The lazy man’s catchphrase.

The lazy man's catchphrase.

The Italian press is a show that by now should interest more historians than ordinary people, to the point that it is now a kind of zoo, a safari park, where you can admire creatures now almost extinct such as "the master of the steam" , "The barricade trade unionist", "la madamin", "the boghesuccio pantofolaio", and more.

Today it is the turn to listen to the "bar master", a type of entrepreneur now almost extinct in the rest of the world, but still present in some Anglo-Saxon basements and in most of the Italian "companies". Here is the barito (a little tired, to be honest) of the "master of the steam":

The lazy man's catchphrase.
And since when do companies hire "doctors and economists?"

This lament translates to "we no longer have the queue of beggars outside the door, if this continues we will have to increase salaries!". Because this is about it: if you don't find something, its price should increase. But apparently, the harsh laws of the market were valid only when labor abounded (and then the price fell). Now that it is in short supply, and the price should rise, the market is the great forgotten of history.

But this is only a corner of the problem: to prove that the master of the Italian steam is obsolete for at least two centuries, and he survived only thanks to some specific governmental protections, and that is what they all do.

Let's examine the whole problem:

  • The carreer.

Suppose a young man sacrifices 3-5 years of his life to graduate, for which companies will he go to work? If we look at the Italian stock exchange, and we take the top 10 Italian companies of the stock exchange, we have a bleak show made of PUBLIC COMPANIES, shared by the state, or as for the banks, saved by the state. The rest of the private individuals are big suppliers … of the state. A show to say the least Soviet.

Now, the point is that in a public company one has a career in two ways, which from a military one we summarized as "the choice between brown and yellow". In a nutshell, either you blow someone's ass or lick some politician's ass. To work with it you only need a recommendation, but to make a career you need to choose between brown and yellow. Now, the question is: why would anyone sacrifice 3/5 years of their lives to be in that condition?

The alternative is small companies, SMEs, where the career is impossible: they are too small companies, becoming a CEO is impossible because the CEO is the founder / owner, and the career shots available are few and require wait for the place to be freed.

So the first question is: for which company should a boy invest his life? If I had to give an advice to an Italian boy who wants to make a career without having to make repugnant compromises, he would be "graduated and leave Italy". Point. Because if there is no career, you have wasted your time and your family's money on graduating. A graduate who does not discuss a career plan already at a job interview or has not understood what a job is, or has not understood what a degree is.

  • Statistics clearly false.

You have tried to deceive the people you were simultaneously educating to recognize such deceptions. For years you have tricked young people into asking them to graduate because "the highest incomes are concentrated in the hands of graduates". I do not want to discuss the fact that correlation is not a matter of causality alone, but the problem is that you have given up a necessary condition for a sufficient condition: the fact that the highest income is in the hands of graduates does NOT imply that graduate leading to a high income.

When I read the statistics on the salaries of Italian graduates (who closely resemble the German minimum income, but in Italy they are considered "lavish"), I feel like laughing. Does anyone really believe that PANZANE? It was obviously a matter of time and the deception would come to the surface. Today, as in Italy today, there are too many graduates working for salaries that would be illegal elsewhere in Europe, and since they speak, and speak to relatives and friends, the result is that nobody believes those things anymore.

Once you have lied to young people to have their tails out of the door, and you have fucked a generation, and then two generations, now the whole country resonates with the same song: "it's not worth it". And throwing up even more statistics in the country won't work: the anger of those you screwed will push them to sing the song "it's not worth it" even stronger.

Perhaps you could change the song by paying better the graduates you screwed, and then fill the country with living examples of how "it's worth it". But you will not, and you will try to fill the web with graphs on the fantastic salaries of graduates, whom no one believes anymore.

  • Nobody believes in work anymore.

In the last 10 years I have met a manager who died at 43, clearly dead from stress. In practice, killed by the company. Another went into "burnout", a form of depression that didn't end in suicide just because a wife was watching over him. Another is in rehabilitation right now, due to heart problems.

If I examine the private life of all those who have put themselves "in career", working as niggers to "realize themselves at work", I find private and family lives absent, non-existent, illusory or devastated. The concentration of "singles", divorces, devastated family situations, betrayals, children without parenthood (with all the problems of the case), among those who believed they were "fulfilling themselves with work", is appalling. Maybe I was unlucky, but after 25 years the odds that my personal statistics are wrong are falling a lot. Too much.

