Rape is the new hymen.

Rape is the new hymen.

From time to time I go for a tour of the Italian press and find a series of cringe. A really stupid cringe: I'm talking about those "showwomen" who after ten, twenty, thirty years decide to tell (strictly in tears) about the time they raped them (and nobody noticed).

I do not want to investigate the physics of this phenomenon, for which a woman suffers a rape so terrible as to burst into tears 25 years later, only to tell it, but no one had ever noticed this before . Not even at home. Not even the companion. Not even the best friends.

In order to clarify the "mystery", I therefore wish to introduce into the blogosphere a category of women that has never been (in my opinion) adequately described: the repentant bitch.

The repentant whore belongs to that category of women who:

  • They give it away in exchange for some advantage, normally in the form of a career, but also a comfortable life or simple gifts, when not a sexual pleasure experienced as a fault.
  • They do not get pleasure from it, or deny that they have tried it, or if they try it is in spite of themselves. Or so they say.
  • Since they have grafted a Catholic conscience to them (1), some time later (2) they have to find a good excuse to rebuild their lost virginity. I'll call it a reputational hymen.

Before we go any further, I better explain the last point.

  • (1) By "Catholic conscience" I mean a particular type of conscience, which does not judge the person to whom it belongs, but its reputation. The Catholic conscience, in fact, is not activated when the person does something wrong, but when it is discovered. In fact, those with a Catholic conscience do not mind that their behavior is that of a good Catholic: take care that their reputation is that of a good Catholic.
  • (2) "Some time later" indicates the moment in which the "gossips" are activated, and the behavior of the person begins to leak as gossip before, up to being a truth socially known, for how much it can be silenced or only murmured. When the murmur, the chatter or the obvious disgrace arrives, then the reputation is in danger, and the "Catholic conscience" is activated.

When the "Catholic conscience" is activated, the repentant whore is forced to recover a virginity, or to find a justification for her actions. This justification must reconstruct a reputational hymen , or a condition that demonstrates:

  1. That sexual activity was not voluntary, but due to force majeure. Some prevailing force, benign, neutral or malign, peaceful or violent, must be called into play to show that "she did not want it".
  2. That sexual activity produced no pleasure. It must be shown that the person did not derive any pleasure from the thing, if he tried it he did not want it (and in any case it was a pleasure "in good faith" or "reputational neutral"), and in any case did not reciprocate.
  3. That despite the repentant whore is a victim, she could not in any way stop this abuse, on pain of serious retaliation that no one can quantify or qualify, but would exist in the mysterious female world.

The excuses that repentant whores have invented over time have changed, but the requirements have always been met.

The first and most abused was the ammore. The ammoremoremmmoreAmmore. The first and most common type of repentant whore is the one who did it all by accident. From now on I will use the term "ammore" with two 'm' to indicate the particular meaning used by the repentant whore, and to distinguish it from the normal "love" with a single 'm', a feeling that other people feel.

The admiration respects every requirement mentioned above: it seems to be a force that no woman (as a woman) can escape, who prevails over female will, takes away from the woman any reasoning, self-love, critical spirit. (but then those who reason with the bird are men, mind you).

Historically, the repentant whore does not go to bed with someone to benefit from it: she falls in love with it. (or says do it).

Obviously, sexual activity done by "love" does not produce any "pleasure", in the hedonistic sense of the term, since sex done out of love is angelic, orgasm is called "ecstasy", cock is called " member "and the pussy is called" meat ", and all the bullshit you can read about Harmony.

Equally obviously, the ammore is depicted as a force that cannot be disobeyed, let alone rebel against it is allowed. Once taken by the admiral, the victim is exonerated from all responsibility, from the moment that such a force has come into play. The woman in love seems unable to understand and want, reduced to a minus habens. In comparison, a man who blindly obeys his cock looks like Mr. Spock.

This reputational hymen remained unaltered for whole centuries, until postmodernism took the place of romanticism, and people began to doubt that the amor is such a cogent force that it could erase all reasoning, self-respect and spirit critic from a person otherwise endowed with intellect.

In reality an even stronger, but wicked, form of ammore has existed. It was "the dimonium". Even diabolical possession was a form of reputational hymen. And it was actually used: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caso_dei_diavoli_di_Loudun ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aix-en-Provence_possessions

The details are fun, but if you don't feel like reading the Wikipedia links, here's how the question was painted:

Rape is the new hymen.
For the record, at that time all the foods on the table were described as aphrodisiacs.

But now the good old devil has gone out of fashion, just like the ammore.

And what does postmodernism bring out to you? What is the most popular simulacrum today?

Rape to the remote past . In this condition, it happens that the repentant whore gives it away in exchange for her career, until her "mysterious career" begins to show through what she is: a fur bond with someone "who can". Obviously there is envy, so the voices always exist on all women. But when someone sees you leave the house of "him", when a paparazzo has a photo of your "secret holidays", when they see you leave his office "with the bib", then the voices become detailed and the reputation is in danger.

