No Green Pass, ports, trucks and cocaine.

No Green Pass, ports, trucks and cocaine.

It often happens that the press does not want to investigate, or does not want to know, and "often" coincides very much with the moment in which the most profitable drug trafficking in the country enters the field, namely the trafficking of Cocaine.

We are seeing riots and problems in the Italian logistics chain, but we are seeing them concentrated in some institutions. For example, some transports appear to be more refractory than others:

  • the ports are in turmoil, but not the airports.
  • the truck drivers are worried, but the railroad workers are not.

Why these discrepancies? To understand this better we should consider two facts:

  • over long distances, cocaine (the one that turns by the ton) travels by ship.
  • over continental distances, cocaine (the one that turns around by the ton) travels by truck.

Here we are starting to see a pattern, right? But let's move on. According to what we read, after the Calabrian ports have been subjected to a very strong control, the Italian drug trafficking has moved towards Genoa, Livorno and Trieste: it is a minority trafficking, since the bulk arrives in Spain, Holland and Belgium, but it intercepts the Sahel and Asian routes well.

Here we begin to better define the pattern: the largest ports, namely Genoa and Trieste, are the ones that are agitating for the green pass. We begin to see each other better.

If we pass to the parties, we find among the defenders of the no Green Pass precisely the two parties most full of fascists. And what do the fascists have to do with the mafia and with drugs? I suggest you an interesting book,

No Green Pass, ports, trucks and cocaine.

Which will show you how the fascist galaxy slowly merged into the mafia one. It is certainly not a mystery, there are hundreds of inquiries about it .

And so now we have a clear pattern:

In the two cocaine ports, there are unrest between the two categories most involved in the transport of cocaine, and these unrest are sponsored by the two parties that welcome the new cocaine traffickers into their ranks.

Now, we begin to see the pattern more clearly. Cocaine.

But why oppose the green pass?

For one reason: imposing the green pass means imposing, perhaps for the first time, a pervasive control system on the identity of those entering and leaving that port. Exactly what drug traffickers DON'T want, for obvious reasons.

The control of the green pass, carried out electronically, allows you to collect data not so much on health, but on the identity of the person who presents it, through the QRCode that is scanned at the time of the check.

Exactly the kind of control that made traffickers flee Gioia Tauro.

Well, maybe I'm wrong to see the pattern, but if we consider that in Italy three clues make a test, and that usually where there is fumus there is arrostus, the question arises spontaneously: why journalists and magistrates are silent ?

Well, for a reason. Obvious.


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