February 28, 2024

The mountain of shit theory

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Meloni fishing has also done good things.

This morning I was reading the news, including the story of Meloni's ex-partner (who, being Christian and a mother but not married, is classified as a "fornicator": sorry Giorgia, rules are rules), and the thing that I found repugnant was not what Galletto Vallespluga did about the situation, but the wave of solidarity towards Meloni. Solidarity that in my opinion he doesn't deserve.

We are talking about a person who, despite having a non-Christian family and permitted only in the secular world (cohabitation was not very well seen before), despite being classified (according to Catholic tradition) as a "fornicator" (for having sexual without betrayal and living with a man who is not her husband) has done nothing but break the rules and open the door to every kind of cruelty.

Is it cruel to remind Meloni that her support for an advert that burdens divorced people with any sense of guilt towards their children was a political perversion? And is it MORE cruel or LESS cruel to remind her that Esselunga is also in Rome, and sells peaches there too?

Because when things happen to Meloni, everyone is there to show her solidarity, forgetting that she signed a provision which, based on HER judgment on the "traditional" family, has brought anguish to thousands of homosexual families who Now they don't know what will happen to their children in the event of an accident or death?

We are talking about the same bastards who, out of pure cruelty and arrogance, have prohibited municipalities from recording couples with children in municipal documents, because "ewwiwa the traditional family", without caring about the suffering inflicted, and now you are there to show solidarity ' to Meloni why did her very fascist, very virile and very Roman male do what the fascist is supposed to do?

What's next, feeling sorry for the death of Hitler's favorite dog?

Two words for the crux of the situation. Now you will say "no, but you criticize her and not him, masghilisda!". The truth is, I wouldn't even know where to start. That will go down in history as the first man to break through the pathetic wall so hard that he even sucked up the rubble with his ass. I wouldn't know where to start, really.

Let's skip the intellectual part, because honestly intelligence of that type is (to put it mildly) one of the best kept secrets in history. When you criticize the chauvinist for saying that "if you drink rape comes, it is like it is", and you understand that the problem is your quiff, it's not like much can be added to the scene of the disaster.

About the fact that he was trying… ok, the feeling I had was that of some guys trying to pick up in some club, but they don't know how. I don't know how he got close enough to Meloni to get her pregnant, my theory is that she did it all. Because with the expertise in the trailer that I saw from the video, if it were up to him Guinevere would still be with Lancelot, in the heavens of Plato's thoughts. I can't imagine any chance of success for someone who compares a woman's dress to the bodywork of a German car. Not even a patched-up metalhead would stoop to this.

Which then I don't understand, if you think you have the right to punish the female because you are in a position of power, what the hell are you doing with these quixotic attempts at approach? Just take it. Since when do molesters court women? But not even at copying, are you good?

Jokes aside, dear feminist ladies who read and comment on me, you must imagine male education as a process that produces males. As in all production processes, there is waste. When the half-saw, that is, the waste, finds itself in a world where the half-saws are not successful, the half-saws try to disguise themselves as males. The first disguise is that of the uniform. You put on a uniform and look like a man, even if you're a half-wit. A bit like the African colored enlarged condom, but you don't tell them because they have a gun. If they don't even manage to join the traffic police and the surveillance agencies reject them, it still remains fascism. You call yourself a fascist, and you look like a man. (according to them). Fascism is another disguise that production waste has, it is inspired by bullying, and the fascist is very convinced that he looks like a man. Works? Meh.

But they believe it.

Having clarified this, let's get back to the point.

The gestures of solidarity towards Meloni are obscene.

You remained silent on the fact that the "traditional family" from whose pulpit Meloni crushed homosexual couples was not "a real traditional family", but a product of the secularism that she and her faction want to eradicate.

And after years and years of this guilty silence, and I say guilty because it has devastated the lives of thousands of families who are not traditional but do not contain any Gambruno, after having pretended not to see that the king was naked, now you pour yourself into solidarity with Meloni?

This cruel parasite of politics has spent YEARS breaking the rules by saying that to raise a child well the family must have "a dad and a mom". Moving. Touching.

And now where is the Pope”? Oh, sure, you'll tell me that spiritually he's still her dad. As long as I don't answer that your dress isn't just plain red, but Ford's Mars Red II, that is. Watch the video, Giorgia, are you telling me that growing up with that dad is better than with a homosexual couple?

Give him sympathy because “wisp of fire” betrayed her and hurt her feelings, oh, poor thing. But what feelings are you talking about? Of some kind of monster who had no scruples in orphaning, in accordance with the law, children who previously had a family?

Are you telling that MONSTER that you're sorry if he suffers? But do you think she can suffer, after seeing what she has done to those families that don't resemble the ones she says she wants?

No, sorry, he's not a victim. For one thing, such a cataclysmic jerk isn't hard to recognize. Don't tell me that in Rai there is an evil fluid that takes a heroic family man and transforms him into a clumsy idiot who tries to pick up with dialectical expedients that even a metalhead covered in patches would find too stupid.

And she's not a victim if it's true that they had been at odds for some time now, as she says to keep up on social media. And she is not a victim because her repeated action aimed at destroying real families, to save something that she herself knew was a fiction to save her reputation, was inhuman, cruel and monstrous.

And if you have forgotten the harm he has done just because you dream of consoling the poor girl with a broken heart, well, I think the children of the patriarchy don't write on this blog.

Are you.

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