Still on the unspeakable.

Still on the unspeakable.

Italy has transformed a fake Prosecco distributor into a diplomatic case while it is trying to make little mention of yet another tribute paid to the master Trump: a nice -4.3% of industrial production. Not much different from the -3% of Germany, which is more robust and pays a lighter account, but unlike the German press, the Italian one is supine in saying that "it's bad luck".

No, it's not bad luck. It's Trump.

I have read an article these days that said this:

Still on the unspeakable.
According to Repubblica, duties and the absence of investments weigh.

First of all, you don't understand … the duties? Which? Those against Italian products are certainly not 3.4% of GDP. And the absence of investments. Again, one thing is not clear: that the amount of investment decreases profits. The large German groups that are investing crazy amounts in electric cars, in fact, are presenting lower budgets for this reason. So if the Italian industries had invested, there would not necessarily have been an increase in industrial production.

Obviously, according to the Republic, the fact that Italy is a strong exporting country, the second industrial economy in Europe, is in no way affected by the fact that someone started a trade war that devastated international trade, after having blocked the executive body of the WTO by freezing the appointments of the judges of his court.

But no, come on, it's bad luck. And the lack of investment: as if in a period when money costs practically nothing, not investing was the new hobby of industrialists.

The courier, who would be the newspaper of the Italian finance, not even ventures a minimum of explanation hint: 11EA-91c6-061fa519fab0.shtml

It is falling for mysterious reasons. Or rather, no: China is slowing down.

Still on the unspeakable.

But let's be clear: a real trade war unleashed by Trump has nothing to do with it. China slows down by pure chance. The bad luck. Traffic. The cynical and cheating fate. And the locusts. Never forget the locusts. China puts the brakes on this, because that's what the Chinese do on the weekend.

The Press does not even try to give the news of the collapse, that they are now the doormat on the door of the White House and still a clever operation arrives on the Republic: the separation between trend data and raw data.

But the journalist does the masterpiece, who to better taste Donald Trump's ass decides that it is …

Still on the unspeakable.
… "exogenous variables". Stuff not to believe. BUT at least tell us what Trump's ass tastes like?

One thing is absolutely clear: Trump cannot be said to have made an economic disaster on a global scale. It cannot be said that to enrich a few Americans it is devastating the planet's economy.

The team order is clear: defend Trump, at any cost. Hide what he's doing to the economy of the whole planet. It must not be said that it is harming us.

Apparently, this is the most subversive thing possible. I am not surprised by the newspapers linked by the right, which have ALWAYS idolized the most rapacious aspects of American capitalism. In a sense, these newspapers are the usual toilet paper in Trump's toilet.

But what is perplexing is how obvious the story is. If we compare with the German press, the comparison is merciless:

Still on the unspeakable.

Still on the unspeakable.

On the contrary, the Italian press is so "differently brave", or "really sold", that it goes to lick the hands of those who are leading an economic crisis in the country. Country that, unlike others, does not have the resources to deal with the crisis: If last year Germany put aside 300 billion of trade surplus to face possible winters

Still on the unspeakable.

Italy, on the contrary, has only debts. What should you face a cold winter with? Yet, despite the major exposure, the Italian press seems very determined and coherent in HIDING the problem to the population.

It is a fundamental thing, because it explains how Brexit was born: the British press has for years diverted the disasters made by their governments' ultra-liberal policies, accusing the European Union of any dysfunction of a strangled welfare state. Until at a certain point, the British took it out on the EU.

And I am convinced that, although in the face of the clear trail of rubble that Trump leaves behind, the Italian press will be silent.

Feel free to make a comparison. Compare also the mess they made for a Prosecco vending machine in London, with the practically total SILENCE on the duties that Trump has just imposed on typical Italian products. Does it seem to you a rational attitude, or perhaps a stable order, to fly over any damage Trump does?

Now, I will be honest: when a country has the press that Italy has, and when it allows a small minority to guide practically all the mainstream press, it deserves nothing else.

But I will laugh enough when you discover one thing: that with peace of mind of Mastrobuoni, crises always kill the weakest of the strongest.

And when the Italian newspapers start to whine that Europe is doing nothing, maybe there will be some people still intact who will answer "why don't they pay you enough to lick Trump's ass?".

Because in the end, this is talked about. There is talk of the fact that you are betraying your own country, hiding news from the public, just because you have sold yourself.

You have succeeded, dear Italian newspapers, in the very difficult task of giving Beppe Grillo reason: Italian journalists are whores.

And not so beautiful either.


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