In general, at this point (if possible, that is, if the client is not married) the admirer is brought up, that is, one tries to give the public an "engagement". That saves the reputation, justifies the "proofs" and then ends shortly. But if the male of the situation is married, or simply does not intend to be seen around with a drooping lip, then from the point of view of the repentant whore something must be done.

It is patience, it expects, and in times no longer punishable by the law it is reported "a rape". In front of as many people as possible. With tears. Without specifying who, where, how. "In his office", "in his car", "in an elevator", but he never says which one. We never say who, (unless we use the expedient of "queuing", as many did after the case of Weinstein came to light: to date, there are five cases of rape in the American police open against Weinstein, none against Italian women, but you will remember well what happened after the case broke).

Now that the #metoo has become fashionable, obviously the real rape victims are awaiting trial, but the repentant whores dominate the scene . You can rest assured that Weinsten will pay for the "violence" of aspiring actresses who lay on his desk knowing full well the rules of Casting Couch, but you can rest assured that the number of repentant whores who will queue up to rebuild a reputational virginity will be of (at least) an order of magnitude higher.

And when Weinstein is convicted (according to the case opened by the police, for a maximum of five women), all the other repentant whores (there are several dozen) will be able to rebuild the hymen of their reputation, saying "have you seen? It was rape. " Repentant whores, that is, love the reputational train , that is they love to tag along with the real victims, sailing in their wake. The practice is forbidden in cycling, but the repentant whores do not usually pedal much.

Obviously, even rape to the remote past respects the three requirements above:

  • Violence takes away all responsibility from the repentant whore. If even a young girl in full form is raped by an obese old man clearly unable to run ten meters without dying of breath, it will always be said that "he was very strong". Which overwhelmed her. And not only was he very strong: he was also very fast, to the point that running away was useless: of course, he was an obese old man unable to get up from a chair without pointing to the arms, but a girl in full form thirty years younger could certainly not beat him in speed and escape.
  • Being rape, sexual activity gave no pleasure. Let alone.
  • For reasons that reside in the mysteries of femininity, it was not possible to report it immediately. Indeed, more often than not the thing is repeated, the "victim" continues to frequent the torturer, and to appear at each appointment.

Now, someone can tell me that "I don't understand the woman" enough to understand why one behaves like this. Already'. All right, I don't understand the woman. But being a man, I understand the man. Better than you women. Enough to say "that didn't really rape anybody." For reasons that you women cannot understand.

Because if it is true that I cannot exclude the possibility that one has been raped "because I do not understand the woman", it is also true that I can exclude that one has raped, "because I understand the man".

I don't like to resort to anecdotes, in fact I won't do it. BUT I want to tell you a brief case history. At the time of university I met two repentant whores. One used a very strange technique: when she wanted to fuck, she got drunk, got fucked by one or two men at a time (I heard about mythological numbers, but I don't know whether to believe it), and then she said it was alcohol. Alcohol (which evidently drank under a medical prescription) was its reputational hymen . In her Catholic morality she was not the bitch: it was the fault of alcohol.

Now, I can say that it was not rape: when all the students in your course know that it is enough to invite you to a party and offer you alcohol to play the little gangbang with you, and it happens once, twice, dozens of times, maybe you should suspect that no one is abusing you by "giving you alcohol". Or do you have a problem of overt alcoholism (which is badly suited to your university career, in this specific case rather profitable), or … could you simply avoid these invitations, especially in the company of friends who are equally whores and equally repentant?

Obviously I don't understand the mysterious reasons that push the female soul to make and redo the same mistake dozens of times, but knowing the male soul I can exclude that the students who invited her (and her friends) to alcoholic parties were rapists. For reasons related to the knowledge of the male soul, which you women cannot understand.

Another example was a decidedly more pathetic case. One day I go out with a "friend", but really a friend of those from friendzone (those who hate you when you say you don't care, in short), who tells me that she was raped.

Twenty-three times. Kinkily. In a guy's mercedes. With which she went out. The ritual was always the same: he went to pick it up at a agreed place (the parents didn't approve of it because of the age difference), he took it to the restaurant, to the cinema, to the sea or everywhere. He paid for it. Then he gave her a gift, usually expensive. Then they stayed in the car, and buggered her. She went to the appointment practically every week for several months.

I don't know what happened, if the town is small and the people murmur, in short, the repentant bitch has decided to give us a cut and has decided to have been raped. In my youthful naivety I asked her why she never reported it, if anything, talking about it with her mother (since her parents were against it, and the country in question was really small), but in response I caught the usual lecture that "I don't understand what happens in a woman's mind, how she feels, when she is raped". Same thing asking for what the hell of a reason he kept showing up for the next appointment: “horror! I don't understand what happens in a woman's mind, how she feels, when she is raped "

Well, my answer is that instead I know WELL what happens in the mind of a male when he meets an adversary student who asses you if you toss her in a luxury car, give her gifts and pay her the bill for cinemas, restaurants and everything. It's not "rape". E '"I met a young bitch who gives her away for two lire". And no, a rapist is a different kind of male: for mysterious reasons that reside in the male soul, and that you women could not (r) ever understand as well as I did.

