The accounts of the disaster.

I don't think there will ever be a Nuremberg for how this disaster was handled. Someone who wonders if by chance the problem is marginally the virus, and much more the way it has been handled. For these things there are never trials.

Nobody ever tries opportunists .

But let's take a step back. And let's ask ourselves why a virus that has, according to the calculations of the ISS itself, a lethality of 1.1%, has become a tragedy capable of devastating the economy, collapsing health care by sending doctors to treat the sick without tampons and without equipment.

It seemed like a small problem. It was. It is. It is a virus whose distribution is concentrated in groups of the population

The accounts of the disaster.

it is such as to be an otherwise simple problem to manage. It was essentially about isolating the elderly. It could be done in a spatial sense (in the sense of segregating them in special spaces) or temporally (one day a week they can go out only, the other days not, etc.) But nobody did it.

And so an epidemic that causes little more than 1% of deaths, in an age group where they coincide with people who already had a high probability of dying, has been transformed into a tragedy. ALL possible mistakes have been made. All. I believe that if someone had started doing it on purpose, nobody would have succeeded.

How was this possible? Personally, I have a guess. I repeat: personally and conjecture . The disaster is the result of opportunistic attitudes.

Do you know those who say "there is an opportunity behind every problem"? They think they are great managers, but usually they are just petty opportunists, who cause more damage than anything else with their short term and small cabotage decisions.

And when they saw the Coronavirus coming, the opportunists saw us an opportunity .

When the Chinese closed in and stopped production, instead of preparing they saw the opportunity to take the place of Chinese companies . And now that the Chinese are stuck, they must take advantage of the opportunity . And to take this precious opportunity , industrialists beg to remain open.

In the Italian government, the PD and M5S have seen the opportunity to put everything in Conte's head, hiding the mediocrity of a political class that is nothing short of pathetic and insipid. And go with the prime minister who decrees without organizing what he decrees.

The large retailers saw the opportunity to wipe out those boring stores, and moved its lobbyists. And so fresh food is rotting in small shops, it's running out in their freezers, while you queue.

The chancelleries have seen the opportunity to ask for the Eurobond, now that, as Mussolini said, they have a few thousand deaths to throw on the treaty table . In the US, stock exchanges had those four trillion papers bought from a Fed that was previously recalcitrant. Ditto in Europe, after Mrs Lagarde widened the purse strings.

On the stock exchange, now decayed companies such as Boeing have seen the opportunity to buyback and be recapitalized. As did Bezos who sold his own shares causing them to collapse and then bought them back to a minimum. It's called Buyback, and it made a lot of money, increasing its share.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and all the other IT giants have seen the opportunity to gorge themselves on data. Everyone, everyone, everyone has thought like so many Gordon Gekko and have not managed the problem at all, but the opportunities . And it's not over yet.

As I speak to you there is a gigantic speculation about the futures of essential goods, such as food, wheat, and many others. To secure the next harvest this summer. It means that in September the price of spending will increase dramatically, provided that the Futures do not begin to influence prices from now on. For speculators, a great opportunity . Even for Alitalia it was a good opportunity to be privatized. Also for Tui here in Germany.

Everyone looked after the opportunities, but nobody managed the problem.

That was dumped on the people, giving the ordinary citizen the task of doing … practically all the work. Stopping the epidemic is up to you alone , they say. Of course: since nobody else does anything, it's obvious.

But in itself this virus kills little. Not a little as much as a flu, but not as much. The 1% of the population concentrated among people at the limit of life expectancy (I know it seems cynical to say, but it is true) is all in all a "half-saw" virus, when compared to things like Ebola, Dengue fever, Zika , and others.

It became a disaster because everyone saw us an opportunity . The trouble is that too many opportunists sat at the table together.

And the bill is paid by others. People who die. Doctors who become infected because someone has seized the opportunity to sell swabs to politicians, actors, the wealthy and footballers, but not to the doctors who are in the ward.

They will pay? I do not believe. They never paid in history, and I don't think it will be the first time. Whoever killed the Jews paid in Nuremberg, but not the opportunists who took their money and brought it to Switzerland. Not those teachers who sat in the place of the Jewish teachers when they expelled them from school.

Because the criminal pays, the opportunist never.

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