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priority issue

These days criticizing capitalism it is comfortable. Also because all populist parties try to appear “revolutionary” and the only way to do this is to repeat the parrot crap do you hear in a movie about communists. So in the end all these ignorant parrots continue to blather of “growing inequality” and “exploited workers” without knowing what they talk about. Because one thing is certain: the.

We can summarize it this way: a stable system to remain stable, and requires that 90% of the population is underpaid, facing the growth of a country will react by moving underpaid in other countries. So if today the system is based on 700 million Chinese underpaid and China takes away from poverty 700 million people, if the system remains in balance 700 million underpaid will move elsewhere.

it is true that inequalities in the US and EU have grown, but i am convinced that if infilassimo also in calculating the state of the planet, we would discover that it is true, the Western workers have lost income, but they did it on behalf of others who are now better. Moral of the story: in fact inequality and exploitation are moved around the world. Then, If India and China before entering the capitalist circle and then pull out of poverty almost a billion people, somewhere in the world need to jump out of one billion poor and exploited.

But this does not happen because someone stole something to someone else: this happens simply because any highly complex system moves from one state of equilibrium to another, and if a capitalist system remains in balance (and you do not pass to a balance that would not call “capitalism”) then conditions are maintained.

is as the second principle of thermodynamics: the end if in an adiabatic system pressure and volume remain those, if a cooled part heats up somewhere else. There is no way to escape. Stirling docet.

In this sense, inequality and exploitation are not “ancillary products” or “waste” or “problems to solve” are simply the way capitalism works. Before now we did not have much problem because the inequalities were spread geographically to favor the US and Europe. Now that they are distributed say “cross-borders”, for social rather than to national boundaries classes, it has become a problem even in this corner of the world.

That the poor Africans emigrate in Europe or Europe’s money emigrate in Africa, in all cases the inequalities and exploitation will move if the Africans were not exploited at the beginning of the supply chain in the tomato harvest, they will be exploited in a low chain in ‘ canning (maybe doing it in Africa) or in the delivery. But this is the “design” of capitalism, and this remains. And since the design of capitalism, it is not a weakness.

the weaknesses of a stable system before they are NEVER from its design. If a system reaches equilibrium and maintains it, the design is correct. The problems are always fatal by factors that were NOT included or provided for in the design.

Those who strive to understand what weakness will produce the end of capitalism and its passage to another system do not have to search through the features of capitalism. It is like saying that mammals will become extinct because their body behaves badly. No, it behaves very well: if anything will happen extinction like the dinosaurs will be something external.

Similarly, if you want to locate the systemic failure of capitalism and free markets in general, it should be tried among the things that capitalism is not designed to do. That is: the choice of priorities.

Let’s take an example: when in China there were 700 million poor, capitalism was not an issue. It was urgent to get them out of their country, make China a developed country. And then we have to ask ourselves why this happened. And the answer is simple: this was the priority of the Chinese government.

is the Chinese government to set priorities: for the capitalist system, China could easily remain a third world country that supplied slaves. BUT at some point, the Chinese government has decided that his priority was to remove poverty from 700 million poor in 30 years, and they did. To do this they sacrificed a generation of workers, who sacrificed environmental security of their country, and several other things, which possibly had a lower priority.

And here is the point: at some point in 30 years the Chinese government takes out of poverty 700 million people. A titanic, never succeeded in any Western ruling class, only possible for a property of the Chinese government:

the government can decide what the priorities for a given population. Neither “the market” nor “capitalism” are able to do so.

Some idiot will say that capitalism’s priority is to “deliver value to shareholders” or crap like that, but it is useless tautology . Because capitalism is a system that defines both the value that shareholders, is like saying that my priority today is to respect the Maxwell Law. Why, I have a choice?

This is the environment, the external design of capitalism, that will produce the collapse.

Let’s take the recent news. Here comes Apple and invests in some disaster area, taking the most brilliant engineers. Ok. So now we have a nation that struggles to bring running water and dispose of waste from the streets that employs the best human resources to write the next “Scorreggiona App for Iphone.”

Let’s see it in terms of priorities:

  • Remove waste from the streets avoiding epidemics.
  • Bring real running water in homes.
  • Make the App Alzatette for Iphone with AI photographer the hag with sixteen boobs.

If you were the government of the country X, and you had only, say, 100 engineers, where would you put them to work? The answer is that honestly there sbattereste the fuck American tardone who want selfies with sixteen tits, and would employ the best minds in the country in the things that have higher priority .