Are you wondering if two gays can raise a child, saying that the boy needs a father and a mother. If perhaps consistent, then, you should decide that two managers cannot raise a child, since the children of managers do not have, in terms of time spent together, neither a mother nor a father.

We can argue that parents should be of different sexes or not: I personally don't believe it. And I don't believe it because I saw the children of very heterosexual managers who didn't even have a parent in the end. Do you not object to these, fools?

In the 80s and 90s a generation was convinced that certainly, sacrificing their lives to "work performance" would pay because they would become demigods, beautiful, rich, attractive, sexy, dolichocephalic and full of hair. He would have paid so much, because "you can achieve", "you can have a career that you dream about": from the peculiarity of the slave, inhuman work has become "realization" if not "dream".

A beautiful deception. But today the country is full of people who say "it's not worth it". Women who arrived at menopause, looked at themselves in the mirror, and saw a useless breast and an empty belly, cold as a wet frog, behind the splendid designer suit. Men too close to retirement wandering begging for a mentoring role, any shred of importance for someone younger: a painful surrogate for fatherhood who never lived, if not biologically (in the best, but saddest, of the cases).

Entire generations of characters dressed as Milanese gravediggers, who have been convinced that they are "successful", until baldness, obesity and health have bent them, despite the costly Harley Davidson from mid-age or younger. Ducati motorcycles. For the poor, racing bicycles and the "dream of freedom" of a family Camper.

Pathetic failures, these "successful" men and women: they paid an illusory promise with the waste of their lives. Excessive work as success, as "dream", as "realization". They believed they would become demigods over 70 hours of work a week, and all they had was a diagnosis of stress-related heart problems.

There are at least three generations of these failed, cheated by the "work that makes you " scam, from the "career dream " that go around saying, if not in words with your own existential pitiful state, that is not worth the penalty.

  • As usual, the internet has arrived.

I conducted the experiment of porn advertising to understand the hostility of the great OTTs against porn. But one thing emerged: only by putting porn on this site, if I committed myself to serious SEO, could I earn an Italian entry-level salary.

Young people are literally hypnotized by the "Youtuber", by the "influencers", and the whole barrack. A culture has been created that links personal creativity, the capacity for relationship and expression to income. As if that were not enough, “remote” jobs are coming, which are done from home: emigrate without emigrating.

The culture born on the internet, which today improperly called "the millennials", is no longer focused on the possession of very expensive things. Of course, an iPhone is very expensive, but it remains in the thousand euro range. I'm talking about expensive cars, expensive motorcycles, expensive houses and more. And "millennial posters" like these are starting to appear around:

The lazy man's catchphrase.

The lazy man's catchphrase.

The lazy man's catchphrase.

Go ahead and do some research: you will find this.

The lazy man's catchphrase.
Do you think you are fooling them by putting a ping pong table on the farm?

This culture is coming. And do not fool yourself, like all American things, it is penetrating the web also in Italy, and throughout Europe. The Italian mainstream press is trying to hide it, but the phenomenon is spreading even among young Italians, Germans, French.

The improperly called "of the millennials", but their culture comes from a substratum of failures and scams that have cost happiness to at least three previous generations: you will never be able to convince them, because parents and grandparents will tell them "do well, not do like me ".

The slaves are no longer there.

Ultimately, the problem of Italian companies is:

  • You have nothing special to offer them in exchange for 3/5 years of their life: large companies are state-owned, where careers do not depend on studies and skills.
  • Your high-income promises have turned out to be scams, and a whole generation of scammed people tell it to the younger ones, all the time. Nobody believes in it anymore.
  • Your promises of achievement and dream careers have turned out to be scams, and a whole generation of scammed people tell it to the younger ones, all the time. Nobody believes in it anymore.
  • All you have done in the past has been to destroy human lives by convincing people that in exchange they would become demigods: the result of the lonely, failed and pathetic zombies that resulted is a gigantic deterrent.
  • A culture that rejects self-sacrifice as a value is born, and is here to stay. And no, it's not enough to put a ping pong table on the farm to rip them off.

You no longer have a queue outside the door because you have nothing so beautiful to offer, let alone ask the young to queue for 3/5 years. To sacrifice happiness with your extraordinary inhuman.

The dinosaurs didn't even realize that it was them who launched the asteroid.


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