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An unrecognized rapper says he prefers hairless and feminine women. This obviously triggers outrage and protests: how dare, cowardly sexist, have aesthetic preferences! Very well, we morally prohibit the development of tastes and preferences, indeed you know that I say A Law is needed.
But I expect anyone who has this opinion to be consistent and also apply it to inverted parts, and it does not result in cases where a woman must be free to have her preferences and not be criticized for this, because she is free to do the his choices etc.
The law is equal for all. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions and as we know, the farm animals are all the same but some are more equal than the others …

In all this we forget that there are women who love to be female, do not like to show excess hair, they love to feel desired by men who are looking for just that and nothing else. But they are obviously subversive victims of the Stockholm syndrome, mentally plagiarized victims of internalized male chauvinism who must instead deny and repudiate their inclinations and preferences to adapt to those who have decided that they cannot be had, right?

Usually at this point the precise objection emerges "but the patriarchal system sees the power centralized in men and for centuries the dominant culture has been male-dominated!", Which is in practice the standard answer to justify any revanche even minimal. Well, I tell you clear and round: 9 times out of 10 this objection does not make the slightest sense.
Imagine any lawsuit between a member of a category perceived as "dominant" or "privileged" and one perceived as "discriminated". Would you apply two weights and two different measures in judging the case? A Nigerian who crossed with red would be subject to a lower pecuniary sanction than a German from Karlsurhe with blond eyes, because poor man the first is a veteran of colonialism?
“But in reality, reverse cases happen! In the USA, black / women are judged more often and more heavily for the same crime! "
We agree that the US is a delusional country that is in the hands of republican teocon and in the hands of liberal democrats, acts as cops of the world, crusaders of the modern world invested with the moral task of civilizing the world according to their canons (change only that in one case it is a matter of imposing the vision of the tea party for which the consenting and regulated slavery would be legitimate, in the other the ivy league vision for which if you make a mistake using a pronoun that is not sufficiently inclusive in an official document you should be fired ). So it is clear that there are distortions.
Too bad though that I am NOT saying that the system is perfect and no mistakes happen. On the contrary, the fact that injustices exist is emblematic that the criterion of equality must be respected, otherwise what is sought is not justice and equality, but the retaliation. This is why we cannot justify ourselves with patriarchy and past sins.

It is a horrendously ancestral thing: I straight white male would be virtually a potential culprit for what has been done in the past, an original sin that someone has compared to the son of the mafia boss who, even if he did nothing, enjoys the consequent privileges to the father's activities, it is the fault of the barbaric blood that shows her the clear victimistic, vindictive and retrograde mentality behind. Faida, guidrigildo and ordalia were more advanced legal systems, perhaps even Hammurabi's coupon.

Keep in mind all those feminists who use this justification out of proportion, because they say they want justice, but in reality they want revenge, they say they pursue fairness, but in reality they seek spite and counterpoint. They want to propagate a mechanism of hatred and frustration, also for this self-attributing the misfortunes of other women as if they had been their victims, and concatenating all the negative elements among them as if a sinful sin was a drop that goes to make up the sea and therefore to be feared like the stormy sea itself. You can not want the hair on a woman, otherwise you feed a system that leads to rape and femicide. I still await the papers that prove it. You can't say you don't appreciate women with hairs, downright horror, because there are women out there raped and killed by their chosen boyfriends. The proof of the link between the two is missing.
"But you don't know what it means to live every day feeling constantly observed, judged even for a hair out of place"
I reveal a secret, or rather three:
1) very often you are not at all, it all happens only in your head (no, I am not saying that women are hysterical or menstruating) and if you feel insecure, aesthetically inadequate, with little sexual currency that can be used compared to other people, well, then think if maybe you are not female incel, and consider that the world goes on the same
2) when it happens to you, it happens to the others and to us evil patriarchs, only that we either live very well the same, collecting and without wanting to establish a new ethical-social-political system only because we have received a comment on the thread of fat on the sides, or when we complain we are ignored or automatically approached the incel phenomenon
3) in many cases the apparently bad jokes between men are not really bad, and not infrequently we also insult heavily and then exchange beers in friendship, I have seen women not understand shocked how it is possible to maintain cordial relationships with people who " in your place I would have burst into tears ”, and on the other hand women capable of real malice and cruelty with sibylline and malicious comments, often to the detriment of colleagues (which for some reason is traced back to patriarchy, it would be the fault of the male-centric social system that puts women in competition with them … I also await here the papers that prove it, especially when behaving badly are women who have nothing to do with male approval or competition).

And so, trapper, I'll tell you what everyone should care about the fact that you don't like women with mustaches: the same as what women should say that they don't like bald or short men: that is NOTHING .

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