Boris Johnson's choice is not dictated so much by cynicism, or by the fact that the British health care, after decades of privatization, is made much worse than the Italian one. He can't have a strategy because he has no ability to deal with the problem.

But Boris' choice, dictated by a guy whose title begins with "Sir", has its roots in the way the British ruling class thinks of itself. Throughout its history, the Nghiterra had only one doctrine of power, and it was that of the nobles.

During the epidemics, the nobles withdrew to their country estates, together with a carefully selected and fortunate servant, while the citizens were left to die. This does not mean that everything possible was done to save them: it means that for the nobles, the citizens were worthless . They were like grass or rain. The grass would grow back and rain again.

This vision was evident in the case of the great Irish hunger , but was typical of every plague, of every British famine. "Save the crown and the nobles", and the rest of them fuck too.

This doctrine of power greatly permeates the Anglo-Saxon ruling classes, which are still divided between nobles and those who would like to be noble .

Boris Johnson's choice to let about 400,000 people die (in the best scenario, because if the UK health would perform like the Italian one would be ~ 2,400,000) while obviously all the nobles and the powerful are packing their bags to go and live in some rich- shire , is nothing but the reflection of the purest and most ancient English political tradition.

All are equal, the country is democratic, but the nobles are more equal .

If that is the political and democratic model we should follow, we have to thank that brexit has expelled at least a toxic country from the Union.

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