. The son of that man will also be able to study, but it will serve no purpose: his studies are a firm social lift. He has no hope of improvement, because ALL social lifts are blocked. And the system is saying, every day, on every channel, on every media, that this is the right, winning system, which is only at the beginning, and if anything the problem is that there isn't enough.

We are telling that man that the prison he is in is ETERNAL, and that his children were born in a social quagmire from which they will NEVER come out.

In your opinion, how long is this man willing to listen to your song?

Oh sure, you will say that in your mainstream, "struggling" or "working hard" things can change. That "engaging" (in politics, volunteering or other) you can also "change the system from within". But when the mainstream that says this speaks, our man discovers that even this mainstream is not going anywhere, that it does not deal with its problems. Because someone who is unemployed does not know what to do with a tax cut. Because someone who is divorced and sleeps in the car to pay for food does not do anything with the #metoo. Because if you're afraid that your son dies from an overdose, the brain drain doesn't give a damn.

Even those who want to change the system do not understand "his" system: they intend to change a world of which he cannot be part. The one from which he is cut off.

What will this man do to escape from this? How can he be inside a prison, while everyone shouts to the four winds that this is the only possible system, and that even reforming him, his cell will not change a comma?

Our man can't get out of his cell. Can't change anything. But he can at least stop listening to that unbearable mainstream voice, which reminds him every day that his cell is the only possible world.

So it will start looking for "alternative" worlds. A world where we have never been on the moon and he can at least repay the mainstream wrong by saying the opposite. A world where vaccines are bad and can at least try to sabotage this system by not vaccinating children: they are growing surrounded by drug dealing BUT DO YOU KNOW THAT DICK ME FREGE THE VACCINE IF MY SON IS STARTING WITH THE HEROINE?

This is the point. These people MUST look for an alternative world. They no longer have, I know, the communist utopia that sooner or later will come to save them. Once it was possible for these people to think that yes, another world was possible, that there was an alternative to this system. Communism.

Today these people are looking for a new communism. A completely new and completely different system from the present. If someone today were to imagine a completely different world, a credible world, a "dreamable" world, they would dive into it with their eyes closed.

But none of this exists: the same thing is always said. " This is the only possible system, and if anything the problem is that there is still too little."

And in order to silence this voice, our man is willing to believe anything. Anything, just to silence that monstrous voice that allows only an endless nightmare, and repeats it to him constantly.

Our man can take refuge in the past, and believe that fascism was an "alternative" system. It can take refuge abroad, and believe that Islamic banks will change the economy. He can take refuge in the apocalypse, and spend every day hoping that a crisis, a disaster, a nemesis will destroy everything. If it won't be revolution, at least it's apocalypse, as long as this system ends.

They want to believe that this system is not immortal. May he have a nemesis. Let there be UFOs, be it Nibiru, but something must be able to destroy this nightmare in which they live. We MUST believe, because the alternative is to believe that we are already dead and to be in hell. Without even remembering for what sins. We MUST believe: something must come and get them out of the cell. UFOs were also there: they MUST believe us.

From the point of view of the conspiracy theorist.

And so the need is born. NEED to believe that it is all a deception. That the system is weak. That it is possible to unmask it. That a revolution could be made if only people discovered that they "always lied", and we have never been on the moon. Or that chemtrails exist.

Because if it's all a lie, maybe it's not true that this is the only possible system . Maybe it's true that another could be born, and maybe it will happen for sure if everything collapses.

From the Revolution to the Apocalypse: and if an asteroid was needed to destroy this damn cell, Nibiru, Nazism, whatever, well be it!

This is the point of view of the conspiracy theorist. This is the NEED that the conspiracy theorist has to think that Putin will save him by destroying "the system", it is the NEED that the conspiracy theorist has to think that it is possible to make everything collapse " showing the truth that they keep you hidden ".

And as people in pitiful socioeconomic conditions increase in number, the number of conspiracy theorists will grow. As the masses of unhappy people increase in volume, conspiracy theories will spread, because it is the only way they have to refuse that "this is the only possible system".

For those who refuse to accept that this is the only possible system , all the truths must be false, since all the truths point precisely to say that this system will NEVER stop. The official truths say that there is no alternative. They must be false, they must, they must, they must!

There must be a deception, a plot, a lie, because if it were not so then this system would be eternal, it would be the only one, and this would amount to hell, an endless condemnation.

From the point of view of the conspiracy theorist.
"This system is the only one possible, and it will NEVER change"

This is the point of view of the conspiracy theorist, more or less. This is the path that leads you to WANT to believe anything that lets you see an alternative system, or at least the collapse of the current system.

The need to silence that monstrous voice that continues to say that "to the current system there is no alternative", the need to shout that instead the alternative is there, if only the Apocalypse that will arrive soon.

The need to prove that all the discourses that prove the lack of an alternative to the system are false, based on lies, that the facts called to claim that this system is the only possible and the only future are all false.

If you were able to understand this NEED, for what it is, maybe you could even convince yourself that ultimately yes, believing that we have never been on the Moon is bullshit, and in the end if it turns out otherwise nothing would change for anyone, but in the end until that guy who makes a shitty life will believe this thing, and if he loses all his time on NASA photos …


Because the day when these poor people will no longer have the hope that Nibiru will arrive, that Europe will collapse or that the "Hidden Truth" is discovered, they will be able to do only two things.

Kill yourself or kill everyone else.

After all, these theories are a safety valve that is too convenient for the system. And if they didn't exist, we would have to invent them.

Besides, every system needs gatekeepers. And pray that they always work.


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