The long road to chemtrails.

The long road to chemtrails.

When it is said that LaStampa, Repubblica and the Corriere are the three battleships of online journalism, we mean that in the end the groups behind these three newspapers control or influence Italian public opinion much more than many others. Perhaps the RAI still has weight among the old, but those who use the internet and go to read the news normally run through these three sites.

The problem with this cultural hegemony is that behind a cultural hegemony there must be a design: where do you want to take people? To which culture? If La Stampa seems more or less a provincial leaflet with ambitions (and an almost sexual fetish for France, to confirm the Piedmontese 'wannabe madaminesca), the Corriere deals with the usual pseudo-liberal indoctrination, and the only cultural agenda seems to be that of the Republic.

But if we look at the cultural agenda of the republic and the linked sites, such as "Business Insider" and "Huffington Post" and now "Mashable" we find a mix of clickbait and that Stupid 'Fashion that oscillates between the myth of Silicon Valley, the Idiot-Chic also known as Hipster, and a collection of bullshit on the wonderful world of IT that makes Casaleggio Senior's delusions pale.

The long road to chemtrails.
Of course. We all believe it. We are all full of belief.

What this article does not say is that the bullshit of "nomad work" or "remote" has spread to Silicon Valley when a frightening housing speculation has raised house prices, to the point that a $ 200,000 salary is just enough to pay for a single apartment and a sandwich a day.

With the result that it had come to offer, in rooms adjacent to the office, dormitories like these:

As a result, fewer and fewer people wanted to go to work in Silicon Valley, which is a failed social experiment (and a very bad one) and companies had to invent the "remote" job.

Which is not the oasis of freedom that the chick says: in the vast majority of cases it is required to install some software that reserves the right to take screenshots of your laptop, turn on the microphone and the camera and see who sits in front to the laptop. Also, if you are in Vietnam and open a meeting at 2.30 am because of the time zone, you must be there. Travel and ride a cock.

The one shown in the photo is one of those guys who seem to have found the only IT company in the world that never does a meeting , and the only "agile" company that has no ceremony, nor sprint planning meeting, grooming, demo, refinement, etc. So it smells bad to me already. If you then tell me that he did it remotely from the LESS area of ​​Asia, where a decent connection is very rare, I have to laugh.

I remember when those kind of things told her about Amway, but here we are on a worrying scale.

But this is the cultural purpose of the Idiot-Chic press, which is in the cultural project of Repubblica, and therefore of the Gedi group.

Turn the Italian people into a bunch of fashion-conscious wretches who can REALLY believe that if you lack bread, the solution is to eat croissants. Because it does so in ammerigamerigameriga.

Let me be clear, the arms of the Republic are different. Under the heading of Millennialism we have Business Insider Italia, which informs us every day of a new and upcoming Apocalypse. Not to mention all the paraphernalia of the perfect Idiot-Chic.

Now, the question is: but to flood a population with MINCHIATE what kind of cultural operation is it? In general, the answer is simple: get a population of Idiot-Chic capable of believing everything they read, for two reasons:

  1. They don't study.
  2. The bullshit they read is very Fashion.

Another weapon of Repubblica's cultural dullness is the Fuffington Post, which shines (in addition to the typical superficiality of the Idiot-Chic) also for the particular way of combining the news:

The long road to chemtrails.

One day the first page was used. If things were on the front page they were REALLY important, while in the following pages the LESS important things. This thing could suggest an order of importance of things. But in the Republic's stupidity strategy, the citizen must not be able to distinguish between a fundamental law on ethics and a mural: they must appear juxtaposed.

And if you think that the size of the ovens is sufficient to give a sense of greater and lesser importance, get this:

The long road to chemtrails.

Now what do we do, let's discuss the font? I do not want to comment on the Maionchi that says its in ethical issues: we all have the right to an opinion. The trouble comes when Brad Pitt's new pea nest is joined to the issue of freedom. Only the Fletcher investigating is missing.

Couldn't miss the moment-GenteOggi:

The long road to chemtrails.
We are waiting for Pavarotti, Padre Pio and Taricone.

And grandfather Carmelo:

The long road to chemtrails.

And did you know that the most powerful man on earth is on the front page as much as the tenor Gricolo?

The long road to chemtrails.

Let's face it: at this point we suggest that the Gedi Group also buy "Harrr", in order to publish news like this:

The long road to chemtrails.
What was the need for Mashable when we have shit fountains already in place?

It is quite clear that the project (rather Berlusconi, moreover) that De Benedetti has is that of an idiot-chic dullness in the country itself. But without Berlusconi's orgies, feminists are angry.

In the past, when I argued that the three greats of Italian online journalism have a populist agenda, I felt myself arguing that Repubblica is a newspaper for "average schooled" people, and that in any case it was not possible to sell chemtrails to those people because "however, the level is another".

But if you can sell the Warrior Walrus, the Digital Nomad, the Tata Billionaire and the precious "Girl from Husband's Idiotity" to the intelligent reader of the Republic, how far are we from chemtrails and no-vax?

And do we want to talk about graphene to seal holes in the streets? Graphene, do you understand?