The real question is: how to avoid the repentant whore ? The problem is that this type of woman can really ruin you, and the most terrible thing is that in practice she will offer you, she will sleep with you pretending consent, and then come up with rape when her reputation in danger will not awaken his Catholic conscience .

There are several ways to remove them. First, you can randomly take the speech of some other repentant whore, and verify that:

  • If he believes that there are forces (admirable, devil, "mysterious feminine reasons you cannot understand", "matrimmonio", "bammbini") capable of turning a woman into a minus habens to anyone's goods, better let it go. He is practically certain that he is a repentant whore. Alibi is just being prepared.
  • Those that say that for a woman it is possible to completely simulate sex. Whatever a certain American film says, doctors can determine whether there has been rape or not with an exam. It is done after every rape. There is a part that cannot be simulated . If a woman thinks that some little scream or some sigh is enough to simulate orgasm (any unlikely 1970s statistic is in her favor) she is a repentant whore , an alibi is being built to say "but I didn't like it : I pretended ”.
  • Unlikely compulsions. When a woman says that there are compulsions (inscrutable to men) for which a woman fails to denounce, or rebel, or is forced to lend herself, in conditions in which it would be simple to behave differently, she is a repentant whore who is building a alibi.

These three symptoms are simple enough to sgam: when you have the doubt that someone is trying, it 's better to check immediately . Take all the time you need to make the speech in the most unexpected moments, and try to understand two things:

  • If you believe the three things above.
  • If you need to believe it.

The first thing is a clear symptom: you have a repentant whore in front of you. The second is aggravating, because if the person needs to believe it (or if he reacts violently to the doubt, even veiled, of the truth of the three headwords above), then you face the worst of the worst of the worst that the feminine gender has to offer: " the repentant whore with a latent Catholic conscience ".

It is a monster that can do two things, one worse than the other:

  • Denounce you for rape when your consent was clear to you.
  • Instead of denouncing you, get married.

The second option is typical of repentant whores with a latent Catholic conscience .

Because there is one last type of reputational hymen that respects ALL three requirements, and it is matrimony. (always with two "m") For some reason, it seems that women marry while not wanting it, due to phenomena such as "youth", "ingenuity", "innocence" or "I was in love". Since matrimony is a reinforcement of love, it has all the qualities of love, plus the social legitimacy of a beautiful ceremony. Ah, there are also "the bammbini". Always with two “ms”, to distinguish them from real children, who instead would understand the choice to fuck off the “violent” (if it existed).

But the problem, if you marry one of them, is not so much the fact that you will tell everyone the worst about you, to ruin YOUR reputation ( if it happened that all your friends started avoiding you after the marriage: now you know why ) but it will make you pay a very hard price even in the marital thalamus: the need to deny in retrospect of ever having pleasure, in fact, will make the sexual life of the couple frustrating and very tiring for you, and as if that were not enough she will leave you with guilt feelings (her own) at every fuck. And believe me, a latent Catholic conscience of guilt has huge amounts and varieties. You will pay a duty so hard that it would be better for you never to be born: I have seen men reduced in that state, and I want to shoot them down so as not to make them suffer again.

So, to recap:

  1. Repentant whores exist.
  2. They are the female equivalent of the rapist: better to never be alone with them in an elevator or in a room. They should be kept away, ignored, simply removed.
  3. There are techniques to remove them in a few minutes, during a gallant dinner or an appointment, if they are colleagues just throw some speeches by chance, in front of the coffee machine, or during lunch breaks. Just check the three points above.
  4. Once sgam, you should NEVER allow them to come closer. The first appointment should always be taken in a public place, with many witnesses. Or it should be recorded with a spy pen. ( https://www.amazon.de/s?k=spy+pen&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 ) If they ask to be accompanied after you understand who they are, pay them a taxi. Or place a dashcam in your car: https://www.amazon.de/s?k=dashcam+auto&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  5. If you turn out to be repentant whores , after you take them home, erase them from your existence. Via the number from the phonebook. Delete emails from your computer. Never again alone in the same room if you work together, and if you have to, record everything with a PC, a mobile phone or a spypen. They must become invisible, as if they did not exist. Good morning, good evening, and go.
  6. If you have recorded trips together on a dashcam, save the movies on some cloud. If at work you use a spy pen to record the moments when you are alone ( https://www.amazon.de/s?k=spy+pen&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 ) always save the recordings on some cloud, and do not lose them. Always remember that the repentant bitch can come back years later: the first time someone (a) remembers them "but in the meantime you went out with him". At that moment rape will be invented.

Here, repentant whores can defend themselves. Not all women are like that, but repentant whores are very numerous. And the #metoo will make them even more numerous (however, reducing to silence the real victims: no one denies that rape exists). Therefore it is necessary for the modern male to resort to means of self-defense.

And nothing like technology can help the modern male. For the record, both spypen and dashcam are perfectly legal. Perhaps the spy pen is an extreme case, in this case use a mobile phone.

Just know what to look for, and you can avoid them.

Ah, yes: if they ask you why you suddenly got into the habit of avoiding them, send them a link to this article. Or save it in PDF and send it by email.

If I must be hated, it is better to do it well.


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