Rotten apples is back.

And now that the events of Piacenza also arrive, the usual sellers of indulgences are back at stake. These are the usual pushers of "few bad apples", "few isolated cases", and "antibodies".

First you need to start demolishing this dialectic.

First, the story of the "few bad apples" is absurd. It is absurd because I could describe what happened by saying " many bad apples", or " too many bad apples". I use this objection as an example to make one thing understood: it is not clear how many bad apples are few , how many are many and how many are too many .

How many carabinieri of this type do we tolerate? If the tolerance is zero, as they say, then it is clearly not "few bad apples" but " too many bad apples".

If, on the other hand, a criminal association of about half a dozen people is considered to be "a few bad apples", one wonders what the number would be to talk about many bad apples. 100? 1000? How many?

Then someone will say that they are few compared to the total. Okay, but the question remains: how many do you need, "compared to the total", to talk about "many" bad apples? What is the limit? Who decided that? Who discussed it ?

If we ask the population, probably the answer will be that zero tolerance is required. In this case, however, there is no mention of "a few" bad apples but of MANY bad apples, if not TOO many bad apples.

The history of the few isolated cases is also very doubtful. We are talking about a military system in which a group decides to do a little bit what the fuck they want, and nobody notices it. Is there a single barracks at will, able to notice that a certain group of drug dealers is immune? Have these NEVER collaborated with other barracks, so as to be in a position to betray their protégés?

If that barracks was really "an isolated case", the problem then is that apparently the barracks of the carabinieri are isolated , in the sense that they do not talk to each other and do not exchange information. And they must also have a very sturdy system of segregation of information, because I am beginning to wonder how a drug business emerging in the city has escaped the carabinieri of the other barracks. Does the shop follow the territorial division of the barracks?

I'm sorry, but hardly a barracks that organizes a drug dealing business, passing unnoticed to the other CC and police barracks, can be credible. It is clear that the humid network is MUCH more extensive.

I do not want to give credit to the rumors about the road that carries cocaine in the trunk of cars, but honestly the suspicion that "something like this could happen", now, someone should come.

The history of antibodies makes us laugh. We could quote Aldrovandi, Cucchi, and now this, and all we see is that these characters are NEVER taken in the context of investigations within the police. And indeed, every time it happens there are always omerta ', attempts to cover up, and disciplinary measures for colleagues who "betray" by witnessing the crimes.

But then again, if someone also wants to believe these "antibodies", can someone show me one? Can anyone show me the procedures, mechanisms, institutions that supervise, say the name of their manager?
In some countries there are secret services dedicated to this. In other countries there are "disciplinary police", ie bodies disconnected from the police but in charge of investigating and punishing. These are "antibodies": they have a name, a command, and a responsible officer.

If there are these antibodies in the CC, can someone say what the supervising entity is called, how many men does it have, who directs it? And maybe ask him why he obviously failed in Piacenza?

It would also be time, therefore, to cut us off with these excuses. They are very easy to dismantle, and after a series of analyzes they produce the "shit on the fan" effect. If someone were to open the box of the "few bad apples", the "antibodies" and the "isolated case", they would do nothing but go out even more shit.

It would be time, if only to prevent someone from asking questions, to change your excuse.

Because with 23 million cameras / microphones in Italy, also called cell phones, sooner or later the real shit will break out.

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