Political agendas.

Having most of the press under the same owner, and therefore without perceived limits, is useful because an analysis of it allows to deduce the "hidden agenda" of a certain Italian "upper middle class".

For example, today a service on bagascias (which have become escorts with Berlusconi and now are sex workers , a sign of a shift to the left. If power wins at the People will be anal proletar , at least).

The service can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bQKxcBZMzM

Now, if all the newspapers of the Elkann group release the same interview with the same prosperous lady, we cannot for this reason think that they are Lapo's favorite trans. Only a malicious person would say it. Obviously, these are allegations, and we are sure that the protagonists of the service were chosen at random to end up on the front page of unified publications. Let's say we have plenty of clues.

Having said that, in the last few days we are beginning to notice some customs clearance of sex workers. A sign that the agenda of the "elites" is defined: they want the carnival. I have written in the past that for financial elites, Greece and Italy are the Thailandies of the Mediterranean, so I am not sure if this new direction given to newspapers is aimed at pursuing this goal. In fact, we can say that unemployment will skyrocket in the coming months, and millions of women will be the hardest hit. The ideal conditions for the birth of a full-bodied prostitution market.

I see that the video is trying to clear a first stereotype: all transsexuals are forced into prostitution.

The answer is no: the statistics show about 5% of transsexuals who prostitute themselves, also because the f2m should come out of the category, to say one.

However, it is a clear attempt to framing an injury, which aims to keep the injury alive. If you say to unified networks "nobody hires us because they say that trans bring diseases" you practically framed, that is, the thing exists because you named it. So, now all of Italy think that you shouldn't take trans because they bring disease.

Even the director of a website ends up in the video, which, strictly speaking, carries out an illegal activity, that is, the aiding and abetting of prostitution. I notice that he is portrayed in an almost institutional (if not charitable) role, as a counterpart to the associations of prostitutes (practically, a social part).

All these things tell me that the elites who recognize themselves in the new editorial course of the Exor group intend to clear customs of prostitution.

And I know what you're thinking. Think "but how, you who write from Germany, who has legalized prostitution, speak against the customs clearance of prostitution?".

Yes. For many reasons. The first is that they talk about it here, and the results are not as bright as you think when they make you the usual video full of carnaceous and leopard-print or tiger-striped bedrooms. (Why the fuck there must always be tigers and leopards only you know. MagnoFelinofilia ? And if one excited the wolves? Or the sheep? Come on, the sheep are a topos.). After all, those videos are the equivalent of the so-called "puttan tour", but without the funniness and the avenues of Bologna. Information equal to zero.

So, there are things that leave me perplexed, both seen from here and in a possible Italian application.

Let's start from the German situation.

  1. Of course. They pay taxes. But that's not true, because at most the Germans (who are very few and very dear) pay taxes, the others are people who spend less than 183 days in Germany a year, so they don't pay a chip of taxes. They come from surrounding countries, and it happens to be poor. So no, the prolet remained prolet. And they obviously don't have any Krankenkasse, so no "medical checkups".
  2. The demand scenario is horrible. I don't want to propagate the history of easy Germans because I have never had particular problems even in Italy, including Sicily. But it is a given that I can go to Bolkerstrasse, sit in a club like Da Spiegel, order something to drink, and I will go home with a woman if only I avoid being drunk before 9pm. I don't say "I like it or not", but I say that sometimes "they know how to be a little pushy ".
  3. Even when leaving the trailer premises, when you are in the sights of a German you simply know it . Even if it happens by chance. So we have to ask who the hell goes to an escort in Germany, since if you have a minimum of social life (social. Do not "drink beer in the background": Social.) You live in a rain of cunt (and no, I do not look very much like Brad Pitt). And the answer is that if we exclude rich people who bring the escort on the yacht, we have men that no woman would want to cross on a dark street. People who need a psychiatrist more than a prostitute .
  4. Prostitutes grow old. And with pressing competition from young African, Asian, South American and every other poor country, as the youthful beauty fades, they are forced to accept more and more. They drag them to BDSM premises for example (and if you are NOT really masochistic they are acid cabbages) you see them available for practices that begin with "faust", various excrements, and after some time on the ads you see written that you can "negotiate in private". Negotiating privately means that over 45 is a job that, to put it mildly, goes from sewer to stable . But the retirement age is MUCH higher than 45 years.

Many investigations, including parliamentarians, have said the same thing, and it is among the reasons that have pushed sexually liberal countries (like the Scandinavian ones) to ban prostitution outright. (Seriously do you need to pay a woman in Sweden? But have you ever entered a Swedish brewery, have you ever had a beer in the lobby of a hotel in Sweden?)

I do not want to make stereotypes again (since the right is trumpeted even in Italy, albeit under the cover of all Catholic feelings of guilt), but honestly I drink the story of the "need" very little. And I repeat: I'm not Brad Pitt. And I don't even look like it.

It is definitely not the show that is painted when it comes to "legal prostitution".

But now let's go to the Italian speech.

  1. Giving a legal framework to something, in a country that overtakes the legal framework, is simply a pathetic display of supposed good feelings. Ultimately, it is said that the country that fails to curb the exploitation of precarious workers should regularize prostitutes. Seriously? Would the country that cannot stop drug trafficking, now associated with the prostitute (no one can exercise in the apartment without the coke packet), be able to put the prostitute "in safety"? You can't park without paying an extortionist an abusive valet, and would you take out the pimps?
  2. Legalizing prostitution in a rich country and doing it in a poor country are different things. Of course, if it is possible to invest 200,000 euros to make a BSDM Dungeon Club you can also be sure that there will be showers and condoms in a brothel. But Italy is no longer a rich country. Let's talk about Italy. Of poverty. Of general need. Of women in difficulty.
  3. A widespread middle class is missing. If I decide to be pitied by a woman I could also pay those 200 euros per hour (I see on the advertising that is the price of a twenty year old) plus the extras (such as tasteful spirits, etc., that the brothel provides. discreet night, as I am told, costs between 1000 and 2000 euros). But I belong to the full-bodied middle class of IT . In Italy, on the other hand, the average customer pays a maximum of 50 euros, and the crisis situation worsens. What kind of environment do you think you will find in a brothel?

To this is added my personal anti-bullshit filter. That activates every time someone tries to convince me that it is good for women , including feminists.

  1. no, it's not a job like any other. For this reason, if your wife becomes a dentist, you are happy for her. If she gets to receive bids, get divorced instead, and ask the judge to blame her. You don't believe it either.
  2. no, it's not a job a woman could want. If you enter any university and ask the girls "raise your hand who dreams of sucking the cock of a Bulgarian truck driver who has religious problems with the shower", you probably wouldn't get much consensus. You don't believe it either.
  3. No, it's not a free choice. Otherwise I would find representation from every social class among the prostitutes. But you only find women who had financial problems. Few daughters of billionaire families. Few women who really had a choice. You don't believe it either.
  4. No, it's not a progressive environment. If an Italian or a German is more expensive than an African or a Czech, there is a substantial underlying racism. The Aryan race of the situation pays for itself, and it's definitely not a leftist thing. You don't believe it either.
  5. No, it's not a matter of self-determination. We are talking about women who, in order not to miss a few days of the month, take the pill without a rest interval, in order to make the cycle disappear. What body self-determination are you talking about? You don't believe it either.

So no, ultimately, this trend of the new course of Exor seems to me simply the usual attempt by the Savoyard bourgeois to do what they have always done: consider Italy a territory occupied by the Piedmontese army.

And you know, the occupiers always have rights over local women. That the south of Italy has already been designated by international finance to become the Mediterranean Pattaya is a problem that you should think about.

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