How to tell a crime in Italy.

The fascist murder (1) of Willy is obviously making people talk, but I see that the Italian press is making the usual absurd and fictional narrative, which will transform a dramatic problem (the fusion between fascism, fans and organized crime) into a “Usual news story where we will end up my lady”.

The first responsible are the most popular newspapers, that is the usual republic, press, courier. And the pattern they use is always the same.

  • First phase: the two minutes of hatred begin.

In the first part of the diffusion of the news, everything is clear, very clear, and the Bobbolo Court can certainly issue its sentence. The bad guys are clearly bad, dressed in black, obnoxious and their breath stinks too. It stinks of heretic.

Interviews start that are useless but add pathos.

Interview with neighbors, interview with parents, interview with confessor, interview with school teachers, interview with sister-in-law, interview with bartender. Add figure that has nothing to add, at random.

The victim is sanctified, the executioners are bastards, and as long as public opinion is hot, it is beaten. The Armies of the Antichrist killed the Lamb of God. Period.

Burn the witch!

  • Second phase: the commentators arrive.

It is the fault of global warming. It is the fault of politics. It's the system's fault. It's the company's fault. It is Charlemagne's fault. It is a very ancient culture of the unpleasant tomato that must be canceled. It is the fault of men. It is the women's fault can not be said. It is the fault of Rock music. It is the fault of political party X. It is Germany's fault. It is the fault of the EU. It is the fault of the migrants. It is the fault of social networks. It is the fault of the patriarchy. It is the fault of the Communists. Continue as you like.

In any case, we have been defeated. It is a defeat for all of Lazio. It's a defeat of legality. It is an adult defeat. It is a defeat of the young. It is a defeat of Europe. It is a defeat of the state. It is a defeat for consciences. It is a defeat for all women. It is a defeat for all progressives. It is a defeat for the patriots. It is a defeat for the homeland. It is a defeat for justice. Continue as you like.

The people have vented their sinister instincts the witch has been burned (at least in effigy), and now the people want to understand. So he reads the commentators, and discovers that it is the fault of everything, absolutely everything, and everyone, absolutely everyone. Cursed Charlemagne. Damn supermassive black holes. And the exotic particles.

  • Third phase: the mystery arrives.

Since normally the first reconstruction (the one that led the Bobbolo court to send the witch to death) is hasty, emotional, romantic (the good and the bad, come on.) Then the mystery immediately arrives. The mystery is none other than that part of reality that escaped the granite certainties of phase 1.

misderoh .

Misderoh is normally the specialty of left-wing newspapers, and aims to excite those people who are still waiting for "The Truth About X", even after 30 years that the third-degree courts have written the sentence. The points not clear. Right-wing newspapers are more virile (or at least they try) and speak of "cracks in the investigation".

Normally “the mystery” follows the same rules as Irving's revisionism: “ ok, we found a concentration camp with survivors, bones and still hot ashes and we have millions of witnesses. But what color were the quails that flew in the sky exactly? Unsolved mystery. There are flaws in the theory. We want the Truth! gombloddo, boderi fordi! ".

In the same way you will see that in Willy's story they will say "ok, those four beat him up, they beat him even when he was on the ground, they also danced on the corpse, they are known thugs, they have precedents, the parents of the four say that killing you can a black man, there are witnesses and the defendants accuse each other by lying shamelessly. But the coffee in Vincenzo's bar that evening tasted a little burnt or not? It is not known. Misdero, gombloddo, WE WANT THE VERIDAH! ".

The fourth phase is where, let's face it, we already broke Sto Willy's dick, we want a brand new murder for the next two minutes of hate, and so this story needs to get on TV. Who will invite a plethora of people, some "against" and others "for", who will discuss the mysteries of the story, of what happened on social networks. The "gomblottoso misdero" obviously feeds those who want to support the innocence of the four fools, and instead claim that Willy was killed by the Chinese secret services because he knew too much about spring rolls, and clearly on the other side there will be the usual ones who, after saying that they are guarantors, they go straight to the "columnist" phase, but on TV.

The "mystery" phase, that is, is not so much needed by the newspapers, but it is the bridge that allows the news to feed thousands of television broadcasts, in which "the contradictory" is always needed, and therefore it is necessary to fish in the troubled waters.

This is more or less the pattern that is used for all the big news stories. Sometimes there are also intermediate phases, such as the "mantis" of the situation, but otherwise it proceeds in this way.

What actually happens is that a murder trial requires investigations, and clearly they proceed systematically, trying to clarify and complete, but no investigation can clarify every possible detail (for example, there are unlit street lamps that prevented the cameras to clarify). But this is typical of EVERY investigation, and if these missing parts exist it is only because the reality is less precise than the granite certainties of journalistic phase 1.

  • Last phase, reality becomes narration.

In this phase, nobody gives a shit about the dead, it is not clear whether the guilty are guilty or victims, and everything mixes with everything.

To give an example: it is said that the Whites were "lynched" on the Web, or rather on Facebook. Nothing more false. In the reality of this planet, according to the definition of lynching, the only one to have been lynched was Willy.

What happened on the web is that some people (including Whites) have been insulted . Of course, if there were not another lynching in history there would have been no problem using the word "lynching" as a euphemism or as a metaphor. But to say that the Whites have been "lynched", in a story where a boy has been lynched, undoubtedly produces confusion. And he puts the two things on the same level: I have reason to suspect that, given the choice, Willy would have preferred to be "lynched" on Facebook.

But it doesn't matter: to the narrators, normally skilled in some humanistic subject, the concept of reality is unknown. Using the same term to indicate the insults addressed to the Whites and Willy's death does not worry them, because from the dialectical point of view, or if you prefer narrative , a "lynching" is not a material act with which numerous people kill furiously a barrel (or a few) people. On the contrary, in the world of humanist culture the lynching that happened to Willi is described using the same term used to describe the insults received on Facebook by the Whites.

And when the narrators arrive, everything is equal to everything, everything is linked to everything, the pizza with pineapple and murder are put on the same level, and in fact everyone remains of his opinion.

The narrative phase is what I call the People-Today phase, normally dedicated to elderly ladies with blue curlers reading about Taricone, Padre Pio, Lady Diana and Pavarotti setting the table to welcome Willy to heaven. Just as the “il misdero -ogliamolaveridah” phase prepares the news to land on TV, the “narrative” phase prepares the PadrePio-Taricone-LadyD-Pavarotti phase of the event. Including the medium who spoke to Willi and is fine and greets everyone.

(1) Fascism has, as a way of thinking and acting, various characteristic features. When the fascist is caught in a foul, he becomes a liar and pathetic, the misdeeds are always committed in a pack or in a situation of absolute prevalence, the fascist believes he can turn on or off the fight at will, he believes he can predict its duration and intensity, fascist groups are almost all connected to the mafia, ndrangheta, drug dealing and racketeering, etc. It is not necessary to belong to or affiliation to a fascist political group to be a fascist just as it is not necessary to have a big gong at home to be Chinese.

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