Let’s say the unspeakable.

Let's say the unsayable.

As I have already written, the mass media are an obstacle that stands between us and reality, in order to make us see something different from what we would see without them. And as I've already written, they never succeed because something "filters". And the reason why they cannot prevent something from filtering is that to understand what they are hiding it is not necessary to examine what they write: it is enough to examine what they do NOT write.

We hear about this coming recession, and that it has already cooled the run of German industries. Good. We already hear talk of clashes around the ECB on possible remedies, with all the narrative of "hawks" and "doves", as if forcing a country to hunt money (which will not happen, but it's a different thing) were less violent than wanting to preserve them.

But of this recession we do not hear the truest thing: that it is caused by the tireless work of Donald "Stable Genius" Trump, which has literally devastated world trade for the sole purpose of fighting a war in which it has nothing to to win.

In short words:

The coming recession is Trump's fault.

Trump caused a disaster in an attempt to persuade China to stop competing with him, which he considers unfair (but the loser always considers the competition of the winner to be unfair), something that is not happening and that has only caused a growing risk allergy and a investment collapse.

The coming recession is Trump's fault.

But there is little of this in the Italian mainstream press: Corriere, La Stampa and Repubblica seem to want to convince people that the crisis will come because Merkel did not give the rest of Europe the money of the Germans in order to resolve a crisis. Crisis caused by … ? And here in the newspapers there is silence.

In this sense, the populist agenda of La Stampa, Repubblica and Corriere is very clear. They can be called "moderates", they can be called "leftist", but in the end, to betray them is not what they write: it is what they do not write.

Trump is combining an economic disaster on a global scale.

Oh, sure, maybe the US is making money. If they are doing it they hide it well, since a 2% growth calculated using American methods means that Americans are barely replacing old equipment and consumer goods, but the point is that even if this helped the US, is devastating the economy in the rest of the world.

People need to make it a reason: even if this year there was a -2% in Germany, it is a problem for the rich. It means that if, after celebrating the all-time export record, it drops by 2%, with 98% they can live well anyway. They have no urgency to spend, in short. The problems of the rich are not the problems of the poor: if you barely float, an inch below is fatal. But if you sail well, an inch below is not an urgent problem.

But in the end even these discussions are completely sterile, because the problem is not Germany: the cause of this crisis is the USA. They began to complain that they are sick (when they are fine) and on the basis of this victimization they have decided to devastate trade on a global scale.

At this point, with a normal press everyone should start the truth: that Trump is combining a mess that we will all pay. On the contrary, everyone looks to Germany: but how, was not the country that exported too much? Now that exports are falling, and then the orders of German industries are falling to Italian companies, isn't the normality you have so often preached returning?

Because we have to say, a bunch of idiots: if the problem – which you have reported so many times – was that Germany was exporting 6% too much, well, now that they are down by 2% they are going in the right direction, aren't they? Indeed, they will have to do it for three years in a row, and then they will be okay. Quite right? And the absurd thing is that they could do it without suffering too much: your exploits would die like flies.

Here is the point: everyone is discussing Germany not to discuss the USA, that is to say, not discussing the real cause of the problem, that is, of American populism.

Which clearly shows the pro-populist agenda of newspapers that have called themselves "leftists", "liberals" or "centrists" so far.

It's time to start saying that Carlo di Benedetti, Urbano Cauro and the Elkann are with Trump. And then with Bannon, and then with the Lepen, and then with Salvini.

Then, to deceive people (and keep readers) they seem to be against it, but in the end it is enough to examine what they do NOT say to understand which way they are.

As I have already written, it is always possible to find the truth in the mass media, not because they are filtered by light through their screening. Because they filter out rays of darkness.

I mean, filter what they DON'T write.

Trump is combining an economic disaster on a global scale. The coming recession is Trump's fault.

This is the thing I don't see written anywhere in Italian newspapers.

Because they are all on the side of American populism. In one way or another, dear gentlemen, you always dislike them. Urbano Cairo, De Benedetti, the Alkann, have little to keep newspapers like Corriere, Repubblica, La Stampa alive. Their place would be in other newspapers.

Let's say the unsayable.
This could be fine, given the preferences of Trump's followers

No mass media can prevent some area of ​​darkness from filtering. Just read what you DON'T write to relieve yourself.


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