QAnon is the strength of reality.

I see today's new Satan is called QAnon. I believe the QAnon story has been told in every possible way. The trouble is that it has been told in all the ways that are possible to politics, that is, to a branch of aesthetic philosophy.

I would like to tell QAnon on another level. Which is not that of the particular aesthetic philosophy that is called "politics", but on the phenomenological level. With a touch of rationality and connection with reality.

So let's take the Epstein case. A gigantic circle of billionaires and very powerful politicians who have the hobby of fucking underage girls, and in exchange they spin a little money around another rich man who has built a fortress-system capable of entertaining them without risking being caught .


I am saying apparently because it IS NOT MATERIALLY POSSIBLE to keep a conspiracy a secret involving hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Unless you kill them all like Baron Harkonnen did when he built his underground shelters, there will still be a layer of people who remain alive. In the case of Baron Harkonnen those men who had built the shelter were killed and placed inside the crypts – inside the shelter – so as to never be found again. In theory. In theory because, unless it was the Baron himself who put the bodies in the crypts, other people were needed to go there and put them on the crypts. The thing is easily solved: by killing those who know and avoiding putting them inside a crypt within the same shelter, it would have been avoided that anyone was aware of the shelter.

But Epstein's problem is, he couldn't easily kill all those people. His private island was in need of maintenance. Someone had to fly a plane full of 14-year-old girls. Someone had to clean those rooms. Etc.

Besides, the girls weren't killed. It was therefore inevitable that the word would spread. But not because some girl would report the traffic. In many cases they were well chosen, among families who needed money, and / or among minors who ran away from home.

So a girl tells a friend. To the hairdresser. To the cousin. And the voice starts running.

But so far nothing happens. The powerful may well silence a hairdresser who goes to the police and says "a 14-year-old client of mine told me that".

But the plot lasts for years. Years and years. The hairdressers multiply. Obviously, in word of mouth the thing is distorted. The statue with an arch becomes an image of the devil. Holidays become satanic ceremonies. Clinton's husband becomes Hillary Clinton.

But everything starts from reality.

The problem with entities like QAnon is that they have the ability to attract the dust of chatter and turn it into a story. This story will contain all the logical elements of reality, but it will upset everything else.

And that's how Epstein's golden world becomes Pizzagate.

There are always two stages in the formation of conspiracy theory.

  • The reality is pulverized in a series of small leaks, which are then distorted by word of mouth. During word of mouth the dust of truth is also enriched by the personal theories of those who spread the word. If the hairdresser who receives the confidence is Christian then the devil is added to Epstein's parties. If the hairdresser is a believer, then there are aliens too.
  • In the second step, a dust attractor is created. Someone creates a site like "quiticrediamo.5chan.hxx". On this site all the dust is grouped. The dust aggregates: but what aggregates it. What is the glue? The story of the Christian hairdresser who tells of pedophile parties with Satan and that of the believer hairdresser who has pedophile parties with aliens have one thing in common: pedophile parties. Around "pedophile parties" they aggregate, and in the end it will only be said that there are pedophile parties with Satan And The Aliens. Or say that Satan is an alien.

This phenomenon is known as "religious syncretism", and it has happened much more than you think: if you have four churches dedicated to the foreskin of Christ it is not because Christ had Chtulhu's dick, it is because they were temples before. of Priapus. But since between "Christian temple" and "priapus temple" the only thing in common is "temple", then it remains to write a corollary that says "Christian = priapus". And Christ's foreskin does the job well. Excellent and abundant, it seems.

Likewise, we have a whole speck of truth flying over the nation. These particles are based on a core of reality, then enriched by a layer of fantasies.

When the forchan of the situation arrives, the particles of truth attract each other, and form the strong core of the theory, namely that "the elites celebrate pedophile orgies with girls who can be ordered as on a menu 'in a pizzeria'". All the stories that have this story in common attract each other. Attached to them is a whole mass of imaginative dross, which then constitutes "the mountain of shit" in the conspiracy theory.

But the problem of the mountain of shit comes when, digging into it, among millions of tons of shit, you also find the vein of gold. Billions of monkeys typing on a keyboard at random will produce a giant mountain of shit, but also an absolute masterpiece .

Likewise, in conspiracy theories you will find immense mountains of shit, but if you dig, and dig, and dig again, you will end up finding reality.

Taking reality out of all that shit is something that, for some reason, happens very easily when you create groups where people exchange ideas anonymously. Those that have parts of reality in common aggregate, agglomerate.

There are therefore different ways of extracting the little gold from the mountain of shit: the first is to make the GCD of everything that the different versions, the different theories say. It is therefore necessary to deal with all the shit, divide it into factors and do all the math.

The second method is to leave it to an algorithm that I would define "evolutionary": the winning theory, which creates a huge movement of believers, is the one that managed to keep the original nucleus by creating the most economic syncretism of the elements fantastic.

Just as the church of Christ's foreskin is a temple of the big dick, as much as a temple to Priapus, syncretism has created an economically inexpensive theory: Christ was Jewish, and therefore he was circumcised, and since we do not want to imply that had it small, from Priapus' cock to a piece of Christ's, the step is short .. And if there are more churches than Christ's foreskin (In addition to Rome, the possession of the Holy foreskin was supported by Santiago de Compostela, Coulombs in the diocese of Chartres, from the churches of Besançon, Metz, Hildesheim, Charroux, Conques, Langres, Antwerp, Fécamp, Puy-en-Velay, Calcata and Auvergne) then there are multiple versions of the same story, and you have to take the part common: in that building the divine nerchia is worshiped.

