July 14, 2024

The mountain of shit theory

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Keep watering dead flowers – the European elections.

While I see that the same message is being reiterated by the population with ever greater force, I see that there is already discussion about how to keep things as they are. With the result that in the next elections the blow will be increasingly stronger, until the final blow arrives.

The problem with this political, economic and social system is that in recent years, thanks to demographic change, it has always tried to save the current situation, to the point of becoming completely deaf to any request for change. And it is absolutely clear that the population votes for the least worse: instead of NO change, the population votes for ANY change, for better or worse.

And so we already know how the European Parliament will end:


that is, due to the fact that the pure proportional system favors the center, everything will remain as always.

I don't know who will be fist-fighting in Brussels, but I'm sure many will be fist-fighting.

Before continuing, I reveal my Bias. I belong to the generation that since the beginning of the 80s has heard itself called "disengagement" if not "ebb" (all that was missing was "vomit") by the same political class that seems to be the Siamese brother of the chair on which it sits. The contempt, gentlemen, is reciprocated and will continue to be so. At the cost of electing a horse as senator.

I didn't vote, and I still don't. It doesn't have to be me who chooses the least worst, it has to be the political class that offers me politicians who are up to par. Don't you want to understand? Let's see who gets tired first .

At some point someone will hit you on the skull, and maybe the message will get into your head. This mess has to stop. Point. And you're already lucky, because I don't vote for those who say they want to hit you in the skull, and who would really do it.

There is a population that asks for serenity, happiness, perspective. A generation that is tired of hearing about crises while Elonio Muschio "fights" for his "right" to earn 56 BILLION dollars EVERY YEAR, a population tired of hearing that "fascism is bad but those who demonstrate for the Sharia are good and beautiful”, a generation that is
tired of hearing about economics everywhere, that is fed up with your fetishism for "entrepreneurs", a generation that is fed up with your nonsense, and that is tired of the grotesque and surreal nonsense with which you justify all your double standards.

But there's more. I'm also a Western white male. They are, for you, absolute evil. Which is nice and it's also liberating, because if I'm absolute evil, now I'm freer to tell you to fuck off, you and your high ideals. Being absolute evil, I don't care about your moral judgment or not. I'm already at absolute zero, I don't have to prove anything.

Let's see who gets tired first, dear hoplites of good (right-wing, Catholic or left-wing, you are equally idiots). I don't give a damn about good, either we talk about happiness or I wipe my ass with your bullshit.

It's an asymmetrical struggle. For you, the risk is being kicked out of power, for me the cost is a pack of popcorn. Guess who will get tired first?

Let's go to the messages that the tired population is sending to the political class:

First point. There is no "wind of the right" and no, it is not the fault of the evil Russians who remote control people's minds using the social network algorithm. This conspiracy shit is now at Qanon level.

You can see your "right wind" very well: it is the arrival of some populations, and some cultures, in the form of uncontrolled and illegal immigration. Open a geographical map and you see it: the one that has the most problems with Islamic minorities is the state that goes furthest to the right.

The French have already made this very clear, here in Germany people were very shocked by a guy with a knife killing a policeman (ah, yes, your enlightened media told you that one of the policemen who intervened to stop the terrorist died?) while trying to kill a politician who doesn't like seeing demonstrations of Muslims praising the Sharia.

Do you understand it or not, that this situation can't go on? And no, letting in even more is not the answer. And no, this is not a problem that happens with ALL immigrants. Poland has welcomed three million Ukrainians, and nothing is happening. There are no conflicts. The problem is some ethnicities and not others, it is some religions and not others.

Oh, sorry, I'm evil incarnate. You already knew, I'm white male and Western. So, I'll say whatever the fuck I want. And no, I don't give a shit about how many women die of feminicide, when you then side with cultures where killing your wife is legal and TV explains how to beat your wife according to the Koran.

Have you tried giving bears the right to vote? Maybe it works.

Second message: we are fed up with this economic system, hearing about a crisis while the salaries of managers and CEOs are growing in a shocking manner, we are fed up with hearing that schools must do what is convenient and helps entrepreneurs, that is, train their workers.

We are fed up with a gentrification that now makes you pay even for the sidewalk, which makes benches disappear to force people to enter restaurants, which makes public fountains disappear to force you to enter pubs, where the enjoyment of PUBLIC spaces are a question of income. Economy, everywhere. Enough, there are also non-economic spaces, you can't devour everything.

There are plenty of balls in a system that works, produces, consumes, dies, and everything you try to save is devoured in such a way as to force you to work until you're 80. There are plenty of balls about a system where many could work from home (for example), but it is made difficult because otherwise investors and entrepreneurs, the only two categories more protected than the Panda, will have to bad.

And while we're at it, you might also understand that entrepreneurs and financiers are better protected than pandas, there's no need to help them. It is others who need help today.

We are fed up with a landowner system that absorbs all investments, transforming them into income, to the point that calling it "patrimonial" is almost heresy. Of a system where the cost of housing is so high that in fact many families stay together because it is impossible for a single person to live alone, and yes, this shit that started in Italy is arriving here too, in cities like Munich.

This shit has to stop.

Third message: the woke delirium has pissed me off. It's a pile of boring nonsense that makes human relationships impossible and is made solely for the purpose of allowing certain petulant teenagers to screw someone else's dick. Nobody wants to learn your fucking pronouns, nobody wants to distort their language to allow for non-existent genders, non-existent because there are two cells used for reproduction, egg and sperm, and if you want to convince me that there are more genders, show me which is the third cell involved in the reproductive mechanism.

I don't give a fuck if the rich American slut wants to go to college to fuck, she won't be the first or the last. And if to get a fucking fuck he needs to identify with a unicorn, I couldn't care less: I've seen even worse American acts. But what you shouldn't do is try to convince me that you are actually unicorns, because I decide what to think. There is a line you cannot cross.

No, I will not use the “schwa”, not now or ever. The rules of Italian are clear, those of biology too: if you let me know your biological parents, I can identify one hundred times out of a hundred which of the two got pregnant. Or they are not both your biological parents. Point.

And to end the woke delirium, I would like to point out that your rights end where mine begin, and if a road is public I can use it as much as you: block a road because you want to stop fossil fuels now (it would be more effective to damage petrol pumps using a normal knife, if at all) means taking away my right to move wherever I want.

And finally, it's time to say that you are such a small minority that it makes no sense to change everyone's behavior to make you happy. Your dictatorship of screaming loudly has pissed me off.

These are the three messages that the population is repeating ever louder, but on the other hand they don't hear us, to the point that if the Ursula Majority doesn't work, they are already ready to propose Draghi, that is, a banker. For the series "we don't listen to you, in fact we close our ears and say lalalalalalala" so as not to hear you.

At a guess, in the EU you still have only one electoral round, then you get the blow to the head.

I already have popcorn. Let's see who gets tired first?

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