For example: a house is burning. The host assured the house for six hundred thousand euro, while renters do not have life insurance. Firefighters can use CO2 or Xeno (a neutral gas) to extinguish the fire, at the cost of killing the occupants. Or they can save the occupants, at the expense of the house.

If you put an insurer to make the choice following an economic criterion, he will not consider the priorities, but only the Cost . And order to save ‘ Building off the occupants. On the contrary, for the fire service priority is to rescue the occupants regardless .

It may be argued that the insurer’s priority is to reduce costs, but things are not in this way: when I talk about priorities I refer to a decision taken BEFORE evaluate pros and cons in a specific situation, while the insurer must evaluate the pros and cons, costs and benefits, and then make the decision.

a priority as “think before human beings to be saved” was given to firefighters fIRST to know the costs and benefits. While the priority “minimizes costs” it requires an evaluation from time to time before deciding what to do. Similarly, ” prevent epidemics is before programming the new Apple App Alzatette “is something that the government can decide FIRST to know the costs and benefits.

When you decide a priority not yet know the benefits and costs of its implementation. it is general and abstract. capitalism is incapable, given any population, to decide the priorities. If you ask an insurer to tell you whether the fire if you have to sacrifice your home or you have to sacrifice the people will say that “if the house is ensured and it is for a higher amount, then you save your home. Otherwise they save the occupants. If neither of the two institutions, it is (or are insured for the same amount), then it is indifferent who to save.

< 'p> But this requires a case by case decision, while a priority is, in fact, a priori.

And that’s what capitalism can not do: set priorities for a population. It knows how to fix some decision criterion for economic entities, but can not do that for entire populations. However, capitalism must involve entirely whole populations to survive .

So we can summarize:

  • Capitalism knows only stare decision criteria, and only for economic entities with capital.
  • capitalism to survive must also involve the population that does not have the capital.
  • capitalism does not know how to fix priorities of a population.

THE third voice is exactly the weak point and is the point of collapse. Take for instance Trump. You can tell that his priorities are questionable, but when he says that he impippa of how much money the companies to Mexico, because priority are the workers (voters of American white trash), is setting priorities . It probably has assessed the impact, costs, consequences or problems that will result from this lineup (and it is clear to everyone that did not abia) but the point is that Trump is hitting American capitalism from the side where it can not produce answers .

If some capitalists wanted to fight back and say “no, are other priorities”; Trump could even fuck him asking him “here, tell me what are the priorities < Russia has stabilized after the collapse of communism and would have done anyway. The balance we have achieved, however, is not the best: in much of Russia (the main cities excluded) the lives of more would be considered unacceptable for us Westerners. The per capita GDP is also low compared to the cost of life, and the life span is terribly short of us.

However, like Putin, for one reason: it does what a capitalist system can not do. Fixed the priority.

For now, the populists have only a smoky perception of the problem. They spit at random phrases like “before the countrymen”, but lean obsolete categories as “nationalism”. But the problem is not the nation or identity. The problem is the priority.

Right now, in a more or less clear, the people have understood what can never be a system dominated by capitalism: a clear list of priorities on which to plan. In a nation that has priority to promote the industry your infant may well choose what school do and what work to prepare. But take this PRIORITY and let it do the market, it will tell you “the jobs of the next decade do not yet exist.” Aha. Beautiful sentence. But for the guy who has to choose his own high school, what the fuck it means ? Nothing.

A phrase like “the nostrie priorities are chemicals, textiles, agri-food and” might help in the choice of how to invest the resources that They are not renewable : the boy has only one youth. Capitalism does not harisposte this: he says “test, if you choose the wrong address will discard you and will throw you away like a shit and I’ll take another.” Definitely not enough to drive a choice.

This is the collapse point: the ruling classes are asked to establish a list of priority that are abstract, general and priori , that does not depend on the contingency or the economy. If firefighters have priority to save human lives, it does not depend from the contingency or the economic situation: the remains. Who is calling the fire department knows who will try to save people first and then things. Finish.

If you call capitalism will tell me ” Sooner or later some intellectuals will realize as the center of everything is determine what are the priorities for a population . Once the problem of priority will become clear, all parties will have to live prioritize response. Since capitalism / marketism did not, in their design, to establish the population of a given priority, it will not keep the agreement.

And from there, the end is marked. No human system survives without widespread support.

But if you deceive, like the veterocomunisti, that capitalism will collapse for iseguaglianze or exploitation, escapes the point. Capitalism is based on these things. No building collapses because it has too strong foundation.


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