The real enemies of 5G.

The real enemies of 5G.

I read printing a new accusation against those who have complaints with the way the 5G is implemented: “innovation enemies.” So if you do not agree with the absurd, ridiculous and technically unfeasible promises that you hear about, because it works in the telco world for many years and know how it works, now you are an “enemy of innovation.”

I refer to Article doodle that I read here: https: //www.lastampa. en / TopNews / letters-and-ideas / 2019/08/10 / news / the-network-5g-is-the-new-enemy-of-those-fears-the-innovation-1.37331600

Now, being skeptical about the amazing effects of 5G I find myself to be among the lines of “innovation enemy”, and one that works in the “Emerging technologies” sector (with various names, from R & D on), it’s getting heavy. Also because if we go into the hell of the “Innovation enemies,” we are many: the environment now is said 5G what you said the 4G. When the 4G did not give anything at all of what was promised, he said it was “preparatory to 5G.” Well, even before the adoption of 5G is said that “it is preparatory to 6G”.

Then I would like to respond to ‘ article protozoal intelligence with some facts, how do we use consultants. The facts before the crap financiers later.

The first enemy of 5G is the same enemy of 4G:

The real enemies of 5G.

To be fair, even the competitor:

 the real enemies of 5G.

And I could also continue with the Germans, French, and everyone in the world: the US is made even worse. Much worse. But that’s not the point.

So, let’s start right from the GIGA Network of Vodafone. 40 GB. I hope that they are 40 and not 40 Giga Giga BYTE BIT. Ok. Let’s just say yes. Then, suppose you realize the absurd promise of 1Gb / s, and see what will last for 40GB.

40 * 8 GB, divided 1Gb / s is 320 seconds, that is, 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

Congratulations. That is, you have exactly the same limit today: the rate. Because if we’re not all day attached to 4G to watch Netflix and listen to music on spotify, it is not because the 4G does not allow it. The 4G allows all right, or rather it would if it were implemented well. In fact, the promise: if someone was going to re-read what he had promised with 4G LTE, we should have streaming movies on 4G.

But if we do not use all these brand new 4G functionality (yes, 4, is not an error) is not because the technology does not allow it. Of course, some applications that require low latency would have problems, but in itself streaming audio and video do not fall under this category. Using CDN and buffering could be resolved peacefully. But you do not.

But let’s see exactly what’s free, that is “flat” in these 5G offers: whatsapp, google maps, instagram and spotify for Vodafone, whose TIM adds Twitter, facebook and Snapchat, the “unlimited music.” Interesting.

But none of these is a low latency service. And to be honest, none of these require very high bandwidth.

But there’s more, in what is lacking in the offer: if you noticed, in that offer “with 5G” in both cases is targeted to an audience young . Now, if you have the 5G and low and broadband latency, young people offer something precise.


the stone Guest of those “5G” offerings are the games. That would be the first beneficiaries of the popular low latency 5G, and therefore would be the first thing to offer (at least as a flagship) in 5G offers.

The gamers have a public full and used the upgrade. You could give him at least two or three titles: Overwatch, WOW, Fortnite. But the telcos do not. Why do not? Why gamers are demanding a fucking audience. It latency are experts.

And if you just discover that your 5G is just a flag on the “bearer” field, but behind there is still the old 3G infrastructure (even 4G, sometimes), them will sfanculano live, over a million youtube channel, at the same time.

the lack of offers for gamers in 5G offers brings with it a very serious suspicion: no telco betting on low latency of its 5G .

No contract talks latency, are all very vague on the bandwidth offered: the “giganetwork” is trading “until”, “provided that”, “under such conditions”, “given the” coverage, and all that .

The 5G is a so-called “hype.” It takes a technology, called science fiction writers (called futurologists) to imagine a world in which everyone has access undifferentiated to the extreme of such technology applications, at the cost practically zero.

Then comes the reality, also called “The cost engineers”. People in the telco are responsible for calculating how much a user, counting everything from ethernet cable to the BNG conditioner that cools the machines. And in the end they say: this is the price you can do to this date offered.

And in the end, because those are the services that will sell you with the 5G, and they are slightly higher than those who were selling there with 4G this is what you do. Because the technology can do what you want, but when the innovation enemies sit on the Board of the companies, and they think more like pocket money to sell innovation, and are called “shareholders”, there is nothing to do.

