Hey, where did the self-regulating market go?

So, let's summarize. For decades we have loved the self-regulating market. Although mathematicians, from Nash to Arrow, to Sen, Papadimitriou and others said to you "no, it doesn't work, it can't work and it will NEVER work", you continued to believe in the "invisible hand".

Then comes a virus. Let me be clear, not even the worst ever. It kills from 1% to 6% of the population, mostly old people, that is people who in theory do not serve the markets, or at least serve less than the others.

And what do "markets" do? First they collapse.

Appeals to central banks, (which are the state) to throw money on the market. Appeal to the state to make the masks. You call for the EU (other public body) to do something.

Your Market God apparently crawls like a worm.

You have overcrowded the shit with demand & supply , which regulates everything. Well. It seems to me that there is a demand for the vaccine. Definitely. It seems to me that there is a demand for masks, doctors, nurses and beds, and how.

Where is the supply that, you "taught" us, should immediately regulate the market? Ah, no: it was the fault of the state if it had no reservations for emergencies, you tell us.

Your Market God, as far as I see, is not just ridiculous. It is pathetic. The financial markets, which in your opinion were to be made by the real tough , the gordon gekko who do not look at anyone and keep their chin up in front of anything, are shitting under right now.

The population is now more calm than the markets . The state hasn't collapsed. On the streets you have the police, not the banks. The prime minister is giving orders, not a CEO. CEOs seem to have disappeared. They do not speak. Everyone shut up.

The market does not serve a shit in emergencies, and it serves no purpose at the most important moments. This is the point.

** So, you must not beak in the matters that really matter: health, school, justice, and many others, are the fields from which it is necessary to HUNT market followers **

And thank God that to tell you this is a light epidemic after all. That a bubonic plague, capable of killing 30% of the population, would have told you much harder. Do you think it can't come? Yes'? And what health care would stop it, the same that, after years of "private", is collapsing for a few thousand infected?

I don't know if we will understand the lesson today. But one thing is certain: sooner or later we will understand the lesson. We just have to decide which epidemic will explain it better.

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