The nerd without apology.

The nerd without apology.

I see in the newspapers that everyone is launching into socio-political interpretations concerning the genocidal action (defining terrorism as an act that aimed at genocide and not terror seems absurd to me) of the guy from Hanau, and so I throw myself into it. In the end I live here before Mastrobuoni, who also lives in Berlin. Like saying you know England because you saw London.

However, over time I got an idea about the type of hatred in Germany, and why. And I coined the theory that I call "the loser without apology".

Let's make a comparison with Italy. Living in a country full of problems, without culture of merit, with a flat school and a society full of mafias and parishes has pros and cons. The "pro" is that if you still live with your parents at age 43 (and here in Germany it's not very common) and you only have occasional jobs, you have a thousand excuses to justify yourself.

And not only do you have a thousand excuses. You have a host of people ready to tell you that it is just like that: that you are Michelangelo da Vinci, at least, and if you have not had the place you deserve in society, it is because this society is shitty. Already'.

Now let's start from the German school system. It is slightly more complex than I describe it, so I limit myself to the "core". After elementary school there is no middle school: you go straight to high school. High schools are divided (except an experiment that exists only in NRW) into three classes, essentially. Gymnasium, RealSchule and HauptSchule.

The Gymnasium allows you to go to university and access any academic career. The RealSchule only allows a "university of work", a FachSchule that practically makes experts ++ with some more theoretical basis. But you can't go to university and if you show yourself good you have to take a stack of exams to get into it.

How are these schools distinguished? For the votes. Although the system is not mandatory, to enter a Gymnasium it is necessary to have very high marks. And to stay there you need to have very high marks. If for two years you have low grades, you end up "downgraded
in a RealSchule. If you still have too low marks, end up downgraded in the HauptSchule.

The same is true on the contrary, that is, the best of "low" schools can ascend to schools
"High", having good marks. This up to the age of 15, when the three-year period begins which then prepares you for the final exam, the Abitur, which then takes you to university, or to the triennial of Ausbildung, in which you will spend 50% in some company . Clearly those who make a HauptSchule in those three years ago the cashier at Rewe or the gardener (here is a fairly despised job), those who have a RealSchule will find themselves doing technical jobs like electricians and others, and so on.

So, your fate (except rare cases) is played out almost everything in adolescence. If you do well in this phase, enter the University, learn the highest version of the HochDeutsch (the official German, without which high level will always recognize you as plebeians or foreigners: a kind of "Italian bran" ) and you have good chances. If you don't do well, maybe you can get rich but you will never get to good circles.

Ultimately, therefore, nobody consoles you. They tell you (very kindly, let's be clear) “you didn't make it, sorry. You're too stupid, you go to a school for more stupid people. " And you can't do anything about it, because they gave you a chance to show who you are, and you wasted it. On the other hand, if you are one of the best in a Realschule you are told "you are too good to be among idiots, we recommend you go to the Gymnasium". In the end the words are much more "soft", but the persuasive force is enormous.

In practice, the school leaves you no apology. If you are not good they tell you, and if they discard you they will discard you seriously: change school, you are too stupid to stay here.

Then when you go to work, you will find that the unions are very strong, but they do not flatten as in Italy. In the sense that the German trade unions defend you fiercely if your rights are trampled on, but if they are not trampled on, there is little to be done.

Moreover, the demand for specialized personnel is still so high that some landers are depopulating, in favor of others. Thuringia, for example, has a devastating problem, because more women than men are emigrating (mentality is quite chauvinistic so the girls leave), so there is an imbalance of males of about 120 men for for every 100 women. This phenomenon affects the whole of East Germany, from which more women than men migrate, given that the communist mentality was not decidedly "feminist" or equal.

Moral: you have no excuse. But if you live near Frankfurt, one of the financial capitals, you have even less. The employment figures of the most specialized profiles are excellent. If you studied, and well, at 43 you still don't live with mom and dad.

Germany, that is, has a social structure that leaves no apology to the loser, if not one: "the foreigner has taken my job".

If at 43 you are still at home with yours, almost nobody will say to you "poor man, you are the victim of a company and a school that does not recognize the merit". You have no excuses.

And here is the point: the white trash, the bankrupt, exist. In countries where they have excuses, they lie to themselves and find justifications. In this sense, German society is extremely brutal. It leaves no excuse. He does it in a very gentle way today, but he does it.

