Paywall chronicles.

Paywall chronicles.

I see that the press is celebrating the immense success of the Paywall in the USA, so I decided to inaugurate a column that shows what the world is like on the other side of the paywall itself. I will pretend not to know how to penetrate a paywall, and therefore not to read the news "that is good because it costs", and therefore I will argue using the information that is outside the paywall. So, you who read from all over the disc (what the fuck is this "globe"?), You shouldn't be surprised at some references.

All posts with the name "Milo" will be written using information that the "working class" man cannot afford, that is, that NOT covered by a paywall.

I will do it using the "Milo" account, because I like the name and it is also a character that I like to write about. Any reference to people who really existed is purely random .

Let's start with the numbers: I know they are an invention of the aliens of Nibiru, but taking a look at it never hurts. We are talking about the incredible figure of, listen, three to four million (for some five) of paying readers. Interesting. Considering the fact that there are 320 million people in the US including 180 million voters, we are saying that the vast majority of voters feed on journalistic sources known as "the net", or as we are told by mainstream newspapers "low journalism quality because it is free ”. (evidently the advertisement 'pay him in peanuts).

So, Milo is just a normal American working class, (or white trash) who doesn't have the money to pay for "quality" information, because when you spend 65% of your income on rents and 20% on bills, to pay a subscription you don't have the money. If, therefore, what you see here does not match your "facts" or your "news", it is only because it is the Truth (Правда), which as is obvious Milo reads on the NET, as the Truth (Правда), unlike "news" and "facts", is FREE.

So, dear alien reptiles, now I have to explain to you how the world looks from here, from outside the paywall. Because your idea of ​​information builds a secret code for the enlightened ones who speak in the darkness of their yachts, with others enlightened and (obviously) for all the aliens who mate with your women to give birth to a kind of man-reptile hybrids. We know this because you are heating the planet on purpose to host cold-blooded animals, which do not heat themselves.

First of all, you have not convinced me. The reason you want all this money is that like all alien reptiles, you are also Jewish. Everyone knows that Christ came from Orion and Mary was fertilized in vitro: he says so himself. "My kingdom is not of this world", therefore he was an alien.

And everyone knows that if you alien reptiles are also Jews, obviously you are attracted to money. The network says it, who also reconstructed the shape of the leaves of the trees on Nibiru: a hundred dollar bill. This is why you Jewish alien reptiles love money so much: they remind you of food.

That said – and the network can confirm it – let's get to the point. In fact, by isolating yourself behind a paywall you are doing the truth a favor. Because if 99% of the population, and the voters, are outside the influence of your (very expensive) disinformation, they will inevitably understand that Hitler was a very good person, and by the end of the century he will return (of course he is still alive ) from the center of the earth (which is flat BUT EVEN hollow), and will be crowned King of the World, arriving at the ceremony on a white T-Rex.

It is inevitable.

Maybe your primitive brains (you are reptiles, after all) cannot understand how flat the earth is BUT ALSO hollow, but here you have to imagine a land made like a wedding cake, with multiple disks that proceed in layers. In this way the earth is flat, but under the earth there is a cavity where you can live. Seen? TRUE science, of course, explains everything. Youtube also says so, the most reliable source on the planet.

Obviously on top of the cake there are two spouses, who are Adolf Hitler and Milo Yannoupulos (dressed in the classic meringue dress, as the Bible says): and this tells you why we must save the traditional family. Divorce, abortion and Chelsea Clinton could break the sacred union between Adolf Hitler and Milo Yiannopoulos, between Yin and Yang, between male and female element, between mustache and anal bleach, true pillar of moral values. But also of the universe and tiramisu. I read it on Facebook.

So as you isolate your lies behind a paywall, to get the currency plant nourishment that you Jewish alien reptiles need (if 4chan says it is pure truth), the True True Truth that advances will conquer the an ordinary man, the real fulcrum of the new Hitler Equality Era, for a renewed humanity that (it is always good to remember) has never been to the moon.

What will happen then?

