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They passed me a comment from some naturalists and animal rights activists that wolves would not attack humans. This is sensationally untrue, as can be seen from this list which in fact tells us that in the world they happen quite often:
Pero 'the rationale added behind it is right, that is that wolves are normally NOT interested in man, do NOT see him as a normal prey, and where they are used to his presence they fear him. One thing that can be seen from the list is that the attacks are now concentrated in Asia, with dots in Europe where there are the former countries of the Soviet Union, that is, attacks that occur in areas with low population density and with vast wild clearings, that is, where the territory is now heavily populated, attacks no longer occur even if the presence of flocks is documented (or, cynically said, the flocks are no longer there for easily understandable reasons). In Italy the last case occurred in 1956 against a postman and for the first one it is still necessary to go back to the 18th century, in Germany in 1977. If the animal rights activists correctly identify the fact that man is not a normal wolf prey , however, fail in identifying in this the possibility of coexistence with wildlife. As the cases with bears with the Italians must have already taught, with attacks that occur only when some idiot goes where he must not go and does things he must not do in the woods and does them in the worst possible way, coexistence exists when there is separation between the two worlds, the wild and the human, and where wild beasts learn to TRUST man and STAY AWAY from the areas in which he lives. Very difficult thing when there are few humans around and getting close to them is not a risk. Having wolves, bears or tigers walking peacefully in your home garden or living in the midst of pristine prairie is not a symbol of peaceful coexistence and in harmony with nature, but it is an invitation to bring probability closer that an accident occurs at 1.
Another thing to note in the list is that many cases have been reported as attacks due to rabies, which is not a beautiful disease, and which is much more frightening and ugly than coronavirus, only that the latter is transmitted. even just exhaling and not because we were bitten by wolves or bats. The rabies has been eradicated from western Europe, Italy included with massive intervention campaigns in which bites containing vaccines were administered so that they could be eaten by wolves, foxes, badgers and so on. This was because it was decided to intervene, and to intervene with the wildlife for the sake of public health, managing it instead of leaving it untouched, and both humans and wildlife benefited from it. It may appear a contradiction, to say first that you have to separate the two worlds and then that you have to intervene and therefore interfere, but it is a false contrast: the intervention is targeted and planned, and is NOT equivalent to living together with the wild beast, in fact, the morsels were left abandoned so as not to get used to the animals that where man passes, food is left. Occasionally more invasive interventions are practiced, such as capturing an animal, examining it, in case of medical treatment, then releasing or killing it if nothing can be done. Also in this case, it is not a question of inviting the animal to his home, and the act is made possible precisely by the separation between the two worlds for which he borders on the other in order to guarantee the safety of his own and prevent some angry creature pushes himself to attack a human, when if he were not angry he would stay at a distance (the rabies virus interferes with the nervous system and makes the creatures aggressive and easily reactive for attack rather than escape, which also facilitates the spread of the virus which would otherwise disappear if the infected animal isolates itself from others). Although those who prefer to leave nature untouched always and in any case may not like it, in cases like these it is not only lawful but it is necessary to intervene causing an alteration in the status quo, and the act WORKS for both man and wild .

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