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The Minneapolis cop is the embodiment of the biggest problems in the United States:
1) confusing personal freedom with private interest, and consequently exercising force to protect the latter instead of the former
2) to consider oneself cops of the world, authorized to use any means of abuse of power to impose their own authority as if they had invested with a saving morality, and whoever does not return is to be terminated

On the other hand, if you read the documents relating to the Afghanistan scandal you will find chilling reports about the Kill Team, which killed random farmers for fun, left a loaded Kalashnikov or a stolen grenade somewhere to pretend that he was armed, and then pretended that he defended himself against a terrorist who raised his arms. Inexplicable how the relatives of the victims suddenly joined the Taliban en masse and the war continued with constant attacks, who knows why.

Or the way in which checkpoints are managed where there are NATO contingents on a peace mission. The Americans (and French and English) stop a car pointing their weapons, the driver is made to lie on his stomach with a soldier holding his leg on his back and the rifle loaded and unsecured on the back of the neck, the others check the trunk and seats , if they find nothing, they lift the victim from the ground, abruptly push him back in and order him to evict otherwise he will get into trouble for obstruction and conclude that if you do not move away from the military there must be a reason and you are a potential threat. In the Italian ones, however, the carabiniere kindly stops the vehicle, says good morning in the local language and asks for the documents. Meanwhile, his superiors have formed a dense intelligence network by making agreements with local leaders and organizing moments of conviviality and meeting, exchanging food and drugs. Obviously where there are Italians there are almost never attacks and the situation is calm, when the turn passes to Americans, French or English something always happens. Given that Americans, French and British do not like to admit that they are not the cops of the world named after everything and who must be obeyed, they spread the legend of the corrupt Italian military who make communion with the enemy by giving them food instead of doing their duty under service.

It is not even surprising that there is now guerrilla warfare in Minneapolis, it is the American way of managing things and it comes back on time (Los Angeles 1992? Miami 1967?)

And this is not the first black man killed for a very excessive "culpable excess", think only of Eric Garner in 2014 among the most famous and covered by the media. It is only the latest in a long series.

Having said that, a security problem that forces the police to take on certain connotations exists, and ignoring it will not create a fair society where the abuses are correct. With what I say, I DO NOT justify what the Minneapolis policeman did, but I analyze the previous situation that led to a certain state of affairs. There is a relationship in which American society sows wind, collects storm, and reacts with the same storm. I am not justifying this second storm, but analyzing how it resulted from a first storm (the causes of which are the seeds thrown by those who in the end can not help but appeal to those who trigger the second storm).

First of all, I doubt that the policeman intentionally killed the victim. He wanted to hurt him, to abuse him, to subdue him, to make him understand who is in charge and who has the biggest and hardest cock to fuck the other, to enjoy his explosion of male virility towards what he thought was a possible suspect. But the intent was not to kill him, also because otherwise he would never have allowed a movie to be made. He was unable to manage the situation, nor his strength, with a mediocre control that anyone who did judo or jujutsu would recognize, and he ignored the poor man's complaints believing it to be a staging. Why did you ignore them?

In the policeman's mind, if the black suspect had a weapon and pulled it out they would have killed him instantly and there would have been no scandal and no debate about it. Why did you think this?

As recently confirmed by a Harvard study on the homicide rate in the USA, black victims are exactly the half of the murders that occur every year in the USA. The important thing that this study shows is that in 93% of cases these murders of black people are "intraracial", that is, committed by people of the same ethnic group.
Also in the African American community, the greatest cases of illegal possession of weapons, armed theft, violence and robbery occur. And it is certainly understandable that there is a background social problem, and racism in American culture, and of poverty and social tensions, but among Latinos, Italian Americans, Asians the rates are lower.
Again, I am not justifying the policeman or saying that black people are looking for them, but analyzing why he reasons in a certain way. And I'm not even saying that African Americans are intrinsically delinquent, but only that "statistically"; that is, on average, certain things happen more in their community; among Latinos or Asians the poor and degraded contexts are less and when there are generally they are less poor and degraded than African American ones. But it remains that the number shows that statistically, with all the contextualizations and sociological motivations of the case, crime is more widespread in certain environments, and American police officers have adapted to the ending results, not to previous causes.

In this video a policeman stops a suspect and threatens to grope him if he does not show his hands:
You could say it's a police abuse, why would you ever threaten a passerby?
If it were not that the suspect shoots him, blood is seen while the policeman asks for help on the radio. He was right.

The cops see that black people commit multiple crimes, and link color to crime propensity, and react accordingly. People are afraid of black people and the cops themselves are often victims of black shootings. This is why with a black they are often more nervous or more impetuous. Again I do not justify them, I analyze why they do this. The same is wrong, but in the meantime I connect the dots.

But this is not even an absolutely exclusive question of blacks in reality: in this other video a white driver is stopped, but he draws a gun and the policeman reacts by shooting: = zWxHTCEwqWw
But given that the contexts of poverty and degradation are more widespread among African Americans, among these there will be more episodes of crime and violence at gunpoint, and therefore there will be more equally violent reactions from the police (and consequently also more false positives towards suspects who later turn out to be innocent).
If tomorrow by magic all black Americans become rich and wealthy while Norwegian immigrants are poor and forced to live in shit and turn to crime, we would see the cases of black kids who were shot when they extracted their wallet or mobile phone, and increase cases where the violent arm of the law treats Norwegians on the street in an unconfident and gentle manner.

The American police are aggressive because violence is commonplace in the United States. And the American police prefer a bad trial to a nice funeral, even for situations that seem absurd to us from the couch.
The one in the picture is Natalie Corona, who died while asking for a license in a car accident, they didn't even put a knee on her throat until she suffocated her: they shot her straight in the face and then they also shot the rescuers, and there is no 'no videos and no NBA champions on their knees to commemorate it.

The American road is literally the wild west, and at every corner a boy with wide pants and a sweatshirt with a gun can come out and shoot yourself if you ask him for the documents, to the point that he has come to be wary of those who hold his hands in his hooded pocket, and then maybe he just holds a lighter in his hand.
Again, I DO NOT justify the cop's behavior. But just as crime among African Americans is contextualized and understood, I do the same as to why the police in the USA have an easy trigger and are so inclined to react disproportionately, with 4 armed agents to stop a single victim suspected of counterfeiting a check.

And this situation depends on a previous context that has origins in another context to understand, whose roots are to be found in my initial words: in the United States, perosnal freedom is confused with the protection of private property, and we believe that crusaders of democracy to whom everything is granted instead of the guard dogs of private interest, and it is no wonder if by sowing wind they gather storms, to which the American system itself responds as every American executive framework does, from the posts of blockade in Iraq at the beaches of New Orleans: shooting the storm caused by their own system, only because the authorization to bomb Hurricane Kathrina would not give it either.

Unless it is about not paying taxes to the British crown: in which case they all agree to make the revolution.

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