Now your question will be, but if the shareholders of the telco just want to milk them and bring home money, highly caring about innovation, because you make these hype?

For a simple reason: first, these hype born in China and Silicon Valley. Fosse to the European telco, we would be discussing on Minitel DECT. These companies are scandalized the hype, the innovation comes like a slap in the face, adapt, chasing each other, but if it was for them would still be with TUT.

But the real big reason the 5G simple and does not come from telco: on the one hand, the cellular companies no longer know what the hell to put in a cell phone to sell it to one hundredth euro . Let’s see the facts:

  1. There are several companies that are producing great and affordable mobile phones that do not go beyond the 300-400 euro. And they are products that are sometimes even more than “reasonable.” They are remarkable.
  2. All the shit that tucked inside the cell, the bloatware that have thrown in UI applications ” they do not know what the hell put in a cell to justify the absurd cost of a device that everything is cheap in all produce.

    Samgung and Apple now no longer know how to justify the prices they charge. And you want to know how they do it?

    “But my phone has 5G”

    So how in the world of computers has settled the couple “wintel”, where the software will pushed to more powerful and more powerful hardware hardware you invited people to put more software, handset manufacturers are allying with manufacturers of antennas for mobile devices.

    Even the sellers of mobile devices are in deep shit. Why the Chinese arrive there too, and their prices are increasingly difficult to charge € 250,000 for a card that connects a BNG to a LSR with 100Gb / s. Huawei is over in the storm for this. And the BTS prices are sons of a monopoly.

    But now, thanks to 5G, the prodottori of antennas and devices for the mobile network may say “but my BTS is 5G.” Otherwise, they could not do it and the prices of 4G devices were already falling to the bottom.

    As soon as the usual cinesoni (Honor, Xiaomi, Wiko, and so on mobile phones, Huawei on the side of the mobile network) will propose all 5G, you know what’s gonna happen?

    What comes the 6G. It will be the biggest party! It will solve all problems and will do wonders.

    The 6G will grow boobs women, will send via baldness, it will stretch the bird, will allow you to watch movies while swimming in lava from a volcano (requirement that all feel just like taking photographs under water), its artificial intelligence will tell you where to find more shaved pussy in real time, will have the “takes a walk the dog “and will allow you to work from Mars.

    All things that you will not fregherà shit: well like today make it hard to find a decent 4G 5G with your phone, it will happen that you will struggle to find a decent 4G with the 6G phone. We will (as usual) covered the usual urban centers, eliminating any chance of automotive-qualsiasicosa , and in the end all that will happen is that the shareholders of some companies make money by simply buying stocks before the ‘ad : ” when you connect to 4G.

    I would love that actually existed 5G. How I would have liked if he really existed 4G: a person who works in this area, having a large ecosystem of services would be a panacea. More customers, more business.

    But there was. And that’s why we are skeptical. We see customers asking us to implement services of 5G. We see customers asking us to prepare for the 5G, they want the fiber.

    Because you have already burned with 4G and its (never kept) promises amazing. Automakers who had deluded to car entertainment have invested money and in return they found crumbling networks. Industries that have attempted to mobile devices everywhere, and they found themselves with tests that failed for performance that existed only on paper. This was the 4G.

    The automotive world has already taken a strong toothless with 4G, where no investment has paid off for low network quality and poor coverage. And they’re wary to implement trusting things 5G.

    So far, the market is very cold. Scarred by catastrophic failure of 4G, which promised the same things, customers are wary. There are moving.

    Sorry for those who wanted to speculate on the stock market, now you’ll have to find another cow. This you have killed.

    When he left the 4GLTE the railways and public transport (here in Germany) lined up to ask the 4G-WiFi gateway, to offer passengers wifi. It gave individuals in class the opportunity to “work on the train as the office”. Aha. Needless to tell you how it ended. Today, the same companies are asking us to place a 24U rack inside the trains, with servers in for film, music, games for young people, with the usual news content providers, and e-book … Even e-books, but not the internet connection. Because if the wifi a railway works badly, the customer is angry with the railway. If you give him the film and the music and everything on the wifi in the wagon, and it works, and then their 5G goes to shit, they pick on the telco.

    The enemies of 5G, are those financiers and those papers related to the financiers, who exchanged telco for a cow to be milked. Those shareholders who are happy only when they feel that they cover the big cities,


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