The long road to chemtrails.

I think we can say that, after being tied to crockery from Anglo-Saxon Idiot-Chic as Mashable, Huffington Post and Business Insider, the Republic can no longer boast of being a newspaper "for the middle class educated", unless for middle class do not mean the imbecile who devours avocado ACERBO as if it were the nectar of the gods, and by "cultured" it is not understood that it does not believe in chemtrails because they are not homeopathic.

The problem of when we speak of a "sovranist agenda" or of stupidity always speaks of an operation that could be said to have been carried out by a single entity. But now suppose we divide the stupidity into 10 phases. And suppose the Republic only does the first nine phases, while the populist newspapers think about the last one.

At this point we will have a point where the left, the editorial staff of the Republic (all so cultured and intelligent to believe in the Walrus Warrior) declares itself innocent: " we have not supported the novaxes and chemtrails ". But what they don't see is that before we got to chemtrails our idiot went through a long process of stupidity. And 90% of that stupidity is their own flour.

First the grillino genius believed in the warrior walrus. Then the Virus escaped from a secret laboratory taking advantage of a fire, and finally come cannibalism and millionaire nannies. From here to the chemtrails the trait is short, and it will be very simple for the populist newspaper (which takes all the blame when 90% of the work has done the Republic) push the victim beyond the edge of the ravine.

BUT let us also suppose that La Repubblica is a newspaper "on the left" and that it has the middle class in difficulty as a reader, but still a cultured class. If this is the cultural program of the left, that is of a political faction, what is the political program?

This shit fountain has a specific goal: to merge the populist left parties with what's left of the left. After merging the old party with the remains of Christian democracy, they now re-merge it with M5S. But to do this we need to SHORTEN THE DISTANCES.

Surely the voter of the left cannot pass from science to chemtrails. But it can go from science to the smallpox virus that escapes by fire. Then he will go to the warrior walrus, and finally to the millionaire nanny. At the end of the journey, we will not be able to accuse the Republic of having supported novax and chemtrails. But the distance between the stupidity of the warrior walrus and that of chemtrails will be so short that the proposal to merge PD and M5S together will find a voter who has already approached.

The reason why the Gedi Group is spewing a fountain of shit Idiot-Chic on the country is that it is preparing the fusion, also cultural, between PD and M5S. Without writing that chemtrails exist, the aim is to bring the PD elector very close to that point. The jump will be natural, and especially easy: "why not?".

Soon we will have an area of ​​people who believe themselves cultured and intelligent because they believe in the Walrus Warrior and the Tata Millionaria, but not in chemtrails. And then they will look with tolerance and benevolence at the "low" wing of the party that talks about chemtrails.

It is not a new thing: in the old PCI there were those "young and studied" who understood the world and explained it to the "working class", and when the working class brought out some populist recipes (first of all, the "revolution"). "That solves every problem), looked at them with paternal benevolence. Poor people, they don't understand.

The thing you don't want to say in this whole story is that even in the PCI the "intellectuals" were obvious imbeciles, ignorant like goats and lacking in academic depth. They were the equivalent of the difference between the Walrus Warrior and the Reptilians. Of course if you believe in the Walrus Warrior you can feel a genius compared to those who believe George Soros reptile.

But on the other hand, you are both fools.

The sixty-eighth studied with Mao's Red Booklet (a sort of Frate Indovino calendar, full of banality and grandmother Pom PiLin's recipes) was believed to be more intelligent and "ahead" than those who still believed Marx and Lenin, but although they were a more modern version of the same shit, the substance was that. In the 80s a shitty sommelier was running to distinguish D'Alema from Giulietto Chiesa.

In the same way, those who read the Huffington Post are perhaps slightly more intelligent than those who read Beppe Grillo's blog or Il Fatto Quotidiano or Il Giornale, but the difference is so small that at the end of the accounts it will be possible to switch from the one to the other perceives no sense of annoyance. After believing in the Tata Millionaria and the chick who works from the Mongolian steppe with 5G, the Bildberg of the Reptiles is not so incredible: why not?

Let's face it as we used to say: Il Manifesto says that donkeys fly, the Unit says it's not true, but it jokes that they jump!

What has happened is simply that M5S has taken the place of Bertinotti, but with more electoral success, and now to recompose the fracture with the PD and make a good fusion it is only necessary to convince those of the PD that one, come on, those poor people of M5S have exchanged the high jumps of the donkeys for a flight.

After all, a little mistake.

The purpose of the PCI was to approach the "studied" keys with the Libretto di Mao to the peasant who sang Avanti Popolo, in the hope of raising (if only one step out of 10) the farmer. But the result was to make the others take a step down: because taking a ladder down requires less effort. And so now they delude themselves that if they merge together M5S and PD, they will be able to "lead the masses" first hypnotized by Grillo towards more "reformist" positions.

But what happens is that, given the enormous effort, it will be much easier for the PD to go down a step towards the M5S level.

But don't worry. He will save you:

The long road to chemtrails.
A new hero stands proud on the Vulture Peak. Is it a bird? Is it Popeye? Is it Julius Evola? No: it is Padre PIO!


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