At that point, what is left to the unsuccessful without apology? Conspiracy theory and phobia for foreigners.

Because the qualified stranger here comes and enters the big door, the beautiful one. And on this the unsuccessful bankrupt can base a strategy. Years ago, when I didn't know what they were, I sat at one of the shared tables in a BierGarten. Chatting here and there, I found out that a guy complained about not finding work (when they know you are foreigners they do not say openly that it is your fault: they say "there is no more work in Germany"). I told him that my company was hiring, so if he had knowledge of Data Analysis he could pass me the CV. He left with hatred in his eyes.

It's obvious. Because as long as he could tell himself that I stole his job, he had an excuse. But if I offer him a job and he is not capable of it, then he finds himself in his situation at HauptSchule: it is not the system that is wrong, it is you who are too stupid.

A clarification: German society is not perfect. It is simply better than these elements. It is not a problem to prove that it is the fault of the company: it is that the company has the tools to prove that it is your fault, and it does so, without inhibitions.

And this is my sociological theory (which is worth as much as that of any cazzologist I see in the Italian press):

there is a component of anger in German society, an anger in search of pretexts. An anger of losers without excuses looking for someone to whom to attribute personal bankruptcy, in a society that leaves you very few excuses.

These parties and these extremist fringes are made precisely from these elements: the losers without apologies. Society does not leave a glimpse of justification to them: if you live with your parents at 43, it is because you are too stupid to do better. And they say it to your face. With the typical brutality of those who think that if something is true then it can be said. We are talking about a country where a woman can decide not to go out with you if you don't belong to the right social class. Regardless of race.

A company in which if you enter a Job Center they look at your school curriculum, and you know very well that you have just been evaluated. And a second generation Turkish employee does it.

AND YOU KNOW THAT YOUR SITUATION IS JUST YOUR fault. Because the employee has the whole track of your life in his hand, and he's reading the facts of your life.

Deine Schuld.Deine Fehler. Your fault. Your failure.

We are talking about a company that constantly tells you that you are entitled only to what you have built, or to the social minimum of Hartz IV. And then go on to count what you've built.

So there will be masses of people, mainly in the East, who are desperate for a justification for their existential failure. And the only one they can find are foreigners.

Contrary to what the Italian newspapers say, the German criminal could very well find Germans in the two premises he attacked. But the type of German who frequent these places is normally of good income and good culture. There were predominantly Turks and Kurds, but they were not all Kurds and Turks. Only five out of nine were. The majority, of course.

But entering such a venue has – and is well known – TWO entities: both Turks and middle-class Germans.

People who left home at 18.

People who don't need an apology.

I believe, in this sense, that the awareness that the Italian system is fallacious is holding back the anger of the losers. In the end, they can always save their self-esteem by saying “ but it has nothing to do with me going wrong at school, because school sucks and then only the recommendation counts. And it has nothing to do with me being an inconclusive incapable, because in any case without friends you won't go anywhere, and if you have them, someone like me will make a career . " All true.

And that's why you're unlikely to have such a massacre. The loser has an excuse. And the more things go wrong, the more the evils of the place must be sold, so that the loser can justify himself. If the newspapers came out tomorrow saying that in Italy things are completely meritocratic, you would have thrown millions of people in the face of their existential failure.

And then they would become ferocious: not for nothing Northern Italy, where people have LESS excuses, is the one that hosts the most ferocious racism, from the beginning. If you live in a place where the whole of Italy praises efficiency and wealth, but you are someone who has not made it, WHAT EXCUSE DO YOU HAVE?

The negro, of course.

What excuse does an unemployed person who lives with his mother in a place in the Veneto region have more SMEs than inhabitants? The negro.

Using this theory, I can easily make a prediction. That in the east of Germany, while it is depopulated to swell Berlin or other centers of the west and the south, the ranks of those who have not made it will swell, so they cannot even emigrate away, and have no other excuse . But for obvious demographic and economic reasons, in the general political elections they will never be able to exceed that 10-15% which has always been the global maximum ceiling of losers without apologies from German society. At most they will do a lot of damage on a local scale, and mainly in the east.

That there are ~ 50,000 immigrants in Thuringia in total, 60% of whom are Russian and Polish, and only 1,460 Syrians out of 2,600,000, does not matter. It's the negro's fault.

The nerd without apology has found an excuse.


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