Reverse psychology.

reverse psychology. ​​

If you had to describe the last two days of futile Italian political saga, the ‘expression I would use is just “reverse psychology.” The reverse psychology is a technique that is used with those opponents who say the opposite of what you say in principle.

Renzi has always said, supported by a robust movement #senzadime, he would never have made any alliance with M5S. Zingaretti, d’Alema & Co., however, were always vague. All Emiliano & Co. court were eager to ally with them.

But as soon Renzi said, “evaluate”, here is that the Democratic Party has suddenly decided, clearly, you never have to do this alliance. The same Zingaretti that the alliance has done it in person.

But because the Democratic Party has said no? For two reasons:

  • To give him Renzi. If Renzi says one thing, the rest of his party says otherwise. A stack of idiots of galactic proportions.
  • To give him Renzi. Because renziani up a large part of the Senate, a hypothetical PD / M5S government should recognize Renzi a lot of space.

Since the unnecessary party is moved by trivial reasons (but seriously: what the fuck is, exactly, the PD?), it was easy for Renzi bring about location ever, just doing a bit of reverse psychology.

And the funny thing is that now the “consultations” you will do with PD who says it but also not, and if anything went to shit will not be Zingaretti to accuse Renzi if the country goes to elections, but will Renzi to accuse Zingaretti.

Basically, if the tax increases, it will occur that shit machine grillina accuse the League to have brought down everything, while Renzi accuse Zingaretti for his opposition to an anti-tax government.

But even Salvini has a reverse psychology problem mica recently. He keeps saying that he will resign, but it really can not do that. If it wins the vote of sfuducia in parliament, it would seem to be kicked in the ass. So, Renzi has pushed for a no-confidence motion against Salvini on purpose, because at that point Salvini will say “I will not resign”. Affixed to spite Luca Renzi and exciting SissyBoi Morisi. (Oh, Daddy, yes! Like this! Do not stop!).

 reverse psychology.

But not Salvini also step down for other reasons: first are going to get (the director BuzzFeed announced) new revelations on the “case Russia”, and Salvini needs to be safe against any requests for authorization to proceed. And since faces jail, he must do everything possible to have every possible protection.

In addition, after the motion of the government’s distrust, Mattarella might consider inadmissible resign, since the would work the government in business until the new government.

This worries Salvini have against Toninelli and Thirty means that migrants would find open ports and Navy would fetch migrants with Diciotti, and without the complicity of Defense and Infrastructure, Salvini can not “close” ports. At most it can stop people at customs, which is often not on the platform. (In this case, should pray that no German philanthropist another ship gifts to Carola Rackete. Otherwise this doorstep arrives them to him.)

In short, Salvini has many good political reasons to run away, but excellent political reasons stay. How long? Eh, you do not know, because the shot of Renzi has just “authorized” Mattarella to begin a round of consultations, that given the confusion of the PD could last a lot too. Enough to make it rain on ‘the rise of Italy’ VAT, with the league still in government, at least officially.

But in any case, always worth the reverse psychology: if the motion of no confidence Matteo Renzi he was to pass, would Salvini also political reasons for not to show that he was kicked by Renzi. And then say “no I resign”, if only because after the no-confidence motion in the government could not.

Basically, all this mess need to nail the League to the government and get the ‘increase in’ VAT. And even if the league were to blame someone, the PD would answer “we are all ‘ and played reverse psychology with the pile of idiots who now heads his party in order to force them on its position.

  • For M5S is comfortable playing the part of the widow, because in this way can accuse the League the profit and loss account in arriving.
  • As soon will come the rise of ‘tax, which will happen:

    • Renzi Zingaretti accuse of having stopped the PD / M5S government that could (?? ?) stop rising. And he even wanted to. However, the Democratic Party is in opposition, so it has nothing to do.
    • The PD accuse the league of having caused the disaster, while flirting with M5S, so make sure that shit machine is grillina outbursts on leaguers.
    • <> the Northern League will be nailed them to the government, by Salvini that does not present itself to the advice of ministers, or rather that is present when someone in the north will begin to remind him that the ministers and should do something to stop the disaster.

    practice, the tactic is to wear down Salvini and meanwhile Renzi has a sub-tactic to wear down Zingaretti.

    In all this, the BND waiting for the right time to “paint” the Italian campaign of new “facts” of Salvini and Russia.

    To say that Italy is governed by the most deadly pile of history is little idiots. Not even Trump on acid manages to be as stupid as Zingaretti and D’Alema.

    But the point is that the last cycle of Pigs comfortable coming. By now financially the Italian government is bottom of the barrel, and there will not be another treasure to spend. Never again.

    Whoever wins the next election, you will regret bitterly that I did: the next government will have to explain to courts of whores and parasites that can no longer be maintained.

    “Explain to spoiled children who can no longer sleep with their pony” is exactly the theme of the next 20 years in Italian politics.

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