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I guess you all remember Brazil's defeat against Germany in 2014 by 7-1. The Brazilians have only managed to make a paltry goal of the flag in the last minutes after being overwhelmed in a sensational way.
Now imagine that I make a highlight that documents ONLY the Brazilian goal, titling the movie "Brazilian footballers humiliate Germany, look what a great goal, the Germans could not do anything" in the caption. The footage actually shows the Brazilians scoring goals and the Germans not even reacting. Only you know the reality, and that is that in reality the Brazilians had been LOSTING badly up to that moment, and that talking about humiliation for Germany sounds so ridiculous. If there was a humiliation, it is for Brazil, only that I would have slyly omitted it and distorted the reality of the facts.
Some might even add that in all probability the Germans did not react because the game was over and won by now, otherwise they would have defended themselves effectively.
Basically, if one celebrates the Brazilian goal of 2014 as an example of great game and greatness of that team, you would consider it a fool, and with good reason.

All this tells us that sometimes we can also show a truth, but pass on an antithetical message to reality, because we do not show ALL the truth. All the elements have to be put on the table before conclusions can be drawn or a path can be established. The teaching is that truth and reality do not necessarily coincide.
The example of the football debacle is in itself bland and harmless, but consider that very often, in everyday life, such cases occur for more important issues.

A politician could show you a single episode of excellence, convincing you to vote for him, trusting that in the meantime you will have forgotten all the previous failures. Or he could point his finger at a recent opponent's mistake by omitting all the times he has done well in the past. In fact, close to the elections it always works. NOBODY systematically remembers all the controversies, scandals and accusations of any period, everyone gets used to assuming that something happens sooner or later, and in the end we vote only for sympathetic polarized party and for what is the tension of the moment .

Someone could show you a video of a friendly training without load in which a Rafale or a Eurofighter "shoot down" in a close maneuvered duel an F-22 or an F-35, to proclaim the uselessness of the machine, without however telling you that before there were 9 other simulated duels in which the F-35 virtually shattered the Rafale pilot, or that the car was still in a non-line version and that now has received updates that make it much more maneuverable and fearsome.

Someone could show you a single case in which a state or a region of excellence suddenly stumbled making mistakes, even serious ones, and could take advantage of the opportunity to turn your finger in the wound and diminish, while at the same time enhancing your momentary virtue despite looking back a few weeks, only bad figures emerge on their side. Maybe someone from certain regions of Italy where corruption, inefficiency, patronage and various other negative cultural traits are endemic, could remove the pebbles from their shoes and spit on other regions of Italy that support the economy in precarious conditions and for once wrong. As if the Brazilian footballers in 2014, after scoring goals, had mocked and insulted the German ones, judging them incapable for having scored goals as amateurs.

Maybe someone can point the finger at Italy's most efficient and virtuous countries, because after having made 7 goals in a row, they have now suffered one. Ah ha, what losers, said who scored those goals and now has done that of the flag.

But then the games end, the referee blows his whistle, the final 7-1 remains, and the goal of the flag counts 0. Someone remains a winner and someone remains a loser despite the last goal, and will have to prepare to go 90 ° when he leaves the stadium while the hated rival will restart and continue in the round. I am curious to see what the economies of the European countries affected by the covid will look like in a year, and in ten years. Who will be the locomotive of Europe, a country where you can live happily, with prosperity, investments, development, the possibility of making a career and building something. And who instead will be aboard a decaying wreck convinced however that he is the special child of the world, to whom everything is due because in the past some of his ancestors raised the cup and because now he has made an alleged goal in the last minutes.
I wonder what you compare … uh, wait a minute.
Sorry, I was taking Vaseline. We were saying?

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