The hidden war.

When reading the history of the Middle Ages, the catchphrase is the clash between temporal power and spiritual power. The students are smashed the balls with a reading of history that cannot be separated from the clash between spiritual and temporal power.

Now that the spiritual power is reduced to Friar's Calendar I guess to console the grandmother that the end of the race is near but she has never tried the gangbang, nobody notices that for some time a new clash has been going on: power thunderstorm versus financial power.

For years, states have been besieged by the Market Church. Just as once a papal excommunication was enough and the King went three days on his knees in the snow to pray to the Pope, today the excommunication of the Markets is enough and the Prime Minister is "replaced by a technician".

Just as in the Middle Ages epidemics played in favor of the Catholic Church, since it had the tales better answers for those who feared to crash (often, without ever having tried gangbang), in the clash between temporal power and financial power, which side is the coronavirus?

It depends. In places where the state is over-empowered, the inhuman God of the market is hated, starting with the Elites, whom it weighs to have to obey every market diktat, both from its citizen base, which in turn legitimize the state by voting.

So anyone who wondered why the measures against coronavirus are taken without particular protests from citizens has a very clear answer:

people like these measures because they kill the market. It is the largest, most international, engineered starve the beast strategy ever conceived in human history.

The malignant satisfaction of saying to the industrialists "we screw up your factories" is such that a legion of VAT numbers, temporary workers, various interns is willingly undergoing inhuman economic sacrifices.

The sybarite beauty of the collapsing bags, the photographs of the stockbrokers terrified by the numbers, as we see them in the front pages of the newspapers, their desperate calls for help, are music in the ears of the precarious, of the exploited, of the oxen park .

The hidden war.

And the states are taking their revenge. Never before has so much calm been seen as the economic system is collapsing. No such exaltation of the state and its means had ever been seen.

Do you still remember those who said that the market has the ability to regulate itself ? Do you still remember them that the state is a ball at the foot of the markets ? Who remembers the less state there is, the better it is?

No. You only hear their silence, and their pathetic prayers, directed to the state, where the state is asked to intervene.

In Germany there will be nationalizations for almost 500 billion Euros. Tui was the first, and now Lufthansa arrives, who is asking for state intervention. Deutsche Bank and others are lined up. The Italian government has just nationalized Alitalia by decree, and no one has moved a mustache. Even the U.S. government is about to save Boeing.

The coronavirus, in the clash between state and markets, is on the side of the state. No wonder European states are so calm about extending and tightening anti-coronavirus measures. Let's face it, if we go on for three or four months, the companies will be so nationalized that "Markets" will be what they have always been: a state department.

Apparently, the epidemic is about to decide the game of the century. Whichever country remains standing, it will be the one with the most powerful welfare , the most cohesive social organization, and whoever arrives AFTER will do nothing but try to imitate the countries where the coronavirus has done the least damage.

And if we consider that 4 or 5 per century of epidemics are foreseen, the "masters of the Universe" will have to begin to forget the times when the markets rated governments.

Now, in distributing aid and stimuli , it is the states that give the ratings to the markets. It is the states that decide you yes, you don't .

Starve the beast . If there had been no coronavirus, states would have had to invent it.


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