Similarly, between the Epstein scandal and the Pizzagate there are common elements, in all versions.

  • Economic and political elites celebrate pedophile orgies.
  • It is possible to order minors as per a menu.

There is only one element that exists only in ALL versions of Pizzagate but it has not (yet?) Emerged from the investigations on Epstein: in all versions of Pizzagate some minors were killed .

This applies to all conspiracy theories. These are accretions, agglomerations that contain a nucleus of truth on which a whole storytelling converges made up of additional fantasies that have aggregated during the stay of the "dust".

Let's go to the history of the "deep state". How does such a conspiracy theory come about? So, let's take an example. Tens of thousands of black slaves work in the countryside to pick cherry tomatoes, and then sleep in entire neighborhoods made of tin shacks.

Now, in a country where if you add a veranda you find the traffic cops getting you a fine and you have to ask for permission to move an INTERNAL wall to your home, one wonders if by chance some person in uniform does not turn the other way when he sees the slum. And one wonders why the countless anti-mafia authorities see nothing, and do nothing, when they have demonstrated (during the lockdown) that they have the military strength to own the territory far and wide. And one wonders how the political world tolerates this, and tolerates these pockets of real slavery.

The traffic cop who pretended not to see the slum when it consisted of two or three shacks certainly wasn't afraid of being punished for it. And the politician who pretends not to see is certainly not afraid of being punished by the voters. And so on.

Consequently, we can think that there will be crowds of "secretaries", "tomato industrialists", "employees of the municipality", "employees of the region" who have received specific orders, or at least a green light, in letting it go.

Now since keeping a plot secret is impossible, clearly all these people are talking. They tell about agreements. They tell of some convenient agreement between tomato industrialists, mafia, human traffickers, landowners' associations, mainstream journalists, and all that.

These particles begin to fly. The African woman forced to suffer sexual harassment by the corporal adds to the rumor of voodoo rituals with aborted fetuses. The voice of the politician who does nothing to keep the votes is added to that of the kalergi program and of the wife who gangbangs blacks (the role of porn in these phenomena should be explored).

After years and years, the conspiracy will inevitably come (which already exists, if you look for it well on the net): there is a secret government plan to replace the white race with blacks, and the most involved people only women of the left parties, who love to amuse themselves with the bat of black slaves. Left-wing males, on the other hand, are amused by the abortion of black slaves whom they themselves rape and employ as maids.

With the plot done, we can now imagine taking the mountain of shit and looking for the gold vein. Then you can take the different Italian versions of the conspiracy, the one where it is Vendola who bought the son of one of these immigrants from the family in exchange for citizenship, and that of D'Alema's wife who loves being bitten by Africans in LegalPorno style. Both are conspiracies, but… what do these two stories have in common?

The fact that government and institutions, coherently, consistently and for a long time do not dismantle the phenomenon of African slaves in the Apulian countryside, for reasons of personal convenience.

This is the strength of QAnon: the ability to aggregate voices that are cores of reality covered by majestic layers of bullshit, pornography and superstition.


Is it possible to destroy QAnon on the internet?

I have bad news for you: no.

To attract and conglomerate these theories, you don't need a gigantic space of propaganda experts. You don't need the huge building of Orwell's Ministry of Truth.

Just a simple anonymous forum, a space of secrecy and freedom. It doesn't matter if it's / pol / from any chan, or a secret Facebook group or Gab himself.

It doesn't matter because the reality part of these rumors is incredibly prone to glue and attract. It is like the densest matter that forms the planetesimals when a solar system begins: these stones bring with them even lighter elements, but they will be pushed later to create the final structure.

The battle against QAnon is simply lost from the start, no matter how many debunkers you can field: first of all, the debunker will always be embarrassed when it comes to the reality core (American debunkers themselves are "a little in embarrassment "with the story of Epstein / Pizzagate, now that the core of reality of Pizzagate has emerged).

And this is the most paradoxical thing:

  • plots as they are portrayed by conspiracy theorists cannot exist because no plot that enlists so many people can remain secret without emerging with a certain narrative consistency.
  • Since no conspiracy that enlist so many people can remain secret, every conspiracy theory that emerges with some narrative consistency contains a core of truth .

Then, as in the case of the slaves in the tomato plantations, there is obviously no conspiracy. But there is the core of truth, that is the will of the institutions to leave the Apulian countryside in the hands of the slaveholders and traffickers of men.

And when the core of truth emerges, it is never the conspiracy theorist who loses face, but the debunker. Just as the Pizzagate debunkers lost face with the Epstein scandal, groups like QAnon will always manage to inflict hard blows on the debunkers.

But why can the Epstein scandal and the Pizzagate end up on the same level, when all the circumstances are different, and only the concept is the same?

Because we are in politics, and politics is a branch of aesthetic philosophy. And on the aesthetic level, between a cat sitting on the table and a salad with a recorded meow under it, the difference is little. In any case, there is always something on the table that meows and ostentatiously ignores you if you call it, and so there is a cat .

QAnon is much stronger than you think, because beneath the layers of bullshit, pornography and superstition that cover all conspiracy there is a very robust logical core of reality .

And that will go wrong with any debunker. And bad too.

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