Oh, again?

Watching the news on monkeypox is bringing to mind the story of HIV, when it is suddenly dubbed "the disease that affects drug addicts and fags", and for the first five years it is practically ignored, "so much it only kills them". Then, suddenly, it turns out that this is not the case.

What happened? The virus was widespread in monkeys, and HIV spreads by coming into contact with blood. In the areas where the monkeys were eaten, and then slaughtered, butchers and hunters come into contact with the blood of the monkeys, and the passage of species takes place.

Since going to be bombed by the black bamboo of the situation in Africa was already a fashion in the USA, it happens that both heterosexuals and homosexuals bring it to the USA. The US press, which is rather puritanical, cherrypicks the scientific evidence and declares with certainty that this virus affects only gays and drug addicts.

Meanwhile, it spreads among heterosexuals, due to prostitutes and vacations in Tanzania. Moral of the story: Cosmopolitan declares that women are practically immune to HIV, because at most they risk having a bisexual partner who brings it to them.

After that, in another article, he advises women to leave the greaser immediately if they find he is bisexual, and also gives advice on how to catch bisexuals. (moreover very wrong.)

done this, the damage served.

Five years later, there is discussion in the US on how to stop the raging epidemic: but while gay groups have become cultured, have campaigned and have lowered the percentage of infections, among heterosexuals it proceeds as if nothing had happened.

As of 2020, AIDS affects both genders almost equally, and both sexual preferences. But years and years of scientific information have passed.

The mechanism, that is, was:

  1. to pacify the majority of the population by saying that it is a problem of a small minority.
  2. slowly, letting it leak out that it really concerns everyone
  3. in the end, admitting that everyone can take it, and everyone has to be careful.

It seems the same with monkeypox. It spreads by prolonged skin contact. This means that if HIV needs at least blood or body fluids, and therefore penetration, with monkeypox any prolonged skin contact (even two lesbians) is at risk, and there are also cases of transmission through the breath. (droplets) and sweat.

But if you need prolonged skin contact, how do you get the "science" that accuses homosexuals first? It's simple: they will tell you that the first recorded cases are among gays.

The trouble with this way of proceeding is that it depends a lot on who declares what, and with whom.

Also, and it's funny, the survey was done on people whom the personal doctor advised to participate in the drafting of the statistics. Which means the average heterosexual simply declined, as we'll see from the numbers.

Furthermore, the survey was clearly tailored for the purpose of targeting gays: look at the statistics.


I could throw it down the toilet right away, because with the sample taken from here:

they then discover this prevalence:

how strange, huh?

And after questioning people about their sexual preferences, it turns out this:

It turns out only particularly promiscuous people have admitted about their habits. A nice slice is unknown.

Why am I saying this? Because the virus affects, despite the name, mainly rodents, even those kept as pets, and various mustelids. The passage, that is, does not take place between ape and man, but between small animals and man.

If you look closely at the statistics, the entry "contact with animals" is not even mentioned. In a disease that passes from animal to human through rodents, even domestic ones. And maybe while the meerkat is in fashion, one of the animals that transmit it.

The attempt to create a stigma analogous to HIV is known by the name: the virus, unlike HIV, does not pass species with monkeys, but with rodents. It should be called "rodentpox", not "monkeypox".

The trouble is that in this way an association between monkeypox and HIV has been strongly established, which people like Putin have not failed to point out, an association that makes no sense. (moreover, given the medical and hygienic conditions of average Russia, this will soon present the bill).

What will happen'? Little, this time.

First, because it's not particularly deadly if it's treated in the West.

Second, because with a duration of three to four weeks it doesn't look like a pandemic.

It will simply happen that among straight people gloves will be in fashion for some time, and more opaque clothes will be in fashion.

But the problem comes when I go to look at the statistic that would blame gays, and I find that it was cooked on purpose to blame gays.

Because let's face it: if you know that it is transmitted from animals to humans, and you know that they are rodents, at least "you have a hamster at home" you ask. Especially if the family doctor specifically asked homosexual people to take part in the registry, while the good family mother who had sex tourism in Africa was diagnosed with a rash.

I look forward to phase two, when the blotchy women are to blame for the bisexuals.

Where is Cosmo when you need it?

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