On the “cancel culture”

There is some debate against what is called "cancel culture" in the English-speaking Internet world, and which in Europe has a much older name, or "excommunication". It is in itself a form of pack bullying, in the sense that the victim is "tried" by a "character assassination" mechanism, and when an angry crowd dies, he decrees the "damnatio memoriae". In practice, a lynching.

Orwell described this mechanism very well when, in 1984, he devised the "two minutes of hate" daily.

I see that the whole debate focuses on the alleged beneficial effects of this thing, while nobody (or almost) deals with the guarantees. These are the usual processes by which the radical left builds the tools that will allow the right to come to power. Nothing strange or new: radical right and radical left are in the "egg and chicken" condition, and those who waste time wondering who owes their existence to the other should consider instead that " both exist, or neither ".

Which, strictly speaking, makes the extreme right and extreme left two aspects of the same phenomenon. They are essentially two different sides of the same phenomenon


The mechanism of "cancel culture" should be examined more in its phases, in its real application, to understand that it is a pre-civilized remnant of some social tribalism.

Let's go in stages.

  1. First, there must be a mass of angry people. For cancel culture to work, the masses must be extremely polarized, divided into hostile factions. In this way, and only in this, it is possible to accuse someone of having betrayed a certain ideal, a certain faction, a certain struggle, a certain revolution.

  2. This mass of angry people must be fascist. A mass of rabies is certainly fascist when it claims to be violent in defense, justifying the alleged harassment of each member personally to justify its violence. It means that if a woman is raped then ALL women will say they have been raped. If Floyd dies, then EVERY American Negro will say he was killed by the police at some point in his life. Every American Negro has been killed by the American police, and therefore has the right to come back to life and do anything. (corollary: BLM is a zombie apocalypse). For example, every Italian on the far left was personally beaten by an Israeli soldier, and his home in Hebron was destroyed. By the algebra theorem, if not in the realm, in the complex one: his imaginary house was destroyed, ninety degrees from all the rest.

  3. A race for purity is underway, and anyone is the sheriff of purity. So it happens that if speaking to a girl while listening to music on headphones is "rape" , the purest pure will purge you and she will say that this manual is too loose, because a girl could also listen music in power , humming it in one's mind. Dinque requires four telepathic notaries to certify the thing. Don't you have them? For the Inquisition, innocence is not an excuse. At the stake, and get out of the way.

  4. There are no written laws or legal certainties or defined procedures. Much less presumption of innocence. The process leading to canceling takes place according to unwritten laws that prohibit exactly what the accused does only because the accused has done it , which do not consider the accused's extenuating circumstances from the moment the accused pulls them into play , everything is evidence against the defendant including those in favor , everything that says the accusation is certainly true and does not need to be verified and everything says the defense is certainly false because the trial does not admit defense and the lawyer is subjected to the same trial for the sole fact of defending the accused .

Already the conditions for cancel culture to exist are very far from what we would call "civilization" and closer to what we would call "gang brawl in a bad high school". Or if you prefer, "tribal society without written laws".

At this point, the process goes live.

  • This person is "accused" by someone (no matter who, there are no verifiable procedure codes or authorities in the lynching of the canceling) of walking in Boston without carrying a rhino puppy detector, creating the danger of crushing it one underfoot, which jeopardizes the ecosystem. The charge is neither realistic nor rational, but this is not a problem for the cancel culture court . If he is accused, there will be a reason: after all, someone will always say "maybe it's not so much the question of rhinos, but have you seen that he has glasses like Hitler in Der Untergang?". So the accusation is enriched with anything creative that comes to mind for a mass of millions of people. The accusation has an avalanche effect, so once in the sights of an accuser, the victim finds himself accused of practically everything, including Christicide. In the case of Salman Rushdie, of MoglieDiMaometticidio. Which is, let's not forget, also femicide. So Rushdie raped all Muslim women, and even Saudi transsexuals. (there are thousands of them: to do the transsexual in Saudi Arabia just cover yourself with a black awning and make up your eyes).

  • The second phase is that the herd of lynchers is formed. A whole crowd of aspiring sheriffs, who aspires to the desire to finally judge and condemn someone, comes together. It is a virtue signaling process: if I am throwing my stone on the whore, then I am a faithful wife. Those who condemn themselves self-absolve . Everyone wants to be the judge of the inquisition, to fuel their reputation as probe people. Since those who do not lynch with their partner are not children of Maria, the crowd grows out of all proportion.


(Lobo, as usual, teaches us everything there is to know).

  • The victim tries to defend himself. This is the phase of sadistic pleasure, in which the crowd savor all the pleasure that comes from unlimited power, which comes from silencing the victim who screams while being lynched. Everything the victim says will be distorted and turned into a new trial against herself, and MILLIONS of witnesses will emerge who will tell us that they saw the victim mistreating a kitten. Female. Negro. Transsexual. Islamic. In this phase of the lynching the "character assassination" starts, that is the destruction of the reputation of the victims, also called demonization or satanization. Often it is also a "reductio at Hitlerum", that is, "Hitler did it too".

  • Once this is done, the sentence is decided. Which is always as high and humiliating as possible. This is where the culture of humiliation typical of herds of bullies comes into play. And the proposal of excommunication, called "canceling", begins. Like any form of excommunication, " no one will be able to talk to you anymore, and no one will ever be able to trade with you again, and you will no longer be able to enter a Christian home, and your family will drive you out of your home ." Unlike the excommunication, however, there is no possibility of repentance or repentance: staying under the pope's window three days kneeling on the snow, which was enough in the Middle Ages, is useless, indeed if you do it you are even more guilty because you had to think about it first. So doomed even more. That the inquisition seems too moderate to us.

  • Punishment is unlimited and eternal. From now on, anyone who wants to harm the victim in any way is entitled to do so. Ben is up to him. He has been looking for it, and in any case whoever hurts you will come out saying that your decision to leave the house without a rhino puppy detector has destroyed his life, preventing him from becoming the Nobel Prize winner of the Oscar and Grammy Award, and making her feel raped in the soul, with strange symptoms of suffocation by police officers. Symptoms that, punctually, come out every time she is discriminated against at the gas station (directed by a white male ).

This is the "fair trial" idea that "generation Z" has in mind. A lynching followed by an excommunication, in a street trial.

And if a certain RAVIOLERIA95 says so , it must be really true.

I don't expect "generation Z" people to understand something practical. Even if I showed them the photos of the effects of this culture when applied by a mass of sheriffs other than you, they would say that the photo is not "cool", therefore it is not valid. The person of Generation Z, in fact, is not able to distinguish "cool" from "important".

The effects?

If you want to know why people find neo-fascists reassuring , the reason is very simple.

The fascist trials may seem much fairer.

Did the egg or the chicken come first? I do not know. But certainly both exist, or neither. So, they are two aspects of the same phenomenon.

And this explains why when the radical left takes to the streets, the fascists rise to power. They are two aspects of the same phenomenon, that is, the seizure of power of a fascist regime.

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