It will happen that while your Bilderbergz club will meet reading solid gold newspapers and drinking Aryan virgin blood, (which goes very well with exotic derivatives, of which you are notoriously fond – says Infowars), humanity will awaken '.

Slowly, the Real Verita Verissima Veranciana V for Vendetta will take over the crowds, who will understand one fundamental thing: Hitler was a good person. Friendly and wholehearted neighbor, Affectionate Mother, Loyal Bride, Gluten-free and True Friend. Because a video about Tor says it, so it's true. And he helped old women to throw garbage (cit.).

Clearly, in the democratic elections (the last ones, because when you have the Truth you don't need it anymore) all this Truth will be heard. Already today Trump, notoriously the firstborn born from the marriage of Adolf Hitler and Milo Yiannopoulos, is leading the world towards truth, and soon we will witness the coronation of Adolf, festive and friendly as always on his T-Rex.

Paywall chronicles.
A festive and cordial Hitler greets the crowds from his affectionate T-Rex, the day of the Coronation (Photo: Roiters)

You can already see all this, in all the media that are not controlled by the lesbian-Islamic lobby: it is perhaps not clear that since the press has been isolating itself behind its wall of money, the very truth of newspapers like Russia Today, Breitbart , Infowars (to never leave out the Mother of Every Source, 4chan) is spreading and inspiring the voters to elect the governments of the Popular People Turbodiesel?

Don't you see it happening all around you? Don't you hear, in the mating season, the call of the male Erdogan who invites the females to mate? Don't you too perceive the sweet march of the affectionate American supremacist right, nourished by the pure ideals promoted by Breitbart?

Come on, you say: let's make sure that only the rich can pay for the news and the facts. What could possibly go wrong?

Of course, you say, information cannot be free because it costs and journalists are needed to do it.

But we speak of information: we speak of Truth, my dear pedolesbic pterodactyl aliens.

The "news" costs. The truth is FREE.

And while you are paying the news, we will give the masses THE TRUTH. That can not be anything but free, as Charlemagne of Betelgeuse said. (a pity that the star will explode killing us all on 20/20/2020, a Sumerian Instagram demon told me. From the boobs he has, it is the Pure Truth: notoriously, under the fifth measure it is only political propaganda .).

For this you few billionaires of the elites continue to consume this thing that knows of the past, "the news", while the people, the True Engine (Turbo Diesel) of History, advances on the iron wheels of Truth, which is free , and sometimes it can well crush some flowers. Let's say ten, one hundred, or even six million. Who cares? The important thing is the prophecies of the Aztecs. Who cares about Auschwitz when we have the Aztecs?

We don't care about the news, this artificial product written by dozens of journalists who run here and there to check the information from the source. We care about the Truth, which can be written by anyone in your bedroom, and it's FREE!

If you are with the elite, then you pay for the "news". But the People, the True People who Always Reason, do not want the news: they want the Truth. And the truth is FREE.

You can find it for free everywhere, on Pravda (and we would miss more), on Russia Today and on Euronews, while your "news", this artificial product of editorial offices full of "professionals", is only available for a fee. And where there is payment there is money. And where there is money there are Jews. And where there are Jews there are, of course, alien reptiles. Dinosaurs who, instead of letting themselves be affectionately ridden by the Führer, persist in plotting against mankind, against the People.

Here, gentlemen: this is what you see of your Paywall from outside.

The truth'.

The pure Most Pure Truth, as it has not been seen since the day when Area51 was sparafleshata with the radiation of the Moon Pigeons, the ones you hid from us on the day you did NOT go to the moon.

The one where the holocaust never happened, and the Jews are reptiles that come from space, as everyone knows.

Yes, your "facts", your "news" … are behind a paywall. You are even ashamed of it, tell the truth.

Who will read them, if not 3.4 million out of 180 voters?

And how will the next elections end when everyone has The Truth, while only 3,4.5 million rich people who read behind the Paywall will have your pathetic "news"?

Paywall chronicles.


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