Montanelli and the need to burn Reggae discs

If you are a Rastafarian or love reggae, this post will probably annoy you. For this reason Italy is full of very high towers: you can climb to the top and contemplate the vast immensity of the sticazzi that I write on it.

I had already written about Montanelli in the past. Since this blog is very old, at the time Montanelli was still the hero of the left who had opposed Silvio Anticristo Berlusconi, and therefore they jumped at my eyes for calling him a pedophile. I took the Berlusconi leccaculo, the fascist, and all the paraphernalia of the usual hoplites of the Good , the one with a capital B. B as Berlusconi, of course.

Besides, mine was not a discovery: Montanelli has always told how things went, sometimes with a certain wealth of details.

So, to be clear: Montanelli went to Africa with the Italian occupation troops, and since he was there he decided to take advantage of local laws to buy a 13-year-old girl for recreational purposes. I say "take advantage of local laws" in the sense that those types of contracts were socially recognized and legally legal.

And be careful, because the Ethiopian empire was very old, sophisticated and legally cultured: when I speak of "legal from a legal point of view" I don't mean that some savage with a bone in the nose and an alarm clock in the neck tolerated this custom in the his bestial ignorance. I mean that an ancient empire with a sophisticated state structure, courts and a written law had legislated this, and if the deal was unsuccessful you could go to a local court and have your rights recognized in line with the law.

This, it is clear, does NOT justify Montanelli. However, Montanelli's wrongs cannot absolve the millennial civilization that made the purchase possible, and its members. We can't say that if Montanelli goes to a place and buys a girl like all the other niggers in the place he is wrong while the niggers in the place are on the right side.

For example, Montanelli says that the girl was infibulated. Since this made the enjoyment of the purchased property difficult, he complained to his mother, who according to Montanelli resolved the problem with "a rather energetic intervention". Now, I don't want to know what this "rather energetic intervention" is, but if Montanelli was a pig without conscience, at a certain point I have to ask myself what the girl's mother is, who "resolves energetically" the problem in Montanelli's presence (otherwise could not have described the "solution").

So let's go back to the problem: if we judge (and here I agree) Montanelli as a pig without conscience , what do we think of:

  1. of the mother who sells her daughter and then "rather energetically" helps her new owner solve an infibulation problem?
  2. Of the millennial empire that made the practice of buying girls legal for several centuries (if not millennia, given that the Ethiopian empire was quite ancient).
  3. Citizens of this empire, who took advantage of the practice, and families who agreed to sell their daughters to the first capable of paying.

Of course, if we go on the ethical level, then we can say that the Ethiopians were a bunch of unconscious negroes, too ignorant to understand what they were doing, clouded by some local animist cult, that is, not yet illuminated by Christianity.

Unfortunately they were also a Christian population. You can verify yourself by visiting ancient churches carved in a single block of stone, and a whole series of ancient testimonies of Coptic Christianity. In addition, they also had a certain Jewish tradition, to the point that Hebrew was spoken at court, in addition to ancient Greek.

They were not ignorant.

And so we have to ask ourselves, again, why the judgment of a pedophile pig without conscience applies to Montanelli, but not to the "civilization" who, without extenuating circumstances of "negroid infirmity", has practiced the same custom for centuries, if not millennia.

And I say this because on an ethical level we can find a way to apply a double standard on Montanelli and on the "rather energetic" mother of the girl, but the problem is that Morale (which does not deal only with practice as ethics does ) is a theoretical construction, and as such it MUST BE CONSISTENT AND COHERENT. Or at least try.

How do you get out of this impasse?

It comes out like this:

Since Montanelli was an acclaimed pedophile and pig without conscience, every statue of his must be destroyed. Likewise, Bob Marley's records, which make apology to a pedophile people and to a civilization of equal pigs without conscience, should also be burned, reggae should be prohibited and the Rastafarian movement must be considered a neo-fascist group

Because, gentlemen, the problem with when you start judging is that you can't stop later. You can't judge just one of the protagonists of a film.

Ok, in history there are the bad guys like Montanelli, there is the victim (the girl), but WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE GOODS?

So let's all join in the cry: "Death to Bob Marley !!!".

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