Greta Thunberg seen from outside the Paywall.

Greta Thunberg seen from outside the Paywall.

Disclaimer: as you know, the Milo Y. column aims to show the world from the point of view of those who, being unable to pay the information now protected by paywalls and subscriptions, feed on the Truth, which instead is found FREE “on the Internet”.

Of course, of course, a digital subscription costs as much as one coffee a day, but as unbelievable as it seems to some people what you spend per day of coffee is expensive, and if you make coffee at home with the old Moka, which reduces the costs somewhat.

Since Milo Y. is an American “working class”, if not “white trash”, he sees the world using the Truth he finds everywhere on the internet. And today he will tell you about Greta Thunberg.

Greta Thunberg is an alien lizard about 120 years old (as evidenced by this photo from 1898),

Greta Thunberg seen from outside the Paywall.
The proven proof.I will point out, on his right, the dog with the head in the shape of Socrates, but the fact that philosophers are considered pets by Hannunnaki of Nibiru I will tell you in another post.

this little girl participates in a project of the (ça va sans dire) Illuminati Jews of Bildberg, to get used to the life of misery that awaits you.

You all know that the elites are accumulating huge resources, and that they will accumulate them all, and that soon people will only have to sell the bones of loved ones to buy bread.

Greta Thunberg seen from outside the Paywall.

Greta Thunberg seen from outside the Paywall.

Here is the problem directly from analysts. According to the Bildelberg Illuminati plan, by August 21, 2030, all the resources of the planet will be owned by a circle of about 144,000 people, which seems to be many but very few compared to the global population. And those 144,000 people will be (ça va sans dire) all circumcised. For more details, 4chan.

Now there is the problem: but the real people, the humans without reptile scales, those who follow the Benevolent Hitler, will not protest? When they lose everything they have, from the car to the house, won’t there be a revolution?

Here, for this they asked Greta Thunberg for help, who came to their rescue and thanks to her hypnotic gaze (all reptiles have, notoriously, the hypnotic gaze: this is how they go unnoticed.) She will be able to convince you not it’s just that losing everything is right, but it will convince you mostly to give up everything voluntarily. If you don’t believe it, go to Infowars.

Do you know that Area51’s pathetic attempt to invent the “millennials”, who don’t have children and don’t own a car because they can’t even dream of it, but they say they don’t want to have it? Did anyone really believe these cold pizza delivery men?

But Greta is a real reptile. It has 100% Nibiru blood. You are professional. You know how. She is not like your fake crocodile shoes: she cries REAL crocodile tears, as those of the UN who saw her can testify to you.

And then it is making you believe that you DO NOT WANT a car, because you like to ride a scooter. Because it’s eco-friendly, isn’t it? Of course, you can’t load your suitcases to go on vacation, but … even the holidays are not eco-friendly. And away the holidays: work all year round!

And the food. Why all this food? Don’t you know that the planet dies from food? You have to do downsizing, you have to go back to the times when man lived in harmony with nature, and all he needed was an avocado (recycled) and a handful of tofu (which, as it is not biodegradable, cannot be recycled: it is reconsumed in an eco-friendly closed cycle ).

You will give up everything, but you will not say that you are poor. Since Greta Thunberg (real name Malvagya Lyzarda KaltBlutus) will hypnotize you, you will soon say no to your home: do you know how many resources it consumes having a home for a single family? Have you ever noticed that most of the rooms are empty? Indeed, in summer what need do you have a house, if it is not cold? Here, you will be nomads, sustainable and nomadic. Already today there are “nomadic” jobs, and thanks to 5G you can work from the street, from the park benches, even from under a bridge !!!! (how eco-friendly! How feng-shui it is!)

And the clothes, do we want to talk about it? Do you have any idea how much water (worse: how much wine) is needed to make clothes? The planet is dying and you want to change clothes, like any consumerist? The truth is that as long as you get used to the smell for a moment, the same clothes can be worn for ten, fifteen years. And you will not be stinking bums, no: you will have an ecological awareness.

A big crisis is coming. We will lose everything we have, the car, the house, the clothes and even the good quality food. But there will be no revolutions, because Malvagya Lyzarda KaltBlutus (known on earth as Greta Thunberg) will hypnotize you, and convince you that your poverty is … good for the planet.

Even before you can no longer afford the car, you will voluntarily return it and you will have a scooter in its place. Even before you can no longer afford the house, you will decide to do skywalkig and grounding, and you will voluntarily live under the bridges, convinced that you are saving the planet.

Even before noting that you can no longer afford a hot bath, a decent dress or soap, you will freely choose to stink, for the sake of Gaia. Hypnotized by the evil lizard, you will never rebel.

The future of humanity according to the plans of the Eco Friendly Plot. Sleeping on the street, castrated and blind, happy to be eco-sustainable.

Obviously, hypnotized by the evil Jewish lizard, you will not pay attention to the Jewish elites (ça va sans dire), which will have huge buildings, will run on planes powered by monk seal pups, and will give sumptuous parties in luxury SUV-shaped Yachts, rigorously diesel . He revealed it to the Bannon world himself, so it’s true.

But don’t despair. Because there is a man. A good man. A man who asks you only to raise his right hand in greeting. A simple act of Teutonic gratulation . A man who loves you. Who has always loved you.

A man who will save you, because he has always thought about the good of humanity:

Greta Thunberg seen from outside the Paywall.

Adolf Hitler, who lives riding a T-Rex inside the hollow earth (flat BUT EVEN hollow, it is always good not to forget it), and when he brings the affectionate T-Rex to make the coupon he rides a rainbow on a flying carpet, and save the world from this evil (ça va sans dire) Jewish plot.

If Breitbart says so, it’s definitely true.

and always remember the First Rule of the Paywall Club:

Good journalism costs money , the truth is FREE .


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